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Truths are finally learned.

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A/N; Finally the Headmaster is revealed, I can finally stop writing him as a bad guy, and sorry about ending the chapter this way, I need to work on the family reunions and the outcome of what happen after freeing the Headmaster.

Here is a update on my other story, I'm so sorry about not updating, I have a severe writing block on that story, and I will try to get to it when I can.

Also I don't own Harry Potter and please review.

The Borrow that night

A tire looking Wizard enters a strange house, to quickly be pounce on by a very irate Wife.” ARTHUR WEASLEY EXPLAINS THIS, THIS INSTANT!” Molly yelled at a cringing husband while waving a paper in his face.

“Honey please let me read the Prophet so I will know what upset you.” Arthur gently suggested, but was soon wide-eyed as he read the first page.

Does the Dead Walks Among Us

This morning the Head Auror Kingsley Shacklebolt and the Ex-Auror Alastor Moody cast a couple stunning spells at two children, whom later revealed to be the Decease Harry James Potter and Ginny Weasley.

It is unknown what happen to the children after they were Portkey away with the Aurors, but I did hear them saying something about taking the children to the Headmaster, which I believe is Albus Dumbledore since they have strong connections to him.

Once the Husband read that far into the paper he turned to his wife, whom was looking very frightening to him.” Tell me what’s going on Arthur, since both Aurors was talking to you this morning, before you disappeared with them!” Molly firmly asked as her husband gulp.

“It’s true dear, I saw our little Ginny in the Hospital Wing in Hogwarts.” Arthur worriedly informed his irate wife, since he knew lying to her will do him no good.” Ginny seem to be ten, and look like you at that age.” Arthur gently informed a wide-eye wife.

“But, but we buried her, I thought you and the Healers said our baby was dead.” Molly cried as she quickly sat on a chair looking faint.

“I know dear, but Madam Pomfrey confirm who they are, and they both are alive, but unfortunately we won’t get any answers to why till tomorrow.” Arthur warned as his wife looked to him.

“Why Arthur, what’s wrong with the children?” Molly quickly yelled as her husband sadly looked to her.

“Shacklebolt, and Mad-eye had put too much power into their spells, and it will too dangerous to wake them up now, so we need to wait for the spells to wear off.” Arthur informed a not so happy wife.

“They hurt my baby wait until I get my hands on them!” Molly yelled looking ready to Apparate straight to the Aurors, but her husband quickly held her.

“Wait Molly, its not their fault, we all believe the children was under a Necromancer’s power, so we thought we needed to use force to capture them.” Arthur quickly informed his wide-eye wife.” Only after we got them in the Hospital Wing we learn that was not the case.” Arthur sadly informed his wife, before going into more of what happen just hours ago.

Hogwarts Hospital Wing

Night had fallen as two children began to stir, and look startled at the unknown room they were in.” Oh what happen?” Harry groaned as he sat up from the bed.

“I don’t know Harry, but I think we are in trouble.” Ginny worriedly informed her friend as others in the room looked nervously at them.

“Actually Ms. Weasley, unless we get some answers that will make us think you both ARE under dark influences, you will be!” Shacklebolt warned as he stood before the worried children.” So please explain how you both are alive when everyone in this room knows you both died six years ago!” Shacklebolt firmly warned as he children gulp.

“Um before we say anything, does anyone know the legend of Lord Kami?” Harry gulped, as the Wizard looked startled.

“The Fairy Tale about how a powerful Being is in charge of the Afterlife and supposedly our destinies?” Mad-eye firmly informed the children as they nodded.” Every child to adult knows about that legend, so what does this have to do with you both?” Mad-eye barked as he looked to the children.

“I’m afraid everything, since when we died, we were sent to Spirit Realm to train by Lord Kami to help him with the Spirit problem you been having here in the Living Realm.” Harry quickly explained as the adults looked to him.

“What do you mean Spirit problem Harry?” Shacklebolt confusedly asked as the Hunters looked to them.

“You see when people die, they are taken to Spirit Realm by Lady Reaper, but since there are sometimes more deaths then she can handle, Lost souls are created, which is sometime is mistaking as Ghosts.” Harry informed the adults, whom looked unsure about this.

“Are these Lost Spirits are the reason for the increase in Ghostly activities the Unspeakables are picking up recently?” Mad-eye barked out as he looked directly at the children.

“Yes, and if we don’t do anything about this, the Spirit activities will get worse, and the Muggles will start questioning what they believe to be once unbelievable.” Ginny quickly added, as the adults looked to the children.

It took a few moments for the adults to shake themselves from the shock they got from the children, and one of the skeptical adults looked them. “This is very tall tale Ms. Weasley do you have any proof to what you claim?” Shacklebolt firmly asked, just as a dark ghostly bony Robe figure appeared holding a Scythe, and radiating fear to the adults.

Once the Robe Figure got the Adults attention a menacing voice sounded from under its hood.” What the children say is true, since I AM THE GRIM REAPER of the legend you know of!” Lady Reaper smiled from under her disguise.

“This got to be…” Shacklebolt started, but held back by a grim looking partner.

“Shacklebolt, I wouldn’t do anything to upset the Grim, I can already tell this is the real deal, from my experiences with the Unspeakables.” A much shaken Mad-eye warned, as his friend quickly back away.

“Now that you believe me, I have a Spirit to collect.” Lady Reaper grimly informed the Aurors, before turning to the bed far from the children.

After a few moment of silence, the Grim Reaper floated to the bind Headmaster to look directly in his face” It’s been a while Headmaster, you been a naughty Spirit for far too long!” Lady Reaper gravely informed a wide-eye Headmaster.” So I believe its time to pay for your Sins.” Lady Reaper warned as she placed a bony hand over the Headmaster face.” Spirit Release!” Lady Reaper yelled, and as she lifted her hand, a ghostly figure rose from the Headmaster body, and to the Living surprise, the Spirit did not look like the Headmaster they once know and worked with.

After coming out of their shock, one Auror quickly spoke up.” Um Grim Reaper, is that who I think it is?” Shacklebolt shakily asked, as the Grim look to him.

“Gentlemen may I introduce Phineas Nigellus whom is responsible for Lord Voldemort rise, the Potter deaths, and Dark deeds since his death, all because he was able to posses all the Headmasters after him.” Lady Reaper warned as the Spirit started to protest.

“You can’t prove a thing it’s my right to stay as Headmaster as long as I am able.” Phineas shouted as the Grim looked to him.

“I think not Nigellus, its time for you to go to the Afterlife, where you should have gone many years ago!” Lady Reaper spat out before turning to the children.” Harry, Ginny, since this is now your jurisdiction, I think you should have the honor of sending him to his fate.” Lady Reaper smiled as the children nodded as they both stood before the unwanted Spirit.

“Um Grim Reaper, how should we do this?” Harry unsurely asked as he turned to the Grim.

“Harry, Ginny, just shoot the Spirit Gun at the same time, and you both will gain some power.” Lady Reaper suggested, and both children nodded as they pointed to the scared Spirit.

“Wait you can’t do this!” Phineas shouted as the children glared.

“SPIRIT GUN!” Both Harry and Ginny yelled, instantly the unwanted Spirit blew up, and soon the children shivered before falling to the ground unconscious.

With the children out cold, the adults rushed up to them.” What happen, what was that spell the children did!” Shacklebolt quickly ordered as he bent down to check the children.

“That is not a spell Mr. Shacklebolt it’s a weapon that uses a person Spiritual Energy, which the children and I had learned in Spirit Realm.” Lady Reaper firmly informed the Auror, before sighing.” Sorry I didn’t think that Phineas held so much energy for the children to absorb, I had at least hoped that if both shot the Spirit Gun, it will lesson the power they get.” Lady Reaper sadly informed the adults as they levitated the children back to their beds.

“So is this what the children been doing going about the World to send the Lost Spirits to the Afterlife?” Mad-eye uncertainly asked the Grim.

“Yes, and not to worry about the children passing out after sending a Spirit to Spirit Realm, this rarely happens, and if it does Lord Kami will warn me, and I will assist them by bringing them home to recuperate.” Lady Reaper assured the Adults as another looked to her.

“What about Headmaster Dumbledore, is he dead?” Shacklebolt worriedly asked, but the Grim shook her head.

“The Headmaster should be fine, since Phineas only could partially posses him, unfortunately he will have all his memories of what he done, and if I’m not mistaken, he WILL regret everything he did while being possessed by that evil Spirit.” Lady Reaper warned and the Auror nodded.

“So Albus is not at fault.” Mad-eye sighed in relief, as he turned to his once Mentor.” I will help Albus through this ordeal, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.” Mad-eye suggested as another agreed.

“I will be there to help, but Grim Reaper what about the children they are too young to handle this responsibility alone.” Shacklebolt worriedly suggested, as the Grim agreed.

“Actually Lord Kami was waiting for something like this to happen, and if the Weasleys don’t mind, I don’t think it won’t hurt to have them look after Harry and Ginny between their Hunt for Spirits.” Lady Reaper smiled as the Aurors agreed.

“I don’t think the Weasley wouldn’t mind having their daughter back, and taking care of another.” Shacklebolt suggested, as he turned to the Grim.” But Grim, how are going to do about them being alive, since I have no doubt this will stay quiet if the Weasley take the children in.” Shacklebolt warned and the Grim nodded.

‘Not to worry, Lord Kami can work on the paperwork for the children being alive after all this time, I sure he will come with a suitable lie.” Lady Reaper assured the accepting adults.” Then in that case, I will come back tomorrow, and tell you guys what Lord Kami came up with, and I assume everything that was leant here will stay in this room right?” Lady Reaper warned and the Aurors and Healer whom watch from afar nodded in acceptance.

“Um what about the Weasleys and the Headmaster, should they be told of this?” Shacklebolt quickly suggested, and the Grim nodded in agreement.

“Tell them, but make sure they know that this is something the children must do.” Lady Reaper warned before disappearing from the room.

With the Grim gone, the adults sighed in relief.” I don’t think I will get use to being around the Grim Reaper.” Shacklebolt gulped at seeing the Robe Figure again.

“I know the feeling, but unfortunately we still need to see him tomorrow, so we better be prepared.” Mad-eye warned, as they decided to call it a night, and stayed in the Hospital Wing for the night so they did not need to come back here the next day.
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