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The Next Hunt

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Harry and Ginny go on their first call.

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A/N; The Spirit in Mexico was taken from a Video I found on You Tube, a suppose video of a crying ghost, I am not sure it was real, but it looks convincing when I watch it.

The one in Japan is base on numerous sightings of battles being fought, long after they were over, I only read of a few occurrences of this happening, but I am sure there must be many of this type of sightings.

In addition, I do not own Harry Potter and please review.


Night had long fallen, as two children fell onto several Tombstones with Japanese writing.” OUCH I don’t think I will get use to Portkey travel!” Harry groaned as he got off a decorative Tombstone.

“I think we better get use to travel this way or we will always find ourselves on our Butt every time when we go hunting.” Ginny sighed as she slide off her Tombstone and started looking about to find themselves on a Mountainside Graveyard.” And I thought the Graveyard we were buried at was spooky.” Ginny shivered as a cold breeze passes them.

“I know, but come on lets get into our Spirit forms, since it will keep us out of the cold.” Harry suggested as he too shivered against the cold wind, until their bodies went transparent.

In no time the two Spirit Hunters was ready to search the Graveyard when a Musical Tone sounded.” Great another Spirit Sighting, we barely got to start this one.” Ginny argued as her friend took the call and hung up a few minutes later.

“There is a sighting in Mexico, someone saw a Spirit of a crying woman at a graveyard.” Harry quickly informed his friend, and she sighed as she took the phone.

“If this is only one Spirit, I’ll check it myself while you check this Graveyard.” Ginny suggested as she activated the Portkey and was gone before her friend could say anything.

“Great I was going to suggest that I go.” Harry complained before sigh as he started walking about the graves.


After floating onto a small grassy area, the lone Spirit Hunter smiled as she looked about.” So that’s the secret, I better not tell Harry.” Ginny grinned at the discovery, then noticed she was at an over crowded Graveyard with the Gravestone just feet from each other.” So many deaths, I wonder how many made it to Spirit Realm.” Ginny thought as she started walking about.

The Graveyard was huge with hundreds of Graves as far as the Spirit Hunter could see, and no matter how far she walked, there was still more Graves to see.” Ok where is this Spirit I’m looking for?” Ginny thought as she walked pass Mausoleums of all shape and sizes to concrete slabs, but as she walked for almost fifteen minutes, she heard a young woman crying far from her.” She sounds so sad I wonder what happen to her.” Ginny thought as she made a beeline to the sad sounds, and soon on top of a small grave with a concrete slab, she saw a grey spirit sitting on the top.

In no time the Spirit Hunter was before the Spirit of a young woman, and gently called out to her” Hello there!” Ginny greeted and the Spirit turns to the Spirit Hunter, her eyes were blazing with white light.” Nice affect with the scary eyes, but it will take more then that to scare me.” Ginny informed a startled Spirit.

“Sorry but that is all I got, so if you mind, I want to continue my sad existence.” The Spirit argued as she looked down to begin her crying all over again.

“Care to tell me about it, this sometimes help when you talk about your troubles?” Ginny suggested as she sat on the neighboring grave.

“I don’t know why would you care, I had died many years ago and no one tried to ask me why I cry!” The Spirit angrily informed the Hunter.

“Maybe because you always scare them off, that could be a reason to not wanting to help you.” Ginny firmly suggested as the young woman looked to her.

“Fine then, I miss my baby daughter, we both died in a fire, and now I don’t know what happen to her.” The Spirit angrily informed a sad looking Spirit Hunter.

“Are you sure your daughter died with you?” Ginny uncertainly suggested as the Spirit eyes blaze again.

“Yes I’m sure since she was in a room next to mine, when the fire broke out!” The Spirit angrily yelled, as she glared at the Hunter.” I died in my sleep, so there was no way she could’ve survived!” The Spirit argued as she sadly looked down

“Well there is one way to find out if she died at the same time you did.” Ginny suggested as she bent down to read the name on the grave.” Hmm is your name Isabelle Gonzales?” Ginny kindly asked as she looked around the other graves and the Spirit gave a nod. “Hmm I don’t see anyone that died young near your grave.” Ginny started as she scanned the nearby graves, which luckily in her Spirit self, the darkness of the night will look like daylight to her.” By the way, what was your daughter name?” Ginny gently asked, as the Spirit sadly looked to her.

“Elizabeth Gonzales was my daughter name.” Isabelle sadly informed the Hunter.

“Hmm, I don’t see any one with that name that had died young, maybe Elizabeth survive the fire?” Ginny suggested as the Spirit looked to her.

“But how unless…” Isabelle stopped as she realized something.” I was in an apartment, maybe someone was able to come and save my daughter.” Isabelle quickly guessed, as she looked hopeful.

“In that case, I believe I found her.” Ginny informed the now startled Spirit as she pointed to a grave.” This one has your daughter’s first name but a different last name.” Ginny quickly informed a wide-eye Spirit.

“My daughter survived the fire and gotten herself married?” Isabelle shockingly asked, as she floated to the grave.

“It appears so, and it also appears you are a grandmother.” Ginny smiled as the Spirit looked proudly at the grave of her daughter.

“Oh I wish I was there to meet my grandchildren.” Isabelle smiled as she knelt before her daughter’s grave to place her transparent hand on it.

After a few minutes, the Spirit Hunter gently interrupted the older Spirit. “Ma’am if you want I can send you to the afterlife, where your daughter is probably waiting for you.” Ginny suddenly asked, as the older Spirit got up to face the younger one.

“Please if you have the power, I want to be with my daughter.” Isabelle quickly begged as the Hunter got herself ready.

“This won’t hurt, but please don’t fight it.” Ginny warned as she pointed to the Spirit.” SPIRIT GUN!” Ginny whispered, and in flash of light, the Spirit was gone and the Hunter sighed in relief, after she was hit by a strong shiver.” Good this is finally over.” Ginny smiled looking happy that she helped the Spirit.” Hmm I wonder if Harry had gotten rid of the Spirit in Japan.” Ginny thought as she disappeared.


At the same time at the mountainside Graveyard, a lone Spirit Hunter looked into a neighboring valley and gulped at what he saw.” I think I need Ginny help with this.” Harry worriedly thought as he spied two large ghostly Samurai armies collide and fought each other.” Great I don’t think a Spirit Gun will help us get rid of this many Spirits.” Harry thought as he estimated well over a thousand Spirits in the valley.

“Actually Harry did you forget that this might be an illusion created by one or more Spirits.” Ginny informed her friend as she appeared beside him.

“Actually Ginny I think there must be more then that.” Harry sighed as he looked to his friend.” There is no way one or two Spirits can create an Illusion this big.” Harry reminded his friend as he gestured to the thousands of ghostly Samurai soldiers slaughtering each other.

“I know, but how are we going to sort this mess to find the ones that is creating this Illusion?” Ginny quickly asked, since she did not want to get into the battle before her.

“I might have an idea.” Harry smiled as he held up his palm.” Spirit Bomb!” Harry called out to create a glowing sphere.

“Yes that can clear away the Illusions, and at the same time get the Spirits creating this.” Ginny smiled as she held out her palm.” Spirit Bomb!” Ginny smiled as she created a similar sphere of light.

“Ginny just remember that the Spirit Bomb has a radius of ten-meters, so make each one count.” Harry warned before they both disappeared to appear at the opposite side of the battling armies.

In no time large a large number of bright explosions brought the numbers of the Spirit armies down by half, and too the Spirits Hunters disbelief, they had not felt the Shiver that would have warned them of a Spirit being sent to Spirit Realm.” Great this can’t be good we don’t have the power to dispel all the Illusions.” Harry worriedly thought as he felt himself getting weaken with every Spirit Bomb he created.

Fifteen minute into their attack against the Spirit Armies, the other Spirit Hunter spied a ghostly tent at the edge of the battlefield.” How did that get there, I never noticed it before now?” Ginny thought as she ran towards the tent and threw a Spirit Bomb at it, creating a large explosion, instantly she felt a shiver that shook her entire body as she fell to ground and was soon out cold.

In the other side of the battlefield, the other Spirit Hunter was startled as the Ghostly Armies vanished before his eyes, leaving him in a barren valley.” Ok Ginny must have found the Spirits that created the Illusions.” Harry thought before he ran across the valley to find his friend.

Not far from where the Spirit Hunter was, he spied his unconscious friend on the ground, and quickly fell to his knees to check her over.” Ginny, Ginny are you alright?” Harry yelled as he picked up his friend, but got no answer.” Great what happen to Ginny?” Harry thought before looking to the side.” Lady Reaper, we need your help!” Harry quickly yelled and in an instant, a worried dark hair young woman stood before him.

“Harry what happen?” Lady Reaper worriedly asked, as she knelt before the Spirit Hunters.

“We found a large Illusion of a great battle here, and we separated to find the source of the Illusions.” Harry worriedly informed their Guardian.” We must have taken out more then half of the Illusions before Ginny found the Spirits that created it.” Harry worriedly finished as the older Spirit look lost in her thoughts.

“I believe I know what happen to Ginny.’ Lady Reaper started as she looked to the unconscious child.” Ginny must have sent more then five Spirits to Spirit Realm, and gotten a lot more power then she is use too.” Lady Reaper cringed at the thought of receiving too much power at once.” But not to worry, she just needs a night or two of rest, before she is back to her normal self.” Lady Reaper smiled to assure the worried Hunter.” Now come on, let head back home, since I see Ginny is not the only one that needs a good night sleep.” Lady Reaper grinned as she took the young Hunter Shoulder and the three was gone.


An age Headmaster sighed as he looked up after looking into Glob of pure white light.” What is going on, Harry and Ginny seem to be jumping from one continent to another.” Dumbledore thought as he checked his newest tracking device he created for two missing children.” Oh well now I know this works, all I need to do is wait until they appear out in the open then I will have them.” Dumbledore smiled as he sat and waited.

A/N; From here on, I will skip some of their hunts, to make this story go faster, but I will write about the main places they went too like Waverly Hills Sanatorium, and Gettysburg and few others I‘m looking into.

Also about their going to Hogwarts, I am now working on that, and will soon decide on how I’m going to do it.

Also I don’t own Harry Potter and please review.
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