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Hunting The Hunters Prt One

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Dumbledore get his plans going.

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A/N; I may have been to premature in revealing the truth about the Headmaster, but I felt I need to do this now to get my other plans going, and I’m sorry about the short chapter, I need more time to work on the situation that is now brewing.

In addition, I don’t own Harry Potter and please review.


Headmaster Office three weeks later

In a private room, the Headmaster placed a magical dot on a enlarge map of the world, and sighed as he looked it over.” That is the fifty-six place the children went too, what is going on why are they traveling the world?” Dumbledore wondered as he looked over a map with red dots almost on every continent.” England, China, Japan, North and South America and Germany, what does all these places have that interest the children for the last three weeks?” Dumbledore wondered as he went back to his office and deciding he needed help he went to the Fireplace and made several calls.

In less then fifteen minutes a red hair Wizard, a battle scared Wizard and a dark skin Wizard was sitting in the Headmaster’s office, waiting for an explanation to why they were there.” Shacklebolt, Mad-eye, and Arthur, I have a predicament on my hands, and I need your help.” Dumbledore calmly asked as one of the Wizards quickly looked to him.

“Is this about my missing daughter and Harry?’ Arthur quickly asked, startling the other two Wizards.

“Arthur hat do you mean your daughter missing, isn’t she dead?” Shacklebolt unsurely asked his friend.

“Actually it is about their missing bodies.” Dumbledore informed the red hair Wizard before turning to the other two Wizards.” Three weeks ago, both Arthur and I found out that both Ginny Weasley and Harry James Potter maybe alive.” Dumbledore started before going more into why they believe it was so.

Once the Headmaster got the two Wizards up to date, he went over to what he was doing.” Now for the last three weeks, I been monitoring the two children and I found out that they both been traveling about to the other countries.” Dumbledore firmly informed the startled Wizards.

“Sir where they been going, and do you have any idea why?” Mad-eye barked as his fake eye rolled about scanning the room.

“I do not know why the children been going to the other countries, but I do know they only spent anywhere from half an hour to several hours at each country.” Dumbledore started with a sigh.” As to where the children been going, I have world map that I been using to mark all the places they went.” Dumbledore finished and then stood up to gesture the others to follow him.

In a few minutes the four Wizards was in a plain looking room, which was dominated by a large map of the World, and once they stood facing the map, one quickly spoke up.” Headmaster, exactly how many places did the children went too.” Arthur shockingly asked, as he stared all the dots on the map.

“There are Fifty-six locations I marked, and at the moment I’m at a lost at the reasons why the children went to them.” Dumbledore informed the Wizards with a sigh.

For a few minutes no one said anything, as they studied the map, until one spoke up.” Tower of London, abandon Hospitals, Graveyards…” Shacklebolt listed as he looked to the map.” Headmaster, if I am not mistaking, those places may have been reported to be haunted.” Shacklebolt quickly suggested, as the battle scared Wizard nodded in agreement.

“Yes I believe you are right Shacklebolt, I investigated the Tower of London, along with the few Graveyards on this map with a Group of Unspeakables, and I seen things that would make anyone hair stand on it ends.” Mad-eye grimly informed the group.

“Mad-eye, I didn’t know the Unspeakables were into the Paranormal?” Dumbledore worriedly asked his friend.

“There are many things many don’t know what the Unspeakables does, I only know of this because they were interested in my special eye.” Mad-eye firmly informed his former Headmaster.

“But still this doesn’t explain why the children are alive and going to these places!” Arthur argued, as he looked confuse at the events that is happening.

For a few minutes no one had an answer, until the Age Headmaster gave out a long sigh.” There is a possibility, a Necromancer may have dug up the bodies, and brought the children to life to do their bidding.” Dumbledore gravely informed the shock friends.

“No, no it can’t be this is a nightmare!” Arthur stuttered out in fear for his daughter.

“Headmaster that can’t be, the Ministry has all the Necromancers in custody since they helped He who must not name before his downfall.” Shacklebolt quickly informed his Headmaster.” So there is no way any of them could have brought the children to life.” Shacklebolt argued as his Headmaster sighed.

“One or more Necromancer could have avoided captured, remember a good deal of Death Eaters were release soon after they were apprehended, so the Necromancers could have escape imprisonment the same way.” Dumbledore argued, before sighing.” That is enough this won’t answer our many questions, so for now I want your help to find the children and bring them here for questioning, and maybe undo the curse that allow them to walk among the living.” Dumbledore firmly suggested as the three Wizards uncertainly agreed.

“Sir how are going to do this?” Shacklebolt firmly asked, as the others looked to the Headmaster.

“The children seem to go to Diagon Alley to spend most of the day there, so that is where we will apprehend them.” Dumbledore suggested as the three Wizards agreed.” Then keep your Phoenix Pendants at hand, I will use it to immediately call you all to Diagon Alley and hopefully we will have the children in custody in a week or so.” Dumbledore firmly ordered and sent the three Wizards away.

With the three Wizards gone, the Age Headmaster looked graved.” It’s what I fear, another Spirit Hunter is chosen.” Dumbledore sighed as his eyes glowed.” It doesn’t matter I will deal with this Spirit Hunter like I did with the last one.” Dumbledore smiled as he sat down to began planning the downfall of the Hunters.

A/N; Here is a hint, it not He who got stuck in the back of the DADA professor Head.

It is some one from the books that had died a long time ago.
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