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Returning Home

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Harry and Ginny get settled at the Burrow.

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A/N; About the length of the Headmaster being posses, it will be answered in this chapter, and Sirius trial will be in the next one, since I just want to get Harry and Ginny settled at home before I do that part.

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Headmaster’s Office

The following morning after watching the resurrected children leave with their family, the greatly age Headmaster sighed as he looked out to the lake from his office window.” So much to correct, I wonder where to start.” Dumbledore sighed as he remembered the voice from his first days of being Headmaster.” Only if I could have fought him, I could have done more to stop Voldemort, and keep the Potter family safe.” Dumbledore sadly thought as his Phoenix sang a southing song he turned to the great bird with a smile.” Fawkes, I want to thank you for your songs, it was the main reason I was able to keep some of my mind.” Dumbledore gladly thank his familiar as the bird continues its soothing melody until the Headmaster looked to the door.” Come in Minerva!” Dumbledore called out and the stern professor stepped into his office.

As the stern professor stepped in, she was shocked at how her once beloved Headmaster looked now.” Headmaster what happen to you?” McGonagall shockingly asked as she came up to the elderly Wizard,

“Not too worry Minerva. I just need a week of rest, before I am back to my old self.” Dumbledore tiredly smiled as his eyes sparkled, but his professor quickly led the aged Wizard back to his desk.

“Not to worry you say!” McGonagall cried out in disbelief.” Headmaster have you looked in the mirror lately, since right now you look like you are at Death’s door, now sit down or do I have to bring Madam Pomfrey here?” McGonagall firmly warned, as the Headmaster quickly oblige.

“Please Minerva, I already got a week worth of potions from her, I really don’t need her to think I need to stay in the Hospital Wing another night.” Dumbledore begged as the stern professor firmly looked to him.

“Fine then Headmaster, but if I don’t see any improvement by tomorrow, I will be dragging you to the Hospital Wing do I make myself clear on this!” McGonagall firmly warned and her Headmaster agreed.

With the Headmaster seated and relaxed at his desk, the stern professor place two envelopes before him.” Headmaster usually I would think this could wait because of your current condition, but something came up during my rechecking of Hogwarts Letters to First Years.” McGonagal firmly informed a startled Headmaster.

“Minerva, I thought all letters were sent already?” Dumbledore quickly asked, as the stern professor looked to him.

“They were until yesterday, when two new envelopes appeared on my desk.” McGonagall firmly informed her Headmaster as she pointed to the said envelopes.” So care to explain why two deceased children were invited to our school!” McGonagall firmly asked as the Headmaster sighed as he looked to the letters both address to two very familiar names.

“I do, I recently found out that they both were not dead, but was in a Magical Coma that had Mimic Death so well it fooled every Healer scanning them.” Dumbledore sadly informed a startled professor.” It was lucky that my instruments were still in tune with Mr. Potter Life signature or I would have never notice he was slowly awakening from a deep sleep.” Dumbledore informed a shock professor, whom looked faintly at her Headmaster.

“But, but the children were buried for six years how did they lived.” McGonagall only could stutter out as the Headmaster tried to remember what Lord Kami had plan for this.

“Sadly I don’t know, but I do know that the Coma the children were in is a rare occurrence that happens once in a million deaths.” Dumbledore sadly informed his professor.” And luckily I know where the children is at, I can personally deliver this to them.” Dumbledore smiled but it quickly faded as the stern professor took the envelopes from his desk.

“Not in your condition Mister, I will take the letters to them, so where the children are are staying?” McGonagall firmly asked, making the Headmaster cringe since he knew his Deputy Headmistress was still not to happy with him, because she had blamed him for one of the children’s death.

“If you insist Minerva, Mr. Potter and Ms. Weasley are staying at the Weasleys, they both should be just settling in now.” Dumbledore tiredly informed his professor.

“Thank you Headmaster, but don’t think this will help regain our relationship we once had.” McGonagall firmly warned as she got up to leave, but quickly turned to look at the Headmaster.” Oh before I go, I’m now warning you HEADMASTER, if I find that you sent Harry back to the Dursleys, I WILL have your head on a silver platter!” McGonagall firmly warned before leaving the office.

With his professor gone, the Headmaster sighed.” Don’t worry Minerva, I already had enough death threats from Molly and the others concerning Harry, so that thought will never again cross my mind.” Dumbledore sighed as he lay back on his chair and tried to get some rest before getting back to his work.

The Burrow

Earlier a large family just arrived by Floo and the youngest child smiled as she looked around.” Home sweet home.” Ginny smiled and even though she notices some small changes to her home, everything else looked exactly how she remembered.

“Ginny you remembered where your room is right?” Molly gently asked, and her daughter nodded.

“I do, but Harry and I need to head back to Potter Manor to get some of our things, so we will be back really fast.” Ginny informed her mother before the two children disappeared.

“Great I am going to hate it when they do that.” Molly sighed as her family separated to do various things she went to the kitchen to get breakfast ready.

Less then fifteen minutes later the children returned, and the elder Weasley showed the messy hair Hunter’s to his room on the first floor, surprising it looked like it was just added to the home.” Sorry Harry there isn’t much in this room, since I had Bill and Charlie ordered it from Magical Home Improvement store.” Molly apologized, as the Hunter looked into a small plain room with a single bed, a desk and a small four-drawer dresser.

“It’s alright Mrs. Weasley the room is perfect since I probably am staying once or twice a week with your permission off course.” Harry assures the smiling Witch.

“Harry please considered my home as your own, so you don’t need to ask me if you could stay for the night.” Molly gently suggested, and the young Hunter agreed.” And also please call me Aunty Molly and my Husband Uncle Arthur alright?’ Molly firmly asked, and the young Hunter smiled.

“I will try to remember Aunty Molly.” Harry grinned as his new Aunty smiled before leaving him to get the room ready for his stay,

Halfway through a late breakfast, all one of the adults left for work, leaving the mother to look after the younger ones, when a knock sounded at the front door.” That is odd I’m not expecting anyone today?” Molly worriedly thought and went to the front door to find a stern looking professor standing before her.” Oh hello Minerva, since I know this is now summer, I’m sure you are not here about my twin’s right.” Molly worriedly asked, as her former professor shook her head,

“You are right Molly, but I am here to deliver two letters, one to your daughter and another you are currently looking after.” McGonagal firmly informed a startled parent.

“Oh thank you Minerva, I will call the young ones down, but would you care for tea, I got a fresh pot on the stove so it won‘t be a bother.” Molly suggested and the stern professor accepted as she was brought in and seated to wait for her drinks, and to see the once thought deceased children for herself.

No sooner as the stern professor sat down, Molly yell for the children from the stairway, and a small stampede sounded as two children race into the parlor area, to see the now very shock professor looking at them.” Hi professor, Aunty Molly said you had something for us?” Harry smiled at the shock look the professor was showing.

“Um yes, I got your Hogwarts letters.” McGonagall could only say, as she passed the letters to the children, whom quickly ripped them open to read the letters.

After a few moments to regain her composure, the professor looked to the children whom were going over their list.” Mr. Potter, Ms. Weasley, as you probably know this was kind of a shock for me, since last I saw you were before your burial.” McGonagall sadly informed the children, as she looked them over.

“We had been getting that allot, especially when we meet Ginny’s family.” Harry assured the accepting professor, before her eyes tear up.

”I’m sure anyone who see’s you will be shocked. “ McGonagall smiled before looking grim. “Mr. Potter, I want to apologize to you, since should have press the Headmaster in not leaving you with Dursleys.” McGonagal sadly informed her future student.

“It’s all right professor, I am fine now since I’m living with the Weasleys for now, and I’m sure the Headmaster had both learned his lesson, and that Dursleys is never suited to raise magical children.” Harry suggested as the professor nodded.

“I’m sure he did, and plus I will make sure he never sends you back.” McGonagall informed the Hunter with a promise, causing him to smile.
“I’m sure you won’t be the only one professor.” Harry thought as he turned to the Elder Weasley.” Aunty Molly, can we go to Diagon Alley.” Harry quickly asked as the Elder Weasley looked to him.

“In an hour I guess, since there is some things I need to get at the Alley.” Molly thoughtfully informed the Hunters, whom accepted it before they left to get ready.

With the Hunters gone, the professor looked the elder Weasley.” It’s amazing, both Harry and Ginny seems to alright as they never had been in a Coma for the past six years.” McGonagall suggested as her friend agreed.

“I know it’s a miracle that both Harry and Ginny came out of being buried for that long, and come out of it without being traumatized.” Molly sighed as her former professor agreed.

“But Molly are you sure they are fine, since they just awaken days ago.” McGonagall worriedly asked, as her friend sighed.

“I’m sure they are fine, since Madam Pomfrey would never let them out of her Hospital Wing.” Molly cringed at the thought of staying there for a night.

After almost half an hour of talking between friends, the elderly professor sighed as she finished her tea.” I hate to do this, but I should be going back to school to finish planning for my classes and such.” McGonagall regrettably informed the understanding mother.” And Thank you for the tea Molly, I will be looking forward to having the children at Hogwarts.” McGonagall smiled as her friend took her cup.

“You are welcome Minerva, and I do hope the two will do well in their classes.” Molly sadly suggested as the professor nodded a good-bye before leaving the home.
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