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Harry and Ginny head to Gringotts.

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A/N; Just to let you know that any Spirits that was not Bolded is not from any true ghost stories sights or books, they are just a product of my imagination.

Also I don’t own Harry Potter and please review.

Potter Manor

In a spacious dinning room two children was finishing breakfast when one looked to the other.” So Harry what are our plans for today?” Ginny wondered as her friend look to her.

“I guess we first head to go to Gringotts to reactivate the Potter’s Account, luckily Lord Kami made sure nothing happens to it when I died.” Harry smiled looking glad it was the case.

“That reminds me, I need to check an account that was open for one of my ancestor, to see actually how much gold is in it.” Ginny informed her friend as she thought of how to use the gold.

“The Vault with the Fortune your ancestor decline years ago?” Harry remembered since his friend told him about the Vault that night.” So what are your plans for it, since I doubt both of us together can spend a percent of that fortune in our lifetime?” Harry wondered as his friend look lost in thought.

“Actually I was thinking of putting some money into my parents Vault, since I know they need it more then me.” Ginny sadly sighed since she still misses her parents and siblings.

“Ginny if you still want to see your parents, I guess we can make a stop to see them.” Harry gently ask seeing the sad look her friend was showing.

“No we should keep a low profile for now, at least until we deal with Tom and the so call Headmaster.” Ginny grimly suggested, as they finished their breakfast and got ready to leave.

Diagon Alley

The day was busy, as Wizards and Witches move about the Alley making payments for various things, none notice two magically disguised children heading towards the banks, but stopping every now and to do some window-shopping.


At a free stall, a Goblin was called upon by two children, whom he glared as he saw them.” What do you want this is a Bank not a playground?” The Goblin rudely informed the children, whom glared back.

“Wow thanks for telling us this, since we ARE here to activate a sealed account, and also to check up on another one that was open about five-hundred years ago.” Harry glaringly informed a startled Goblin.

“Fine then, what are the accounts so I can verify your claims to owning them.” The Goblin spat out as he got some parchments ready.

“That will be the Potter Vault, and the Weasley Vault, the one that is in the security section of the bank, not the main one that the family is currently using.” Harry informed a startled Goblin.

“Is this some kind of Joke, the Potter Family Line is Dead, we verified that when the last Potter died six years ago!” The Goblin angrily spat out as the child gave out a sighed.

“Then can you explain why you couldn’t close the account when he died, or the fact it now open again, ever since I entered this bank.” Harry argued as the Goblin quickly left to check his files.

A few minutes later the Goblin came back with two folders.” You are right, the Potter account is indeed active again, but I need a drop of your blood to verify who you claim to be.” The Goblin spat out as the child nodded, as he took a knife from the Goblin to make a small cut on his finger.

“Is this enough of my blood?” Harry firmly asked after dropping four drops of blood onto the folder causing it to glow gold.

“Yes that is adequate Mr. Potter and now for the other Account.” The Goblin spat out as he place the second folder before the children.” I also need your blood to verify your claims.” The Goblin spat out, the other child took the knife and made a small cut on her finger, and soon the folder was glowing gold.

With the accounts verified, one of the children spoke up.” Sir, I would like to know how much is in my Vault.” Ginny quickly asked, as the Goblin glared.

“According to this folder, the Gold was not counted since it was not exchanged into Galleons.” The Goblin spat out as he looked over the folder.” But from the size of the Vault, and the percentage of how much space left in the Vault, I would guess about…” The Goblin stopped as he scribbled onto a parchment, and his eyes went wide as continued making calculations.

A few minutes pass, until a shock Goblin put down his Quill to gesture to another, to whisper in his ears.

The second the other Goblin was sent away, the first turned back to the children.” Sorry about this we need to verify the contents of the Vault it shouldn’t take no more then a few minutes.” The Goblin spat out, but he sounded shock at a discovery, luckily the other Goblin quickly came by to present a parchment.” Are you sure this is accurate!” The Goblin quickly spat out as soon as he read the parchment, and a got a confirmation.

After a few more minutes the Goblin turned to the children.” It appears Ms. Weasley that according to our calculations you are a billionaire, but if you want an accurate total of your account, you will need to wait for a week.” The Goblin informed the young Witch, all his rudeness gone.

“Actually I will take your word on this, and please can you do me a favor and use that gold to fill up the main Weasley Family Vault with all the Gold it can hold, and keep doing it when it get half full.” Ginny suggested as the Goblin starred in disbelief about the transfer.

“I can do that Ms. Weasley, but who should I say where the Gold came from?” The Goblin shockingly asked.

“Just say it is Heritance from a lost family Vault you discovered in your records, and also can you set up another Vault for me, putting a Million Galleons into it so I won‘t need to go down to the main one to get money.” Ginny calmly asked, and the Goblin quickly got them ready.

Diagon Ally

Half an hour later, two children with full money bags was seen walking happily down the Alley.” Now that we got money to spend, where should we go Harry?” Ginny smiled as her friend showed her a grin.

“Quality Quidditch Supplies, I been dying to try flying on a Broomstick, since my father told me stories about his school years.” Harry smiled, as did his friend.

“I might as well get one I wish we could have flown in Spirit Realm.” Ginny sighed since magical flying in that Realm was impossible for some reason.

“Yeah you should, since all your brothers are good flyers.” Harry grinned at a thought as he turned to his friend.” I race you to the store.” Harry smiled as he rushed away, but only to bump into a family of red hairs that was rushing up to the Bank.

After being knocked down to the ground, the Spirit Hunter looked to the family whom was looking apolitically to him.” Oh we are sorry, we were in a rush to get to the bank we didn‘t see you.” The older woman quickly apologized.

“Actually I should be the one to apologize.” Harry groaned as he stood up.” I ran without looking where I was going.” Harry quickly explained as he looked nervously to his friend whom had gulped.

“It’s alright dear no harm done, but I’m afraid we need to get going.” The Red hair Witch quickly apologized and left with the rest of her family.

The moment the large family was out of earshot, one Spirit Hunter turned to another.” Want to bet your parents were just told about their heritance?” Harry smiled, as did his friend.

“Yeah right, I know you will win it.” Ginny sighed as she looked to the retreating family.” But I will bet that my parents will try f send the money back, which luckily they can’t since the Goblin won’t give out our names.” Ginny smiled knowing that her parents will do that.

“Come on Ginny lets get going, since I want to get our brooms before we do anything else.” Harry press as he continues on his way, with his friend following

In no time Quality Quidditch Supplies, had two less Nimbus Two thousands, as two children proudly carried their package down the Alley.” I can’t wait to try this Broomstick.” Harry smiled as he looked over the package that held his new Broomstick.

“I know the feeling, but we still need to do a few things before heading back home/.” Ginny reminded her friend, before looking to the side.” Didi, can you take our Broomsticks back to the Manor?” Ginny suddenly asked, and a young House Elf appeared.

“Didi can do that for Mistress and Master.” Didi bowed as the two children handed over the packages.

“Didi just put them in the parlor so we can get them as soon as we get home.” Harry suggested and the Elf gave a bow before disappearing.

With their hands free, the children went to Muggle London shopping district to shop for personal items, both had decided to separated to buy them.

In a Lingerie store the young Spirit Hunter looked over nice clothing, when she noticed a Spirit sticking his head into the ladies dressing rooms.” Oh how rude, being invisible to the Living doesn’t give you right to do naughty things.” Ginny glaringly thought as she picked up some clothes her size, and went to the dressing rooms.

Once in the dressing room, the Spirit Hunter pointed to the door, and it didn’t take long for a ghostly head to pass threw the door to stare dumbly at the finger pointing to him.” Hello there, I just want to say a couple worlds to you.” Ginny angrily stated, as she glared at the rude Spirit.” Spirit Gun!” Ginny whispered and the Spirit exploded in blinding light.” Good riddance to a bad Spirit.” Ginny smiled as she walked out of the Dressing rooms to put the clothes she had away and continue her shopping.

Hours later the two Spirit Hunters were reunited and was about to head home when the sounds of the Ghost Buster’s Theme Music sounded from one of their pockets.” Great I was wondering when we were going to get called upon.” Harry sighed as he picked up the Cell Phone and talked for a few minutes before hanging up.

“So Harry so where are we going for our next hunt?” Ginny quickly asked, as soon as her friend put the phone away.

“No where special, just someone was reporting a number of sightings in a haunted graveyard in Japan.” Harry shrugged as his friend sighed.

“Great I was hoping we get some time to rest, since the Tower of London was not a pleasant place to start our Hunts.” Ginny complained as her friend nodded in agreement.

“I know Ginny, but this is our Job now and we do need the strength we get for sending the Spirits to Spirit Realm.” Harry sighed as they found a private place to call their House Elf to bring the packages they bought home, so they could use the Cell Phone to Portkey to Japan.
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