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Hunting The Hunters Prt Two

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Harry and Ginny are captured.

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A/N; This was going to be the last chapter for what I was planning for the Headmaster, but I had two versions of what was going to happen, a quick end of him, and a longer one that will have more details, but unfortunately when I started writing I unconsciously lean toward the longer version, so there is one last chapter before I reveal more about the Headmaster sorry.

Also I don’t own Harry Potter and please review.

Diagon Alley a few days later

In a busy Alley, two unhappy children were in a mist of families doing their school shopping.” Great Harry, maybe we should go to Muggle London, since I doubt it would be this crowded.” Ginny grumbled as she and her friend fought against the tide of shoppers.

“No way I really don’t want to travel anytime soon, after what we been doing for the last few weeks. “ Harry tiredly sighed as he remember the things he and his friend saw and done. “Come on lets head to Florean Fortesque's Ice-Cream Parlour, it should not be busy with everyone out and about doing their shopping.” Harry suggested and both headed to the Ice-cream shop.

Unknown to the children, two set of eyes was following their moves, and started planning their capture.” Shacklebolt something is odd, Necromancers no matter how powerful they are, can never revive the dead right.” Mad-eye confusedly asked his partner.

“No Necromancers can’t revive the dead they just reanimate the bodies why do you asked.” Shacklebolt worriedly asked as the battle scared Wizard fake eye focus on the children.

“Because if I never knew that they had died six years ago, I would say I’m seeing two healthy and very alive children.” Mad-eye firmly informed a startled friend.

“This can’t be, are you sure we got the right children?” Shacklebolt quickly asked as the partner shrugged.

“I can’t be hundred percent sure, since those children have very powerful Glamour spells on them.” Mad-eye barked, as he continued scanning the children.” The spell is powerful enough to almost fool my eye, but luckily I was able to see enough that I know that they are under it.” Mad-eye firmly informed his partner.

“Then we got no choice since the children are the only ones under the spells, we got to assume they are the ones we are after.” Shacklebolt suggested as they waited for the right moment to strike.

Fortesque's Ice-Cream Parlour

The two children found a quite corner in the spacious shop and started enjoying a Sundae each, when one looked to the other.” Don’t forget we need to go to Quality Quidditch Supplies to get that Snitch we ordered last week?” Ginny reminded her friend.

“I know I still can’t believe it took almost a week to get it.” Harry grumbled as he scoop up his Sundae.

“Harry just be glad we were able to get it, since it was the last one in their company storehouse.” Ginny reminded her friend.

“I know…” Harry started, but both friends were startled as two very powerful spells stopped their talks.

“Finite Incantatum!” Two loud voices sounded, and the children felt their disguises leave them.” Stupefy!” The same voices yelled before the children could do anything, and that was the last thing they heard.

As soon as the children were out cold, two Wizards appeared and nodded to the Shop owner, whom was warned before hand.” This can’t be the children are older!” Shacklebolt quickly informed his partner, as he put the young Witch into a sitting position to get a good look at her.

“I know, but I already confirmed their ID, they are the former deceased Ginny Weasley and Harry James Potter.” Mad-eye firmly informed his partner, whom sighed.

“Mad-eye before we hand them over to the Headmaster, check them for the usual signs of Necromancy being perform on them!” Shacklebolt quickly ordered but his partner looked to him.

“Already did, the children show no signs of Dark Magic being done on them, and if a Necromancer did animate their bodies, I should have picked up at least ninety-percent Decay on their bodies, which I assure you I do not find any signs of unusual Decay.” Mad-eye warned as a grimed Auror looked to the children.

“What is going on Mad-eye from what you say the children never died in the first place, which I know they did since I been to both Funerals.” Shacklebolt stuttered in disbelief.

“I know I too was at their Funerals, but come on before the Wards we put up to avoid unwanted attention drop, we should use the Portkeys the Headmaster gave us.” Mad-eye warned as the Auror agreed before activating their Portkeys.

Hogwarts Hospital Wing

In a flash of dazzling light, two Wizards floated to the ground, as two children landed on two unoccupied bed, startling the residential Healer.” Made-eye, Shacklebolt, are these the children under a Necromancer power.” Pomfrey quickly asked, as she went to the beds to start her scans.

“Wait Madam Pomfrey, Mad-eye already confirmed that they are not animated bodies, but living children.” Shacklebolt quickly warned startling the Healer.” Can you just confirm who they are?” Shacklebolt quickly suggested and the Healer went to work.

In no time, a shock Healer looked to the Wizards.” I’m sorry Shacklebolt, but the Headmaster ordered me to immediately remove the Necromancer’s power over them.” Pomfrey firmly informed the two Wizards.

“Wait you can’t, the spell to disperse a Necromancer’s magic will kill the living!” Shacklebolt quickly warned, as the Healer ignored him and started the spells, but another cut her off.

“Stupefy!” Mad-eye barked out and the Healer fell to the ground stunned.

With the Healer out cold, the Head Auror turned to the Ex-Auror.” Mad-eye why did you stun Pomfrey, we could have tried to talk her out of it.” Shacklebolt confusedly suggested.

“Sorry Shacklebolt but I had noticed Madam Pomfrey was under a spell, which I’m sure was controlling her to the point that what ever we say will fall on deaf ears.” Mad-eye warned his friend as he levitated the stunned Healer to the bed.

“Someone seems to want to end the children lives before we can get some answers. “ Shacklebolt suggested, as he looked to the Healer. “Mad-eye can you tell who cast the spell on Madam Pomfrey?” Shacklebolt suggested, as his partner false eye was focus on the Healer.

“I can, and I’m afraid I’m only getting the Headmaster’s magical signature.” Mad-eye warned as his friend sighed.

“Albus, but why I know he looked determine to say the children was under a Necromancer’s control, but to do this without confirming his theories, this isn‘t like the Headmaster.” Shacklebolt quickly suggested trying to dismiss the Headmaster wrongdoings.

“I know, but let’s remove the control spell, so we can get some answers now.” Mad-eye firmly suggested, as he waved his wand to the Healer. “Finite Incantatum!” Mad-eye barked and soon the Healer awoke.

After a few moments the healer groaned as she sat up.” Who had the audacity to stun me.” Madam Pomfrey angrily asked, as she stare at the two innocent looking Aurors.

“I’m sorry Madam Pomfrey you was about to make a dreadful mistake, since we believe the children was free from Dark Influences.” Shacklebolt quickly informed the now startled Healer.

“Are you sure, since I perform the autopsy on Mr. Potter, so I know he died that day!” Pomfrey firmly informed a determine looking Auror.

“I’m sure Madam Pomfrey, so please just do normal scans so we will know for certain about the children.” Shacklebolt firmly suggested as the Healer nodded before doing the scans that would show her any Dark Magic on the children bodies

Soon after starting the scans, the doors to the Hospital Wing banged open, revealing a not so happy Headmaster, and a startled red hair Wizard.” What’s going on here, I want those children free of the Necromancer’s control!” Dumbledore firmly ordered, as his Wand appeared in his hands.

“I’m sorry Headmaster, but we found some startling evidence that says that the children are not only free from Dark influences, they both are alive.” Shacklebolt firmly informed a wide-eye Headmaster.

“That is a lie, I know for certain that Potter is dead, I made sure of that before handing him over to Madam Pomfrey!” Dumbledore argued, as the Aurors quickly stood before the beds with the children.

“What do you mean you made sure Potter was dead!” Mad-eye barked out, as his and his partner Wands appeared in their hand.

“Headmaster you better have a good explanation to why you said that, or I will have to take you in for further questioning about Mr. Potter’s death six years ago.” Shacklebolt warned, as a not so happy Headmaster looked to the Aurors.

“I do, so please stand down so I can tell you.” Dumbledore heavily sighed as the Aurors lowered their Wand, he quickly waved his Wand at them.” Oblivi…” Dumbledore started but another spell cut him off.

“Stupefy!” Arthur quickly shouted without thinking, and the age Headmaster fell to the ground stunned.

It took a few minutes before anyone could speak, and the now shock red hair Wizard looked to the Aurors.” Please tell me what’s going on, and why did I just stun Albus?” Arthur stuttered in disbelief, as he continued looking to the very relieved Aurors.

“It appears that the Headmaster has some answering to do about Mr. Potter death, and why he wants him to stay that way.” Shacklebolt sighed as he waved his wand at his former Headmaster to levitate him to a bed that was far from the children.” And thanks Arthur for saving our memories, since he was going to erase the events we just learnt.” Shacklebolt smiled as he and the battle scared Wizard use some powerful binding spells to secure the age Headmaster.

Just as the Aurors had the Headmaster secured, the residential Healey finished her scans, and was more then shock at what she found.” This can’t be possible, I was sure Mr. Potter was dead, I couldn’t have been wrong!” Pomfrey stuttered out in disbelief as she stared wide-eye at the children.

“Madam Pomfrey what is it!” Shacklebolt quickly asked as he looked to the Healer.

“I can’t explain this, but both of the children are alive, as if they never died six years ago.” Pomfrey shockingly informed the three Wizards, as she quickly sat down on a unoccupied bed, looking ready to pass out.

“My, my daughter is alive…” Arthur stuttered out as he fell to his knees looking faintly to his daughter.

“Madam Pomfrey are you sure there was no Dark Magic involved?” Shacklebolt shockingly asked the Healer.

“I ran the all the scans I can think of on the children, and there was no Dark Magic on their person!“ Madam Pomfrey quickly explained, as she looked to the Auror.“ I also can’t explain how the children are alive after we confirmed their death six years ago.” Madam Pomfrey sighed in defeat of not able to answer those questions.

For a while no one spoke, until the Head Auror sighed out loud.” The only one’s that can answer that is the children, but since we might have over powered the stunning spells we cast on them, they might not wake up till tomorrow.” Shacklebolt guiltily informed the others.

“Shacklebolt what should we do now?” Arthur unsurely asked the Head Auror.

“I believe should keep quiet and wait until we can question the children, until then we’ll decide what to do with them.” Shacklebolt firmly suggested, and the others agreed.

Kami’s castle

In a large room, a large man sits and sighed as he closed his eyes, and soon a dark hair woman appears before him.” Lady Reaper, I believe events that is inspiring now will relieve you of being the Spirit Hunter’s Guardian, so for now I want you to just make sure they don’t get into serious trouble.” Kami firmly informed the young woman.

“As you wish my lord, but should I be there when the children wakes or when they think they need my assistance?” Lady Reaper calmly asked, as her Lord look lost in his thoughts.

“Lady Reaper I believe you should be there when they awake, since they would need your help in explaining everything.” Kami suggested, and the young woman nodded before disappearing.

With the young woman gone the Lord gave out a sigh.” I hope I doing the right thing, but the children’s family should be able to support them more Lady Reaper can provide.” Kami thought as he laid back on his chair and close his eyes to continue watching the events that is unfolding.
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