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The Ghost Hunting Agency

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Harry and Ginny training is cut short.

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A/N; To let you all know, there is no Demons fighting in this story, but I will be using actual Haunted places as reference, so expect places from the show Ghost Hunters, which will be my main source of information.

Also not to worry, I will send the Spirit Hunters to other places so not only in America.

And lastly I don’t own Harry Potter and Yu Yu Hakusho and please review.

July 25 1991

In a two story house a soon to be eleven year old hurried down the stairs for breakfast, when he was called upon.” Harry James Potter, don’t run in the house!” A red hair woman yelled stopping the young teen dead in his tracks.

“Sorry mom, but is Ginny here yet?” Harry quickly asked, as he sat down for breakfast.

“No not yet since her Grandparents is dropping her off at ten.” Lily reminded her son, as he pouted at the wait.

“Our son can’t wait to see his Girlfriend hah.” Ask an older mirror image of the teenage boy.

“Ginny is not my Girlfriend!” Harry yelled as he blushed brightly.

“Of course my dear, but I’m sure in a couple years or so you will see her differently.” Lily smiled as her son glare.

“Yeah sure mom.” Harry grumbled, as he started eating.

Hours later at an open field two children were practicing shooting a beam of light at several fast moving targets.” Spirit Gun!” Both children yelled sending out a beam of light out of their finger and hitting the same target.

“Good job, but that is enough practice we need to see someone now!” An older man called out, and the two teens looked to him.

“Are you letting us go to see another instructor?” Harry excitedly asked, but his teacher shook his head.

“No Mr. Potter, just someone that need to evaluate your progress.” The older man calmly informed the teens, before touching their shoulders and the three was gone.

Kami Castle

In a large room, a huge man sits on a desk working on mountain size paperwork.” The Sprit Hunters maybe young, but I can’t put off their leaving the Spirit Realm any longer.” Kami thought as a flash of white light got his attention, and an adult and two young teens stood before him.” Master, how is the Spirit Hunters doing?” Kami gently asked, as the Master looked to him.

“Both learnt faster then anyone I taught before, and I believe in time they may even pass my expectations.” Master firmly informed his Lord while looking impressed at the two teens.

“Then in that case, your services will not be needed, since I need the Spirit Hunters out in the field.” Kami informed a shock Master.

“But they are too young, maybe in a couple years or so I would have no objections.” Master protested, as his Lord looked firmly at him.

“I made my decision Master, so please leave here!” Kami firmly warned since he was not in the mood to get into any argument.

“Yes sir, I guess I will be going.” Master worriedly informed his Lord before disappearing from the room.

Once the older man was gone, the Lord looked to the children.” I’m afraid the situation in the Living Realm is getting too worse to wait any longer for you two to gain more experience here.” Lord Kami informed two worried teens.” And because of this, I’m sending you both to the Living Realm to help reduce the Lost Spirits that is terrorizing the Living.” Lord Kami gravely informed the two unsure looking teens.

“Sir I thought you were going to send us when I turn fifteen?” Harry quickly asked, as his Lord looked to him.

“That was the original plan, but the Spirit of Tome Riddle is trying to regain his body, and he must be stopped.” Lord Kami firmly started as the teen’s eye went wide.” Even though you both won’t be powerful enough at this moment to send Tom to Spirit Realm, you will be able to delay his progress until you both can.” Lord Kami finished as the teens gulped at the thought of going against the Dark Lord.

After a few minutes to digest what was told to them, one of the teens nervously spoke up.” Um sir how should we do this?” Harry quickly asked as he looked to his Lord.

“Harry, Ginny, since you both have about year to stop Riddle from regaining his body, I want each of you to send at least several hundred souls to Spirit Realm, since that is what is needed to give you enough power to stop Riddle for now.” Lord Kami suggested, as the teens nodded.” To help you with this task I will give you these.” Lord Kami suggested as a Cell Phone, a composition notebook, and two blue fingerless Gloves floated before the teens, each glove had a glowing white Jewel on the top.” The Book will give you all the details you will need of the place you are hunting Spirits, and here is a hint, if the book is blank, there is no spirit activities at the location you are at.” Lord Kami informed the teens, as they looked over the blank pages of the book.” The glove is a Spirit Detector, but it will not only warn you of active spirits, it will transport you to the place where the Spirits are.” Lord Kami informed two smiling teens, since they were glad they didn’t need to travel about to search for lost spirits, until their Lord cleared his throat.” But a warning don’t rely only on that glove, since it will only activate if there is more then five spirits in a certain area.” Lord Kami warned as the teens nodded as they place the Gloves on, and to their surprise, it disappeared leaving a bare hand.

“Um sir, what just happen to the glove?” Ginny quickly asked, as she examine her now glove free hand,

“Not to worry, the Glove will again appear when it need too warn you of Spirit Activities.” Lord Kami simply informs the understanding teen.” Now for the Cell Phone, I got an Add out on all the Major Newspapers of the world that is advertising for a Ghost Hunting Agency, so expect to be called upon for help from the Living.” Lord Kami warned, as the teens looked at him.

“Um sir, are you sure about this, what if we get calls for fake Hauntings and such?” Harry worriedly asked his Lord.

“Not to worry, there is a spell on that Article that will only allow people who had actual contact with Spirits to see it, and immediately call you.” Lord Kami informed two relieved teens.

With the items in the hands of the teens, their Lord again spoke up. “Good now that we got this out of the way, why not head back home and tell your Guardians that you are heading back to the Living Realm, and tomorrow morning comes back here and I will send you to your first Haunting.” Kami smiled as the teens nodded before disappearing from the room.

With the teens gone, the Lord looked graved.” Great with Tom Spirit about and very active, I would not have too sent out the Spirit Hunter before they are fully trained.” Lord Kami sighed knowing he had no choice but to do this.” Hopefully this is enough to help the teens battle Tom, at least I hope so.” Lord Kami thought as he began to look over his still mountain size paper work.
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