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Harry and Ginny have a farewell party before leaving Spirit Realm.

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A/N; The last scene at the end was something I decided to add at the last minute of finishing this chapter, I originally was going to have Harry and Ginny return without alerting anyone, but that changed when I realize a few certain facts.

Also at the moment I am revising my other story, and will take some time before I get back to it, sorry about the delay for that one.

In addition, I do not own Harry Potter and please review.

Spirit Realm

July 31 1991

In an average size room, a young messy hair boy is putting clothes in a trunk when a red hair woman stepped into his room.” Harry dear are you sure you got everything you want to bring to the Living Realm?” Lilly firmly asked as she watched her son.

“Yes I think I got everything I would need for now, and plus I can still go to the main Potter Vault to get money to buy anything I miss.” Harry informed his mother as he finished packing and shrunk his trunk.

“Then come on, we got a Birthday/Going away party for you and Ginny to attend.” Lilly sadly reminded her son, and he nodded while placing his trunk in his pocket and went to his mother,

“You know mom I still don’t believe you change Lord Kami mind of sending us to the Living Realm early.” Harry asked since he knows it is almost impossible to change the Lord’s mind when he made a decision.

“Well I do know how to talk to convince anyone.” Lily smiled as another spoke up.

“Talking is not the only thing you do well dear.” A messy hair young man smiled as he stood beside his wife.

“And what does that suppose to mean my dear!” Lilly firmly asked, as she placed her hands on her hips and looking very frightening to both males.

“Nothing my dear, we should get going, or we’ll miss the party!” James quickly suggested as he left the room, with the others following.

Out on a open field, filled with hundreds of tables filled with food and presents, two embarrass looking children were being congratulated since they will be the first residential spirits to return to the Living Realm, until one gave out a loud cough to get everyone‘s attention.” My fellow ancestors…” An ancient looking man spoke out, but another quickly interrupted him.

“Speak for yourself, there are relatives here born long after you died!” A woman shouted getting some snickers from the large group.

“Ok, ok I get it.” The ancient man sighed before speaking.” My fellow relatives today mark the start of a very important job for two of our very own!” The ancient man proudly announced.” Hopefully they will do us proud, and if not…” The man did not finish as another slap the back of his head.

“Godric Gryffindor, don’t you dare threaten to disown them!” An equally ancient looking woman firmly scolded.

“My dear Rowena, why did you think I would say such of a thing?” Gryffindor quickly asked while looking hurt.

“Because that is what you always say when you spy on our all our Heirs and see them do something that you don’t approve.” Ravenclaw firmly scolded as the man shrank away at her anger.” Now as my so call husband was about to say, I want to wish my so many great grandchildren luck, and hope as Spirit Hunters they will make our families proud.” Ravenclaw proudly announced as she smiled at the two red face children.

Soon others came forward to wish the two children luck, and after hours of eating and talking, the happy gathering was interrupted.” My dears, it is time for you both to leave.” A young dark hair woman firmly informed the two celebrated children the second she appeared before them.

“Please Lady Reaper can we have a few more hours, we having so much fun.” Harry quickly asked, but the woman shook her head.

“I’m afraid Lord Kami is getting impatient, and you know he is not one to get angry at you.” Lady Reaper warned as the two children grimace.

“Alright but please give us a few more minutes.” Harry quickly asked, and with a nod from the young woman, the two children went to say their goodbyes.

Kami Castle

In a large room, a large man looked to three people whom just appeared before him.” Mr. Potter, and Ms. Weasley, now that you are finally here, I can get you both started on your duties to Spirit Realm.” Lord Kami firmly started as he ruffled some papers.” But first I will be sending you both to your new home in the Living Realm, where you will be staying while you are there.” Lord Kami informed two startled children.

“New home, we won’t be staying here in Spirit Realm between our hunts?” Harry quickly asked, as he looked to the large man.

“I’m afraid since the Soul Detector and Cell Phone will not work while you are here, your stay here must be limited!” Lord Kami firmly informed the two children, and then continued.” While in the Living Realm you will be staying in the Unplotable home of the Potters, and not to worry, Lady Reaper will be your Living Guardian, and so if you find yourselves in a jam, just call for her and she will help you in anyway she can.” Lord Kami informed two relived teens.

“Sir can Lady Reaper appear to the Living like we can?” Ginny wondered, since she knew her and his friend going be resurrected into their living bodies once they return to the Living Realm.

“Yes Lady Reaper can appear very much alive to the Living, but she can only stay that way for up to two hours a day, so please don’t get into too much trouble.” Lord Kami warned and the two teens nodded.” Now that said, this is a Portkey to your home, so use it once you get back to the Living Realm.” Lord Kami smiled as two silver Necklaces appeared before the children, each one had a round pendant with the picture of a Ghost behind a cross.

“Sir what does this Symbol mean?” Harry wondered, as he looked the Necklace over.

“Oh that mean nothing, it just the Symbol of your Ghost Hunting Agency you both will be running.” Lord Kami informed the two children who nodded as they place their necklace around their necks.

With the last of the gifts received, the Lord firmly looked to the children.” One last bit of advice Spirit Hunters, remember you don’t need to send all the spirits you meet to our Realm, since there are those who are helpful to the Living.” Lord Kami firmly warned.” Those helpful Spirits will have the choice of leaving the realm of the Living or staying to help the Living more.” Lord Kami informed the children who nodded that they understood.

“Sir will the Notebook tell us if the Spirit behavior is good or not?” Ginny quickly asked, as she looked to her Lord.

“The Notebook will show you what you both need to know, so it will be your decision to act accordingly.” Lord Kami firmly warned and the children nodded with a gulp.” Now that said, I wish you both luck, and to let you know, your family and I will be keeping an eye on you both, so please make us proud.” Kami smiled at the paled faces of the children, before they both disappeared from the room.

Moments after the children disappeared, the Lord looked grimed, startling the young woman before him.” My Lord what just happen, the Spirit Hunters couldn’t have gotten in trouble already could they?” Lady Reaper worriedly asked, as her Lord looked to her.

“I’m afraid they are in trouble, but not by what they done.” Lord Kami worriedly informed an equally worried colleague.” I’m afraid a number of the Living were just notified the second the children return to their Realm.” Kami sighed since one of those notified was a Wizard he had hope the children would not have to meet until they were powerful enough to confront him.

A/N; Here is a clue of who knows their return, one is obvious since he been magically monitoring Harry since he was left to the Muggles, and the other, I’ll just say she will be meeting her family sooner then she thought, because of a certain Clock.

Oh before I forget, Harry and Ginny going to Hogwarts is undecided at the moment, since right now I’m too focus on their Spirit Hunters duties, but I will make a decision soon.
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