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Spirit Hunting

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Harry and Ginny go on a Hunt for Spirits.

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A/N; The bolded words are actual spirits that were sighted by reliable sources, at least from what I read from the Internet True Ghost stories sight and a few books on the subject.

In addition, here is a list of what I am planning to send the Spirit Hunters too.

London Tower-This is in this chapter.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium


There will be others, but this is all I am researching for now.

In addition, I do not own Harry Potter and please review.

Potter Manor

In front of an impressive looking two story house, two children appeared looking startled at first, before looking about.” Wow the house look like it been well kept since your Great-grandfather passed away Harry.” Ginny smiled while sounding glad that it was the case.

“It must be the House Elves they must still be living here to keep the Manor tidy for their masters.” Harry thoughtfully suggested as several pops sounded before them, instantly two young Elflike creatures appeared.

“Master Potter, Didi and Tally want to welcome you home.” Both a male and a female House Elf proudly introduced as they bowed.

“It’s nice to meet you both, but is there any more House Elves living here?” Harry wondered, as the two Elves shook their heads.

“Master there was few others but they pass on many years ago.” Didi sadly informed her master.

“Does that mean you both are in charge of cleaning the Manor?” Harry wondered as the House Elves shook their heads.

“No we actually don’t need to do much work, since the Manor is spelled to keep everything clean, all we House Elves do is serve our Masters.” Tally nervously informed his master.

“Then in that case can you show us to our rooms, and then make us a light snack in an hour.” Harry smiled at the happy looks of the House Elves.

“Of course Master, please come this way, we can show you the Dinning and other important rooms on the way to your bedrooms.” Didi happily suggested as she led the children into the house.


Headmaster’s Office

The Age Headmaster is seen pacing about looking worried about the events that inspired just an hour ago.” How is it that Potter is alive, I made sure he was dead before I left him with Madam Pomfrey that day?” Dumbledore remembered as he stopped to glare at the glowing Life Crystal which was the cause of his current stress.” And not only that, I can’t track Potter‘s location.” Dumbledore sighed thinking the child maybe in an Unplotable location, so in other word he can‘t be tracked until he comes out of hiding.” I guess all I can do is wait and until the right moment comes.” Dumbledore sighed as he removed the Life Crystal from the Memorial.” But for now, no one must know that there is chance that Potter’s is alive.” Dumbledore thought as he replaced the Crystal with a fake, so none of his professors will notice the Crystal missing.

Potter Manor

In a spacious dinning room, two children were enjoying a light snack when a puff of Dark smoke alerted them of a guest.” Hi Lady Reaper, what brings you here?” Both children greeted as they stood up to greet their dark hair Guardian.

“Hi guys, but sorry to say this but I bring some troubling news, it appears that so call Headmaster Dumbledore knows that Harry is back, and not only him, Ginny your parents knows your body is missing from its grave.” Lady Reaper gravely warned two worried children.

“Lady Reaper what are we going to do, I know we can deal with my parents without any problems, but the Headmaster is going to be a major problem.” Ginny worriedly asked as their Guardian.

“That is why I’m here I’m going to remove the tracking charms on you both, so neither the Headmaster nor your parents can find you before you are ready.” Lady Reaper only warning as both children glowed brightly before returning to their normal selves.” Now that done, I believe you have a Haunted building to check.” Lady only warning before disappearing from the dinning room.

With their Guardian gone, the two children were startled as a glove appeared on their hand, and the white Crystal started to glow.” I guess that is our cue to get to work.” Harry grinned, as did his friend.

“Yes I guess we better get started.” Ginny sighed as both touch their gloves and they were gone.

Tower of London

By a stone wall two children suddenly appeared and fell hard to the floor crying out in pain.” Oh my Butt, next time I think we should stand before we transport with the Glove.” Ginny groaned as painfully got up.

“I’ll make a mental note later, so where are we?” Harry asked as he looked about to find themselves in stone gateway, immediately his friend pulled out a Notebook and flipped the pages.

“We are at the Tower of London.” Ginny quickly informed her friend as she read the book, and grimace at what she read.” Great our first hunt use to be a prison and many been executed here.” Ginny gravely informed her friend, whom paled at the thought the kinds of spirits they will meet.

“Come on we better not be seen as we search about, so we better turn into our spirit forms.” Harry suggested and both children bodies became transparent, and with a nod, they separated to find spirits on their own.

Traitors Gate

Not far from the entrance a messy hair teen found his first sighting, a large group of people dress in Medieval clothing, two were carrying a stretcher of a recently beheaded man.” Hmm from what I can tell only one of them is the spirit, while the rest is created by the spirit memories.” Harry thought as he pointed a finger at the group.” Hmm which one is the spirit that is the main question?” Harry thought since he knew his Spirit Gun will only work on the Spirit himself.” Hmm it can’t be the beheaded man he would have probably be showing his walk to the Gallows.” Harry thought as he pointed to the man in an Executioner outfit.” So it must be you!” Harry yelled as the Executioner turn to him.

“You can see me, how can that be?” The Executioner cried out, as he waved his large bloody axe the Spirit Hunter.

“I can since I’m here to send you to Spirit Realm!” Harry firmly informed the Executioner as he dodges the Ax and pointed his finger at the Executioner.” SPIRIT GUN!” Harry yelled as he shot a bright beam at the Executioner causing him to brighten and exploded sending out a flash of bright light, instantly it was over until the young child felt a chill along his spine indicating he was receiving some spirit energy.” I guess I better get use to that.” Harry thought as he again started his search.

Tower Green

In another part of the Tower grounds, the other Spirit Hunter saw a grisly sight as a spirit of bloody elderly woman in Medieval clothing is being chase by a floating Ax, instantly she point to the Ax.” Spirit Gun!” Ginny yelled and the Ax exploded and soon she felt the chill on her spine.” That is a scene I hope not to see again.” Ginny sighed as the elderly woman form change to that of an elegant looking woman, who smiled at the Spirit Hunter.

“I’m Lady Salisbury, and I thank you for releasing me from that Curse.” The elderly woman smiled as she got a good look at the Spirit Hunter.” Are you a Weasley, I believe I once knew an ancestor of yours.” Lady Salisbury suddenly asked, startling the young Spirit Hunter.

“Yes my name is Ginny Weasley, who did you know?” Ginny wondered as the elderly spirit gave it a thought.

“Sir Arthur Weasley, a very wealthy Wizard of my century.” Lady Salisbury smiled at the memory.

“Wealthy, I thought my family line was always poor?” Ginny confusedly asked, knowing this from her time in Spirit Realm.

“No your family is far from poor.” Lady Salisbury started as she sighed.” Sir Arthur was a proud Wizard, and even after defeating an ancient Dragon that was terrorizing England, he refuse the former king when he offered the Gold that was found in its lair.” Lady Salisbury shook her head at the thought of not accepting the gold.

“How much gold was in the Lair?” Ginny shakily asked, knowing Dragons was infamous for having large catches of gold.

“I don’t really know, but from what I heard you will need two to three London Towers to keep the entire gold safe.” Lady Salisbury grinned as the Spirit Hunter stumbled backward in shock.” But from what I was told, the King of that time had placed the Gold in a Wizard’s Bank, thinking Sir Arthur would change his mind, but now I see he didn’t?” Lady Salisbury gently asked, as the young Spirit Hunter shook her head.

“But my Lady from what I know about my ancestors, none of them was close to being Wealthy.” Ginny sighed knowing currently her family could use the gold, before realizing what the Spirit just told her.” Wait a minute did you say it’s in a Wizard’s Bank as in Gringotts?” Ginny excitedly asked, and the Spirit nodded

“Yes I believe Gringotts is the name of the bank, and it should be in a secure Vault, that only a Weasley can enter it.” Lady Salisbury remembered, as the young Spirit Hunter looked glad.

“Thanks for the information this will help my family a lot.” Ginny gladly thank the elderly Spirit, before looking grim.” Lady Salisbury if you want me too, I can send you to Spirit Realm where you can be with your family.” Ginny suddenly suggested, as the elderly spirit nodded.

“I would love too, I been stuck here for far too long, so please do what you need to do.” Lady Salisbury begged, as she stood ready for anything.

“Don’t worry this won’t hurt, unless you try to fight it.” Ginny calmly suggested as she pointed to the elderly spirit.” Spirit Gun!” Ginny simply called out, instantly the Elderly Spirit was gone, and a soon a strong Shiver was felt.” Wow I must have gotten more then the usual amount of Spirit Energy.” Ginny thought before shaken the feeling off, so she could continue her search.

Bloody Tower

Inside one of the Towers, the other Spirit Hunter spotted two Spirit children walking down the stairs.” Hello there.” Harry smiled, as the two children look startled.

“You can see us?” The younger one whom looked to be ten uncertainly asked.

“I can not only I can see you, I can send you away to see your family if you want.” Harry smiled at the children’s looks.

“But we can’t leave here, we tried many times, but always we come back to where we started.” The older boy informed the Spirit Hunter with a look of disbelieving.

“Edward let him try I really want to see mom and dad again.” The younger Spirit begged as the older one sighed.

“I guess we could give it a try.” Edward sighed as he looked to the Spirit Hunter.” What do we need to do?” Edward quickly asked while looking hopeful.

“Here take this Orb, and it will take you to see your parents.” Harry smiled as he held out his hand.” Spirit Bomb.” Harry simply whispered, and a glowing sphere appeared.

“So all we do is to touch it?” Edward skeptically asked, and with a nod from the Spirit Hunter, the two Spirits touched the sphere, instantly both flashed out of existence.

The second the Spirits was gone, the Spirit Hunter stumbled backwards as a stronger chill was felt.” Ok mental note, don’t do two Spirits at the same time, unless I have no choice.” Harry groaned as he still felt some of the chill as he continues his search.

Traitor’s Gate

After several hours and fifteen more Spirits were sent to Spirit Realm, the two Spirit Hunters were reunited, since they couldn’t find anymore Spirits.” Did we clear this building?” Harry first question was, as they came to each other.

“I doubt it, since the Notebook is still showing information about the tower.” Ginny sighed as she flipped threw the pages.” But I guess we should call it a night, since we can’t find any active Spirits here.” Ginny suggested as her friend agreed.

“Ok let head back to Potter Manor, and get a good night sleep, and tomorrow we need to head to Diagon Alley for a few things.” Harry suggested before both disappeared.
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