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Harry and Ginny returned did not go unnotice

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Living Realm

July 31 1991

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Night had fallen as the age Headmaster got settled behind his desk to do some work, when he was startled as a shrine that was on his shelves started to glow as a Crystal started to light up.” What the…” Dumbledore started as he quickly got up to the Memorial he made for the Boy Who Lived.” This can’t be this Life Crystal should never have work after the Life it was tune to had died.” Dumbledore confusedly thought as he waved his wand at the Crystal while mumbling some spells.

When the Headmaster was done, he was more shock at what his scans showed him.” This can’t be Potter is alive!” Dumbledore yelled as he rushed over to the Fireplace to throw some Floo Powder.” Godric Hallow!” Dumbledore yelled and stepped into the green flames that shot up from the fireplace.

The Burrow

A Witch is busying herself in the kitchen, while keeping an eye on her children playing in parlor, when a crash sounded made her turn to a glass case that held a Memorial she had for a lost daughter.” Oh no…” Molly cried as she spied the broken glass and waved her wand to clear it away.” That is odd what cause the glass to break?” Molly thought as she checked the case to see if everything was in order.” Hmm Ginny Baby pictures and many others is where I place them.” Molly sadly thought but as she spied a small cushion case before the pictures she screamed as she noticed it was empty.” OH NO WHERE IS IT!” Molly yelled just as her husband entered the kitchen.

“Molly dear, what is the matter?” Arthur worriedly asked, as he stepped before the damage Memorial.

“It’s Ginny Clock Hand, its missing from here!” Molly hysterically informed her husband as she knelt down on the floor to try to find the Clock Hand.

“Molly dear are you sure you didn’t put it somewhere when you were cleaning the area?” Arthur gently suggested as he bent down to help his wife search for the missing item.

“No I never touch it I would never remove anything from here!” Molly yelled as she cried thinking she lost the precious Clock Hand.

“Maybe…” Arthur started but the sound of a clock got his attention, he quickly looked up to the Family Clock to see who was traveling when his eyes went wide as he saw who it was.” Ginny…” Arthur chocked out, as he stood up to go to the Family Clock.

“Arthur what was that?” Molly quickly asked, as she dried her eyes to look to her husband.

“It’s Ginny’s Clock Hand, its back on the clock.” Arthur quickly informed his startled wife.

“But the hands can’t be replaced on the clock if the person had died!” Molly yelled in shock, as she spied her daughter’s Clock Hand pointing to traveling.

“I know, but I’m going to check on something.” Arthur quickly suggested as he went to the back door.

“Wait Arthur where are you going?” Molly worriedly asked, as her husband looked grimed.
“I’m going to check on our Daughter.” Arthur gravely informed his wife before disappearing with a pop.

Godric Hallow Cemetery

Earlier in a ancient looking Cemetery, two graves that was about ten feet apart glowed brightly as a glowing white form rose from each of them, within minutes both grew, and moments later the glow was gone revealing two children.

Moments after their appearance the messy hair child stirred.” Oh why do I feel so stiff?” Harry complained as another spoke up.

“What do you expect we never used our living bodies in what six years?” Ginny reminded her friend as she stretch out to remove the stiffness she felt.

“Well I’m glad our Living Bodies aged to our true age.” Harry sighed as he checked his clothes for the things he brought from Spirit Realm.

Five minutes later the children were standing after getting use to their bodies, and then walked around the few grave to go over to each other.” I guess we should head to the Potter Manor, to get ourselves settled down before we start our search for Spirits.” Ginny suggested as her friend agreed.

“Fine with me, I just hope the Manor is in good shape for us to live in.” Harry sighed hoping it was, before they touched their pendants activating their Portkeys.

At the same moment two Wizards appeared at the entrance to the Graveyard, looking startled at each other.” Albus why are you here?” Arthur quickly asked as soon as he came out of his shock.

“I’m here to check on someone that is buried here.” Dumbledore simply informed a startled friend.

“Is it Ginny, since according to our Family Clock she is traveling?” Arthur quickly asked his startled friend.

“No its Harry Potter, since all my instruments that I was using to check on him is now again active.” A thoughtful Dumbledore informed a wide-eye friend.

“That is odd two instruments for detecting a living person Health is again active long after the person dies, how is that possible?” Arthur quickly asked his former Headmaster, whom looked to him.

“That is a mystery we need to solve now.” Dumbledore only suggested as he rushed into the cemetery with other following.

Far into the cemetery, two Wizards stepped before two graves each one had a simple grave marker.” That is odd everything seems to be in order?” Arthur suggested as he bent down to checked his daughter’s grave.

“It appears so, but looks can be deceiving.” Dumbledore firmly informed his friend, as he waved his wand at the grave he was at, and gasped as he finished his scans.” Mr. Potter’s Body is gone!” Dumbledore quickly informed his friend whom immediately scanned his daughter’s grave.

“My Daughter is missing too, what is going on Headmaster where are their bodies?” Arthur quickly demanded as he looked worriedly to his former Headmaster.

“That is something I can solve in my office, since I did have tracking charms on Mr. Potter person, to make sure he was alright.” Dumbledore suggested as he gave it a thought for a few moments before turning to his friend.” I will get back to you once I find out what happen here, and please don’t mention this to anyone that their bodies are gone.” Dumbledore firmly suggested as his friend agreed.

“Actually Molly might need to be told, since she saw Ginny’s hand was back on the clock.” Arthur worriedly informed his former Headmaster.

“Just make sure your wife is informed that no one should learn of the missing bodies, until I know more.” Dumbledore firmly suggested and as soon as the other agreed, they both Apparated away.
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