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Sirius Black

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Sirius get a Trial.

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A/N; The Courtroom scene was not suppose to happen, I originally was going to skip it and just have Sirius come to the Burrow with the news of what happen, but somehow that didn’t sound right, so I created the scene at the last minute so sorry for any problems with it.

Also a thanks to the reviewer who pointed out a Grammar mistake I been doing, I will try to correct it, but bad habits make it still happen.

Also I don’t own Harry Potter and please review.


Early he following morning out in a small open field, two children on broomstick was flying after a Golden Snitch, and with a daring move by a messy hair boy, he snatched the object as it flew before his friend. ”Hey Potter that is not fair, I almost had the Snitch!’ Ginny yelled as they flew close together.

“Well you should have been faster.” Harry grinned but soon it faded as noises got their attention and both flew down to meet a set of twins cheering them on.

The second the friends were on the ground, the twins quickly pounced on them. ”Hey guys that was amazing flying!” Fred congratulated the two friends.

“Forget that where did you both learn to fly like that, and where do we sign up.” George quickly added.

“Sorry guys this seems to come natural for us.” Ginny grinned at the hurt look on the twins.

“Natural hah, Ginny are you sure not supernatural?” Fred joked while getting a slap on his shoulder.

“Hey because our Spirits forms can float, it doesn’t mean we are natural flyers.” Ginny argued as her brother faked being hurt.

“Ouch Ginny you hit harder then a Wizard!” Fred pouted while getting a glare from his sister.

“Ginny dear, please don’t mind our simple minded brother, he is still learning that Witches are no different then Wizards.” George greatly apologized, before giving a smile. ”But I do want to know where did you get that Snitch, it doesn’t look like the Basic Snitch that is sold at Quality Quidditch?” George confusedly asked since the object in question was smaller and looked more maneuverable in the air to the ones he saw before.

“It’s because this is not a Basic Snitch, this is a Professional Quidditch Regulation Snitch.” Harry proudly informed the now shock twins.

“Wow the Professional Snitch is five times faster then the one Hogwarts uses, and how did you get your hands on one since they don’t sell that at Diagon Alley?” Fred quickly asked two grinning Hunters.

“Well since we are Quality Quidditch biggest spenders, we were allowed to look in their special Magazines that is set aside for Quidditch Professional Players, and that is where we got the Snitch.” Harry smiled causing the twins to look at each other.

“Wow if Harry can catch a Professional Snitch just as easily as a normal one, he will be a shoe in to be a Seeker for our team!” Both twins danced about until another stopped them.

“Ah guys sorry to disappoint you, Harry was not Sorted yet, so there is a chance he won’t be in Gryffindor.” Ginny warned her now disappointed brothers. ”But of course, there is the tie breaker we need to settle, before breakfast.” Ginny smiled as she slapped Harry’s hand to release the Snitch, and she took off.

“Hey that is cheating!” Harry quickly complained as he flew off after his friend.

With the Hunters in hot pursuit, the Weasley twins looked to each other. "Do you think there is something going on between them?” The Twins asked each other, but shook their head. "Nah it just friendship thing.” Both Twins thought aloud before leaving to head back to their home.

Ministry of Magic/ Courtroom 10

Far down into the Ministry, in a round darken room, groups of Wizards and Witches noisily seated along the walls until they was called to order by an important looking Wizard. "This trial will determine the fate of one Sirius Black, Aurors bring him in.” Fudge ordered, and two Aurors partially dragged a confused Wizard into the courtroom, and placed him in a wooden chair with chains about it.

Once the condemn man was seated, the Minister was startled when nothing was happening to the chair he was in. “Aurors what is going on, why isn’t Black being magically chained up?” Fudge called out to the Aurors.

“Um sir the chair was design to magically chain the Guilty, and the only explanation I can think of is that Black isn’t guilty of anything.” The Auror worriedly suggested to a not so happy Minister.

“I don’t care what the chair is designed for I want Black chained up for this trial!” Fudge quickly ordered and the Aurors quickly waved their Wands at the chair causing the chains to bind the prisoner.

For the next several hours, groups of people were belittling the prisoner by telling everyone how they knew he was Dark, and seen within Voldemort’s Ranks, and once well over fifty Wizards and Witches had confirmed this, the Minister stood up. ”I believe this is enough proof for a Dementor’s Kiss, so Aurors bring him in!” Fudge ordered, but a Dark skin Auror quickly spoke up.

“Minister Fudge as Head Auror, I demand to hear the Prisoner under Veritaserum!” Shacklebolt demanded as he stood up from his chair.

“I don’t see it’s not necessary for the prisoner to repeat what we just heard a few minutes ago!” Fudge quickly dismiss the idea, but another spoke up.

“Actually Minister, I would like know more details of what happen that night, so someone get some Veritaserum.” A Witch suggested, as the Minister looked to her.

“Madam Bones you can’t be serious, we already know what happen during that night when He Who Must Not Name fell to the late Potter.” Fudge protested, as good number of others quickly demanded to hear out the prisoner.

“It appear Minister you been out voted, someone get the Veritaserum from our stores!” Amelia Bones quickly ordered and someone rushed out of the room.

In no time, the Potion administered to the prisoner and the Minister asked the basic questions. ”Prisoner state your name!” Fudge ordered, and the prisoner looked blankly at the Minister.

“My name is Sirius Black.” Sirius unemotional informed the Minister, and soon was answering many of the basic questions that would show his truthfulness.

After a number of unrelated questions, the Head Court official spoke up. ”Minister I believe we should start the questions concerning this Hearing before the Veritaserum wears off.” Madam Bones tiredly interrupted the Minister, whom was now asking pointless questions to the prisoner.

“If you insist Madam Bones, I will start on the day of He Who Must Not Be Name fall.” Fudge stated glaringly at the interruption before turning back to the prisoner. “Black, are you guilty of anything!” Fudge quickly asked and the prison nodded.

“I am guilty for the Potter’s death.” Sirius unemotionally stated to the smiling Minister, but it soon faded as the prisoner continued. ”If I hadn’t traded places with that traitorous rat, my friends would have been alive today.” Sirius unemotionally confessed to the confuse looks of everyone.

“Black what are you talking about, what traitorous rat.” Fudge ordered as the prisoner looked to him.

“I traded places with Peter Pettigrew, whom in turn revealed the Potters secret location to Voldemort.” Sirius unemotionally informed a now noisy courtroom.

It took the Minister sometime to get the courtroom back in order, and once it quieted, he looked to the prisoner. ”What about the Muggles death, are you responsible for that!” Fudge quickly asks.

“No I never cast that spell that exploded the street, it was Pettigrew whom killed the Muggles and escaped using his illegal Animagus form which is a rat.” Sirius unemotionally stated to the faint look on the Minister.

After revealing the truth, the Minister could not asked anymore questions as he sat down and place his face in his hands and started mumbling his career is over, another spoke up. ”It appears that Mr. Black is innocent of his crimes, and I will give him full pardon and ten-thousand Galleons for every year he been in Azkaban, Auror please administer the antidote.” Madam Bones ordered, and soon the former prisoner freed from the potion and the chair.

Once freed from the Potion influences, the former Prisoner looked to the Head Court Official. ”Madam Bones forget about the money, I want to claim my right to take care of my Godson!” Sirius demanded as he stood to face the Court Officials.

“And who is your Godson Mr. Black?” Madam Bones asked as she prepared some documents to make it so.

“I am Godfather to Harry James Potter!” Sirius stated as many gulped when they heard this.

“Mr. Black, I’m afraid Harry James Potter died in his sleep six years ago.” Madam Bones sadly informed a now defeated former prisoner.

“No, no it can’t be!” Sirius could only say as he fell back to his chair crying into his hands from the lost of his only link to his lost friends.

After watching his friend look defeated, a dark skin Auror quickly went to the Head Court Official to present a letter. ”Madam Bones I got this letter for you to reveal to the Wizarding World.” Shacklebolt quickly suggested to the Witch’s surprise.

After reading the letter, the Head Court Official looked to the crying Wizard. “Mr. Black I’m sorry but I was wrong about Mr. Potter’s death, since he just awoken from a deep Coma.” Madam Bone apologized.

“But you said…” Sirius started, but another squeezed his shoulder.

“Sirius do not blame Madam Bones, since before now everyone but a few thought Harry was dead.” Shacklebolt sadly informed his friend, before turning to the Head Court Official. ”Should we continue with Pettigrew trial, or do we need anything to do about the reinstating Mr. Potter and Ms. Weasley back in the Wizarding.” Shacklebolt finally suggested as the Head Court Official looked to him.

“We can continue the trials, since I need to get the appropriate papers that will change the children current status in our records.” Madam Bones informed the Head Auror, before turning to back to the courtroom. ”Now the next trial for Peter Pettigrew will now begin.” Madam Bones stated as the doors to the courtroom bang open as a young Auror rushed in and stood before her.

“Sorry Madam Bones, Pettigrew is gone, Minister Fudge sent him to private room unescorted to get cleaned up, and he failed to return, I’m sorry.” The young Auror quickly apologized, as the Head Court Official looked not so nicely at the very worried Minister.

“Minister Fudge how could you we all knew what he was being charge with!” A very not so happy Madam Bones yelled at the now cringing Minister.

“But I thought that was all a lie to free a murderer.” Fudge stuttered out knowing he was in deep trouble.

“LIE Minister Fudge, Pettigrew was already questioned by Aurors, with me present so we knew he was guilty of his crimes, this trial was supposed to be a formality before deciding to give him the Dementor’s kiss or life imprisonment!” Madam firmly informed a now defeated Minister.

“I’m sorry…” Fudge only could say as the Witch glared.

“I’m afraid that will not help you Mr. Fudge, since I Madam Amelia Bones as Head Court Official hereby dismiss you as Minister of Magic, do I have a second on this!” Madam Bones called out and got more then one reply. ”Now that said, get out of my courtroom Fudge, and I do hope our paths does not cross again.” Madam bones warned, as the now ex-Minister quickly left the room.

With the not so welcome former Minister left, the Head Court Official sighed. ”I’m sorry to do this, but I need to cancelled the rest of the Court proceedings until a new Minister can be elected.” Madam Bones tiredly suggested, but as she dismiss the Courtroom another spoke up.

“Actually Madam Bones, I want to nominate you for Minister!” Someone yelled from the darken stands.

“I second that.” Another yelled as more shouts of approval sounded, causing the Head Court Official eyes to widen.

“No I can’t…” Madam Bones tried to protest, but another spoke up.

“Madam Bone please takes the Job, since today you shown you will not tolerate Ministry wrong doings, so you will be perfect.” Shacklebolt gently suggested to a defeated Witch.

“Fine I will take the position as Temporary Minister until the next Elections.” Madam Bones sighed before dismissing the courtroom so she could get herself prepare for her new job.

With the Courtroom emptying, the Head Auror stopped the former prisoner from leaving. “Sirius if you want to see your Godson, I can take you to him now.” Shacklebolt smiled at the startle look on the former prisoner face.

“Shacklebolt how is Harry, is he alright?” Sirius quickly demanded, as he came up to his old friend.

“Harry is fine considering he been dead and buried for the last six years.” Shacklebolt informed a shock Wizard.

“WHAT!” Sirius shouted as the Head Auror led him out.

“I will explain everything Sirius, once we collect another friend whom I’m afraid was detained before he could come into the courtroom.” Shacklebolt sadly suggested as they went into the hallway and to another room.

In a bare room, a lone Wizard sighed as he sat and waited, until the doors open for a Wizard he recognized and quickly stood up. ”Shacklebolt please tell Fudge lackeys that I am not dangerous!” A not so happy Remus quickly demanded before his eyes went wide as he saw a lost friend entering the room. ”Sirius…” Remus choked out, before the two friends were in a brotherly hug.

A moment after releasing each other, one of the friends quickly tears up. ”Sirius I’m sorry I should never have thought you had betrayed us!” Remus sadly informed his friend.

“No Moony, it is I should apologized, I should have stayed as the Potter’s Secret Keeper, I should never have trusted Peter instead of you.” Sirius sadly informed his friend, as a couch got their attention.

Once the Head Auror got the two friends attention, he gave out a long sigh. “Remus since you weren’t in the courtroom, there is something you should know, Harry is alive and is temporary living with the Weasleys.” Shacklebolt informed a wide-eyed friend.

“But how, I was at Harry’s funeral, I saw them buried him!” Remus quickly stuttered out as his friend interrupted.

“That is something I would like to know, so what is going on with Harry, is he dead or alive?” Sirius demanded as he turned to the Head Auror.

“Sorry but before I tell you I need to put up some Security Charms, to protect Harry and Ginny privacy.” Shacklebolt firmly informed the two startled friends, and began casting the charms.

In no time the Head Auror got the two wide-eye friends up-to-dated, and once he was done they where shock beyond belief. ”So you telling us that Harry and Ginny are in charge of sending lost Spirits to the afterlife.” Sirius could only say.

“Yeah I know it’s hard to believe, but I saw them in their Spirit forms and seen them in action against the Spirit that forced Albus in doing what he done.” Shacklebolt informed his friends as he shook his head at the memories.” And believe me, you wouldn’t want to meet the Grim Reaper, I’m still getting nightmares after meeting him.” Shacklebolt cringed at the memory.

“Well I will believe this when I see it for myself, so care to escort us to see Harry.” A very curious Remus asked, as he looked interested in the children’s abilities.

“Of course Remus, let’s go ahead and use the Ministry Floo Network to get to the Burrow.” Shacklebolt suggested and they all left the room.

The Burrow

Outside an unstable looking home, hungry kids was getting ready to eat lunch, when the Floo alarms sounded interrupted them. ”That is odd who could be coming here around this time of day?” Molly wondered as she left her children to head to the small parlor and was surprise to see a dark skin Auror stepped into her room.

“Sorry to interrupt your lunch Molly, but I’m here to escort an ex-convict and his hairy friend.” Shacklebolt smiled as did his friend.

“No problem Shacklebolt, I’ll just set a couple more dishes on the table, so please bring them out back.” Molly smiled as she left hearing the Floo alarm again sounded for more guests.

A few minutes after setting the table for more people, the doors to the back of the house open for three Wizards, and one smiled at the large group before him. ”WOW look at all the red hairs, Molly I knew you wanted a large family, I didn’t think you were serious.” Sirius joke, as he was warmly welcome.

“Black still a joker after all this time.” Molly smiled before she greeted the others. “Remus it’s been awhile, why haven’t you been visiting us?” Molly lightly scolded as she gave the young man a hug.

“Sorry Molly but I been traveling about getting the odd jobs and such, I haven’t been in one place for more then several weeks. ”Remus regrettably apologized to an understanding friend.

“I know, but still I would like you to try.” Molly firmly suggested before turning to the Auror. ”Shacklebolt will you be staying also?” Molly asks not so nicely, since she was not too happy with the Auror for what he did to her children.

“I would love too, but I afraid I can’t since I need to head back to the Ministry to help settled in the new Minister.” Shacklebolt regrettably informed a startled Witch.

“A new Minister, what happen to Fudge?” Molly quickly asked looking worriedly to the Auror.

“Sorry I should be going but I’m sure Sirius will be able to get you and Remus up-to-dated.” Shacklebolt suggested as he left the now very worried Witch.

With the Auror talking to the elder Weasley, the ex-convict sadly smiled as he spotted a familiar face. ”Harry…” Sirius choked out getting a young Wizard’s attention.

“UNCLE PADFOOT, are you finally free?” Harry smiled as he got up from his chair to welcome his Godfather.

“Yes Prongs Jr. I just had my trial and now I am a free man.” Sirius smiled but looked to his young charge with a serious face. ”Now Mr. Potter what is this I hear about you dieing and then coming back as a Spirit Hunter?” Sirius firmly asked with a look of mischief.

“It’s nothing important.” Harry grinned, as another slap his shoulder.

“NOTHING IMPORTANT!” Ginny yelled, giving her friend the shivers. ”That is all he says to something that could reveal Muggles to things they should never be aware of.” Ginny cried out in disbelief at her friend.

“Come down Ginny I just was kidding.” Harry tried to reason, while getting a glare from his friend.

With the two hunters fighting, the two adults looked to each other. “Is it me, or am I seeing the start of a very special relationship forming?” Sirius worriedly whispered to his friend.

“Two to one this will be like James and Lilly all over again Sirius.” Remus sighed as he looked to the arguing children. ”Oh well at least Harry and Ginny seems more friendly to each other then Harry’s parents were before they started dating.” Remus smiled at the look of horror on his friend’s face.

“No way Harry won’t be dating until he moves out, since I’m not going to give him THE TALK.” Sirius shivered at the thought, before the two friends was interrupted.

“Hey Uncle Padfoot what are you talking about?’ An innocent looking Harry asked a guilty looking Godfather.

“Um nothing you need to know in six to eight years.” Sirius smiled while hoping it would be much longer.

“Come on guys we should eat before Ron sucks all the food into his bottomless stomach.” Ginny suggested as she noticed no one except her youngest brother was eating oblivious to everything around him.

For half an hour the two new arrivals was enjoying a large lunch, while at the same time catching up with everyone, until one adult remember something he completely forgotten. ”Oh no with everything happening I forgot I still don’t have a place to stay.” Sirius shouted while wishing he could kick himself for forgetting he was now homeless.

“Actually Uncle Padfoot if you want, you and Uncle Moony can move into two of the one-hundred rooms in the unplotable home of Potter Manor.” Harry suggested as his uncle looked confusedly at him.

“I didn’t know there was a Potter Manor?” A clueless Sirius quickly asks to the smile on his Godson face.

“I will just say that one of my so many Great-Grandfathers died before he could pass the Manor to his descendant and luckily for us Lord Kami was able to bypass its enchantments so I and anyone I want can enter it now.” Harry smiled, as did his Godfather.

“Well let’s get to our new home shell us.” Sirius impatiently suggested but another interrupted.

“Wait I can’t live with you, what about my certain problem?” Remus worriedly reminded his friend.

”Well I don’t see any problem, since there is half a mile of land within the Potter Estate, and I’m sure the House Elves can do something to the Wards to stop Moony’s problem from getting out of hand.” Harry suggested as the two friends looked to him.

“Harry you know I am a Werewolf right?” Remus worriedly asks his best friend’s son.

“Moony I been living with my parents in the Afterlife for the last six years, so I know everything about the Marauders secrets.” Harry smiled at the shock looks on his Godfather’s and friend face.

“Oh boy I think we are in trouble.” Moony groaned as did his friend.

“Oh not to worry guys, I think Padfoot corrupted Ginny more then he did me.” Harry smiled as he started for his room at the Burrow to get ready to leave he heard a loud shout from a not so happy mother.

“That Potter did what!” Molly yelled after hearing the young Wizard‘s remarks, causing all the males to cringed, and somewhere in the Afterlife a messy hair Wizard prey that her death will be for another century.
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