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Ginny is reunited with her living family.

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A/N; Sorry for the wait, there was way to many emotional moments for me to write for this chapter.

Also to answer the reviewer question about how the Headmaster was able to track the Hunters, to tell you the truth I originally had no idea, but I found a good explaination, he used the Life Crystal since it could track Harry Life Signs anywhere, this was the only thing Lady Reaper couldn't block, hope that answer it.

In adiction I don't own Harry Potter and please review

Hospital Wing

The following quiet morning was disrupted as shouts and yelling awoke two children from a deep sleep.” WHERE IS MY BABY, IF YOU HURT HER I WILL MAKE SURE YOU NEVER WALK AGAIN?” A very irate Witch yelled making all the Wizards shuddered.

“Molly please, Harry and Ginny are sound asleep now, but had awaken last night with out any problems.” Shacklebolt gently informed the glaring Witch.

“And why wasn’t I informed the second they awoken!” Molly firmly asked causing those around to gulp.

“Molly please we had another situation we needed to deal with, so we couldn’t contact Arthur last night.” Shacklebolt quickly explain as the Witch continued glaring.

With the adult arguing, two children cringed as they looked to each other.” And I thought your Grandmother was a Witch you wouldn’t want to mess with.” Harry sighed as he watched the adults.

“Hey your mother is almost just as bad.” Ginny quickly defended her Grandmother before a grin form on her face.” Hey I wonder if Lady Reaper told them of our special abilities.” Ginny grinned, as her friend looked worried.

“Ginny if you are planning to do what I’m thinking of, it will be your funeral!” Harry warned, as his friend looked shocked.

“Hey we both already had one, and I don’t plan to have another for a long time from now.” Ginny grinned as her body went transparent, and floated off the bed.

“Great why do I have a feeling this won’t go well.” Harry thought as his body too went transparent and follow suite.

Far from the arguing adults a group of red hair children was keeping their distance from their angry mother, when they were called upon.” Hey guys, miss me?” A ghostly red hair Witch happily asked as she floated to the group.

“Who are you, are you a Hogwarts Ghost?” the youngest boy rudely asked as the young Ghost glared.

“No I’m not a ghost I am your sister Ginny Weasley.” Ginny angrily informed her startled siblings.” And Ron, I see that after all the years I’m been gone you are still as rude as ever.” Ginny argued as her older brothers came to see her.

“Ginny, is that really you?” One of the oldest brothers shockingly asked.

“Hi Charlie, it’s been awhile, and did hear right you are working with Dragons, it must be really exciting.” Ginny smiled as she floated to her favorite brother.” Hey maybe one of these days I can see the Dragons you work with.” Ginny suggested as her brother uncertainly agreed.

As the young ghost got to know her brothers, a set of twins went behind her and waved their hand through her.” Cool we got a ghost for a sister!” The twins happily yelled as their not so happy sister turned to them.

“Watch it misters, I maybe transparent, I can still feel your hands.” Ginny glared angrily as she floated to the now frighten twins.

“Yap she is a Weasley, only a Weasley Witch can make anyone cringe this bad.” The twins cringingly told their brothers.

“You got that right, so don’t you dare anger me again!” Ginny warned as another ghost appeared rolling his eyes at his friend‘s antics.

“Hey guys don’t mind your sister she loves to scare the living daylight of anyone.” A messy hair ghost informed the again startled siblings.

“Wait a minute you are the Boy Who Died!” The wide-eye twins yelled while getting the adults attention.

“Great another title to be place on me.” Harry sighed as gasps sounded, and he turned to face the shock adults whom now noticed the ghosts.

After a few moments of shock, one of the adults spoke up.” Harry James Potter, what is going on here?” Mad-eye barked as his fake eye focus on the ghost.

“Hey don’t yell at me, this was Ginny’s idea!” Harry protested as he quickly floated behind the brothers.

“Hey I didn’t ask you to follow me Harry.” Ginny yelled before shyly hiding behind her older brother to avoid her mother anger.

With the ghosts hiding, an older Witch came forward, and stared at the young ghost.” Ginny, is that really you?” Molly choked out, as the young red hair ghost shyly nodded as she floated before her mother.” But what is going on, I had the impression that you were alive and not a ghost.” Molly confusedly asked as she turned glaringly to the Aurors

“Actually I am alive.” Ginny shyly informed her mother as her body became solid to everyone’s shock.

“Um don’t forget about me.” Harry gulped as he too became solid.” Oh I guess Lady Reaper forgotten to tell you about our special abilities.” Harry guiltily suggested, while getting glares from the Wizards

“Mr. Potter was there anything else we should be aware of.” Shacklebolt firmly asked, but before the children could answer, their hands started to glow.

“Yeah there is more, but it should wait until we get this.” Harry suggested as he and his friend touched their gloves and was gone.

Seconds after the children were gone, the elder Weasley turned to the Wizards.” What’s going on, and where did my baby go!” Molly yelled as an old and tired voice sounded.

“I might be of service.” The Headmaster quietly informed the group as he shakily stood from his bed.

“Headmaster Dumbledore, are you alright?” Shacklebolt worriedly asked, as he came up to his old mentor, whom now looked like he aged another hundred years.

“I will be, once I correct some mistakes that my possessed self made.” Dumbledore stumbled into the Auror’s arms as he fell forward.

“Headmaster you are not well enough to move about, what ever you need to do can wait until you are better.” Shacklebolt firmly suggested as he tried to lead the Headmaster back to the bed.

”No it can’t wait I need to help Harry get his real family back together!” Dumbledore tiredly begged as he looked to the Auror.

“Headmaster you are not asking that we send Harry back to the Dursleys!” Shacklebolt shockingly asked.

“No I need to contact Remus, and get Sirius…” Dumbledore stopped as he started crying from the pain he remembered he caused.

“Headmaster you making no sense, I understand Remus, but Sirius betrayed us remember!” Shacklebolt reminded his Headmaster.

“No it was Peter…” Dumbledore gasped out.” Sirius talked us into switching to Peter, so Voldemort would focus his Death Eaters on him, while Peter as the true Secret Keeper will be safe.” Dumbledore closed his eyes at the memory.” I knew Peter was the true betrayer all that time, but I couldn’t say anything, I wanted Sirius to have Harry but I couldn’t fight his influences.” Dumbledore could only say before finally breaking down crying, and the Auror was able to lay him down onto the bed.

“Don’t fret Albus my friend I will make sure this come out all right once and for all.” Shacklebolt committed himself as the Healer went to the Aged Headmaster to help him.

Once the Headmaster was being taking care of, the Head Auror turned to his colleague.” Mad-eye please get the Weasleys up-to-date, I need to head to the Ministry and try to free Sirius.” Shacklebolt firmly ordered but his friend stopped him.

“Shacklebolt if I know the Minister enough you might need more then the Headmaster confessions to free Sirius.” Mad-eye warned as the Auror nodded in agreement.

“I know Fudge will make this difficult, but I must try for Albus, Harry and Sirius.” Shacklebolt firmly informed his friend before leaving the room.

An hour after the now shock Weasleys were told about the Hunters, two children appeared in the room arguing.” I don’t believe you Harry I was going to shoot that Spirit!” Ginny complained as she glared at her friend.

“Sorry I thought you were in the other part of the building, I didn’t see you there.” Harry quickly defended himself, but their arguing stopped as an elder red hair Witch gave the young Hunter a bone-crushing hug.

After a few minutes of hugs, the young Hunter was finally release.” Ginny Weasley you can’t go about and fight Spirits you are much too young and it’s too dangerous for children to run about the world on their own!” Molly firmly stated, as her daughter looked to her.

“Mom it’s alright as long we hunt in our Spirit forms, WE CAN‘T GET HURT.” Ginny quickly explained as her mother looked to her.

“Ginny please I just got you back in my life I don’t want to lose you again!” Molly begged as her daughter looked sadly to her.

“I know mom, but I’m sorry this is something we have to do I can’t just stop.” Ginny firmly informed her not too happy mother.

“But…” Molly started to protest again, but another stopped her.

“Molly please, I doubt we can stop the children even we tried too, for an example they easily bypass the Hogwarts Wards, WHICH should have stop Apparition and Portkeys from working.” Mad-eye cringed as Molly gave him a death glare.

“It doesn’t mean I can try!” Molly firmly informed a gulping Ex-Auror just as an appearance of a dark and foreboding ghost appeared stopped all talks.

Once the appearance of the ghost got everyone’s attention, she turned to the children.” Harry, if you want to help your Godfather now, you need to reveal Pettigrew to free him from his wrongful imprisonment.” Lady Reaper warned, and the messy hair Hunter nodded before turning to the Weasley brothers.

“ACCIO SCABBERS!” Harry yelled as he held his hand out to them, but nothing happen to his surprise.” Um where is your pet rat Scabbers?” Harry worriedly asked the surprised brothers.

“He is in my room by the bed, why do you want him?” Ron rudely asked, as the Hunter ignored him to turn to his friend.

“Ginny do you remember where Ron sleeps?” Harry quickly asked, and with a nod, the red hair Hunter was gone, and instantly was back with a caged rat.

Once the Hunter returned she turned to the Battle scarred Wizard.” Mad-eye this is Pettigrew, please use him to get Harry‘s Godfather free.” Ginny begged as the Ex-Auror gladly took the cage.

“Thank you Ms. Weasley, I know with Peter present Sirius Black will be free in a day or two.” Mad-eye smiled before quickly heading out of the room to get away from the elder Weasley, and to free a former friend.

With the Auror gone, a yell got the Hunters attention.” You can’t do this, that’s my pet he taking away!” Ron quickly protested.

“Ron you fool, didn’t you hear what we said, that is Peter Pettigrew, the very man who got Harry‘s parents killed!” Ginny firmly informed a startled brother.

“That is a lie, and YOU, you can’t be our sister, since I know she is dead!” Ron now shouted as he pushed his sister until she fell onto her butt.

“Ron Weasley how can you do that to your sister!” Molly yelled as the older brothers quickly held their angry brother back, while the twins help their sister up.

“She is no sister of mine she will pay for making me lose Scabbers!” Ron spat out as he shrugged his arms free and storm out of the room.

With the angry brother gone, the others look sorely to their sister.” Sorry sis, I’m sure Ron will come to his senses.” Bill quickly apologized but his sister knew otherwise.

“I’m sure Ron will, but I’m not holding my breath.” Ginny sighed as she sat down, only to cry out in pain.” Ouch, I think I fell hard then I thought.” Ginny complained as the Healer quickly checked her over.

“Not to worry Ms. Weasley that is just a bad bruise, I will get you something for it.” Pomfrey suggested as she left to get some potions.

As the large family was reunited, a quiet voice sounded getting a Hunter’s attention.” Harry…” Dumbledore weakly called out, and the Hunter quickly went to his side.

“Headmaster you should be resting.” Harry quickly suggested, as he went to the headmaster’s bed.

“No not before I apologized, I should never have sent you to the Dursleys.” Dumbledore weakly informed the young Hunter.

“No Headmaster you don’t need to apologize, since I know it was not your doing, and plus the Dursleys was not the cause of my death, Lord Kami saved me by sending me to Spirit Realm to get the training I need to survive.” Harry informed an unconvinced Headmaster.

“But…” Dumbledore started, but a dark ghost floated beside the Hunter.

“Headmaster, Harry is right, since I was the one whom took him before his time.” The still disguised Lady Reaper informed the startled Headmaster.” And luckily I did, if Harry abuse continued he would not have turned out the way he is now.” Lady Reaper firmly informed the tired looking Headmaster.

“I guess I have you thank Mrs. Reaper.” Dumbledore sighed as he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

With the Headmaster asleep, the young Hunter turned to the Ghost.” Lady Reaper, when are you going to drop your disguise, since the living is uncomfortable to your current form?” Harry suggested as the Grim looked to him.

“Yeah right Mr. Potter and ruin my reputation!” Lady Reaper pointed out before turning to the other Hunter.” Ginny can you come here I need to talk to both of you.” Lady Reaper called out, and the young Hunter left her disappointed family and went to the Grim.

Once the Hunters were together, the Grim looked to them.” Harry, Ginny, Lord Kami thinks it would be best if you stay with your families, since they now know about you both.” Lady Reaper firmly suggested to the disappointed children.

“Does this mean we got to go to school and such, and if so what about our hunting Spirits?” Ginny complained as the Grim looked to her.

“Yes you both will need to attend Hogwarts, and during the day I will disable your Cell Phone and Gloves so they won’t bother you during classes.” Lady firmly informed the not so happy children.

“But Lady Reaper, how are we going to attend classes when everyone thinks we are dead?” Harry quickly asked, as the Grim sighed.

“Lord Kami has this to give to the Ministry, once they read it they will believe you both was in a deep Magical Coma, and Headmaster Dumbledore had saved you when he realized his Magical Instruments were again picking up your life signs.” Lady Reaper informed the children, whom regrettably accepted the paper.

“Great there goes our freedom from over protected Guardians.” Harry sighed as he tucked the paper in his Robes, and again turned to the Grim.” Lady Reaper does this mean I get to stay with Sirius while Ginny stays with her parents?” Harry guess as the Grim nodded.

“Not too worry Harry I’m sure this will be like in Spirit Realm, so you both will probably be seeing each other during the day.” Lady Reaper grinned before looking to the elder Weasley.” Mrs. Weasley there is something I need you to do, I need to have Ginny attend Hogwarts this year, she should have no trouble with classes with the training she been getting in Spirit Realm.” Lady Reaper suggested as a startled parent looked to her.

“Are you sure, Ginny is only ten?” Molly confusedly asked.

“I’m sure, and plus the children need to be together to hunt Spirits.” Lady Reaper suggested as the elder Weasley sighed.

“Fine but if I find my daughter not doing well in her classes, I will take her out, and she will have to attend classes for the next year.” Molly warned and the Grim accepted it.

With the Hunters schooling settled, the newly reunited families settled down and started talking about the Hunter’s time in Spirit Realm, and their future, and after an hour of talking the doors open for two Aurors.” Shacklebolt, Mad-eye how did it go, will Sirius be released?” Both Ginny and Harry quickly asked as they rushed up to the tired looking Aurors.

“Unfortunately for now we got a trial planned in a couple days for both Pettigrew and Sirius, but I fear Fudge will try to make Pettigrew the Hero, and give Sirius the Dementor‘s kiss if Fudge gets his way in the trial.” Shacklebolt informed the Hunters with a look of disgust for the Minister interference.

“Fudge can’t do that there must be something we can do?” Harry begged as the Aurors looked to the Hunters.

“Not to worry Harry, we will press for the use of Veritaserum there will be nothing Fudge can do once the truth comes out.” Mad-eye firmly informed the Hunters, before the Healer stepped in.

“I believe this is enough excitement for the children, they should be resting after what happen last night so everyone out now.” Pomfrey firmly scolded as she shoed the adults out to their protest.” Now Molly I know you want to spend more time with your daughter, but not worry once I release her tomorrow, you will get to spend the rest of the summer with her.” Pomfrey gently informed a defeated mother.

“Oh well I guess I can spend the time to get Ginny’s room ready for her.” Molly sighed as she looked her daughter.” Ginny I will stop by first thing in the morning, so do what Madam Pomfrey tells you alright!” Molly gently asked, as tears form from her eyes.

“I will mom I guess I will see you then.” Ginny smiled as she and Harry got a hugged.

“And Harry please look after my daughter, I will be most grateful.” Molly smiled as she let the young hunter go from his hug.

“I will Mrs. Weasley, but I doubt she will need to be looked after.” Harry smiled as he lay back on his bed as the adults and older children slowly left the room after another good-bye.
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