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Family Reunion

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Harry and Ginny are reunited with lost relatives.

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Spirit Realm

A large man sits at a desk doing some paperwork, until a dark puff of smoke announced the arrival of three guests.” Good day Lady Reaper, I see your mission went well, but who do we have here?” Kami gently asked, as he pointed to the little girl.

“This is Ginny Weasley she appeared just moments after I retrieved Mr. Potter.” Lady Reaper informed a startled man.

“This girl just appeared you say?” Kami quickly asked, as he looked to the children.” Interesting, I believe the two children are Soul Bond, no wonder she died and then appear at the house when Mr. Potter pass away.” Kami sighed knowing this would complicate things.

After a moment of silence another young woman appeared, and looked to the large man.” Lord Kami, you called for me?” The young woman politely asked.
“Yes I did Lady Fate, why didn’t you tell me Mr. Potter was already Soul Bond to another?” Kami firmly asked, as the woman looked to the children.

“Yes I fated Mr. Potter to be bonded with another, but their Bond should have been too weak to be a threat to the other if one of them had died.” Lady Fate quickly defended herself.

“Then can you explain why Ms. Weasley died at the same time as Mr. Potter?” Kami firmly asked, as the woman looked directly at the children.

For a few seconds the woman looked the children over, before looking back to the large man.” Sir, I believe Harry’s magic somehow called his Soul Bond to him when he passes away.” Lady Fate unsurely informed the large man.” But I think we can use this as an advantage, since Ms. Weasley can also be a Spirit Hunter.” Lady Fate suggested, and the large man gave out a loud sigh.

“Yes two Soul Bond Spirit Hunters will be much better then one lone one.” Kami thoughtfully thought as he looked to the two women.” I believe I can finish this on my own, you both can go to back to your duties.” Kami firmly suggested, and the two women were gone after a polite farewell.

With the two women gone, the large man looked to the children whom were looking about the large room.” Excuse me, please stand before me!” Kami firmly ordered, and the two children quickly went before him.” I first want to welcome you both to Spirit Realm, and I do hope you will find it to your liking.” Kami kindly informed the children one quickly interrupted him.

“Mister what is going to happen to us?” Harry nervously asked, as the large man looked to him.

“Mr. Potter, Ms. Weasley, I believe we have two couples that is related to you, and soon I will call them here to take care of you, until I see that you both are ready to start a job I will be offering when you are older.” Kami informed two startled children.

“Is this about us being Spirit Hunters, and by the way what is that?” Ginny shyly asked.

“I was hoping you would not have heard that now, but yes I will be offering jobs of Spirit Hunter to you both, but once you learn the trade.” Kami smiled as the two children looked to him.

“Um sir, what is Spirit Hunter?” Harry quickly asked, as the large man gave it a thought before speaking.

“Hmm how can I make this simple to explain?” Kami startled as he tap his beard.” Ah yes, you know about haunted houses, ghost, and things that go bump in the night right?” Kami gently asked, and the two children nodded a yes.” What they really are is Spirits like us, but they never made it here, for some reason,” Kami started as he saw that he got the children attention.” Usually this Job falls under Lady Reaper jurisdiction, unfortunately she is very limited to her search for what we call Lost Souls.” Kami continued, but one of the children interrupted him.

“What do you mean limited, is there things Lady Ready can not do?” Harry quickly asked, as the large man nodded.

“You are right Mr. Potter, you see Lady Reaper can not stay in the Living Realm for too long, and because of this she can not help all the recently decease.” Kami informed a wide-eye child.

“Um sir what makes us deferent?” Harry quickly asked, as the large man sighed.

“Spirit Hunters have the ability to live in both the Spirit Realm, and the Living Realm, so you both will have all the time you need to send the Lost Souls here.” Kami smiled at the looks of the children.

“Do you mean I can see my parents again?” Ginny almost shouted.

“Yes you can, but you must stay here, until you are fully trained to be a Spirit Hunter, and when you leave I want you to put your family in an unbreakable Oath so they won’t be able to tell anyone of what you both are.” Kami warned and the little girl nodded, hoping to see her family soon.

With the children informed of everything they needed for now, a bright light announced the arrival of two couples, which the large man introduced to the children.” Harry I believe you got your wish, I want you to meet your parents.” Kami smiled as the little boy eyes went wide at seeing an older man almost mirroring him, and a red hair woman standing next to him.

“Mom, dad…” Harry chocked out as the couple smiled.

“Yes Harry its us, but please everything what your so call aunt Petunia told about us is a lie, so please let us tell you the truth alright.” James smiled as his son rushed to his parents and gave them a hug.

With one couple occupied, the large man looked to the little girl.” Ginny I don’t know if you remember since they died several years ago, but these two are your Grandparents.” Kami gently introduced, as the little girl shyly looked to the couple.

“Grandma, Grandpa is that really you?” Ginny quickly asked, as the couple nodded as they smiled.

“So you do remember us, we so miss you.” Grandma smiled as her granddaughter nodded, and quickly rushed up to her grandparents to give them a hug.

After some time, a cough stopped the happy reunions, as they separated to look at the large man.” Mr. and Mrs. Potter, and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, I think you should continue this at your home.” Kami kindly suggested, as the couple agreed.

“Sir I know we need to start their magical training once the children are settled in, when are you going to start on their Spiritual Training?” James quickly asked, as the large man looked to the couple.

“I will send someone in three years, so make sure the children fully understand what is expected of them, “ Kami firmly suggested, as the families nodded before disappearing.
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