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Trip to Hogwarts

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Harry and Ginny starts their journey to Hogwarts.

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Animalia School of Animal Guardians

A large toad like creature sits at a desk, smiled as a four year old messy dark hair child appeared before him. ”Um who are you, and where am I?” The small child worriedly asked.

“Young one, I called you here since I can use your services to help a former student.” Toadias smiled as the child look puzzled.

Sorry it took me ages to put this idea into The Savor Return, and if you are thinking the child is from another story, I am not revealing that until I release the chapter.

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August-September 1991

The Burrow

The month pass too quickly for the newly reunited families, and on the last day a large family was getting ready to leave. “FRED, GEORGE, AND RON WEASLEY, GET DOWN HERE THIS INSTANT OR WE WILL BE LATE.” A not so happy mother yelled, as three children covered their ears.

“Is it always like this?” A messy hair child cringingly asked, as he now wished he gone with his Godfather to the station.

“Yes I’m afraid this IS a yearly tradition we always go through.” A stuck up older child explained as a heard of Griffins sounded as three other children rushed down the stairs.

Platform 9 ¾

The Platform to Hogwarts Express was busy with families saying their good-byes and children getting on the train, when a group of red hairs pass threw the Port to the Muggle World. ”Now children be good this year or I will be sending Howlers to you.” Molly warned as three children quickly nodded, while two others tried to sneak away. “Fred and George Weasley, did you hear what I just said!” Molly quickly asked two innocent looking twins.

“Mother dear, why do you think we will be getting in trouble?” Fred sadly asked while looking hurt that his mother would think so.

“George I wonder if mother is still sore about that toilet bowl incident that got us two weeks detention or the one where we put itching powder on the seats in the Great Hall?” George suggested, before looking very frighten. “Oops they still don’t know it was us that did that.” George suddenly remembered before both twins ran for their lives when they saw their mother angry glare.

With the twins gone, the mother looked to her other children. ”Ok dears go on I need to see about a couple Howlers to be sent tomorrow morning.” Molly smiled as she shooed the other children after giving each a hug.

Once the train, the hunters separated from the others, and found an empty compartment at the very end of the train where they got settled down.” Great we will be spending all day on this train, I wonder if we could just go to Hogsmeade now to spend the day there and wait for the train.” Harry sighed as his friend took out a very familiar book from her backpack.

“No way Harry, you know the Headmaster has a way to track us, so he will know the second we leave the train.” Ginny sighed since she too would prefer to leave instead of being here on the train. ”But if we are lucky enough we could get an assignment, that will give us a reason to leave the train.” Ginny smiled as she began looking over the book.

“Um Ginny isn’t that the Marauder Book, my dad asked us to get from the family Vault?” Harry worriedly asked to the smile on his friend face.

“Of course it is, since WE ARE going to compete against my certain brothers this year.” Ginny evilly smiled causing her friend to groaned.

“OK when did I get drafted into this, and do your brothers even know about this?” Harry quickly asked but already knew the answer.

“First of all, why do you need to be drafted since you are Prong’s Jr.?” Ginny smiled as she continued.” And second why do we need to give my brothers any warning, since they never did when they do their own pranks.” Ginny reminded her groaning friend.

“Great no wonder dad decided to train you separated from me, he was making a Maraudette.” Harry groaned, as his friend smiled.

“Sorry Harry you had your chance, and Prongs did saw that I had more potential of being a Prankster then you would ever be.” Ginny informed her defeated friend.

“Fine then, I just hope Lord Kami won’t get mad when we use our abilities for our pranks.” Harry sighed as a young woman suddenly appeared and both children quickly recognized her.

“LADY REAPER!” Both Harry and Ginny cried out as they looked worriedly to each other.

“Oh not to worry guys, I’m not here to reprimand you for your plans, but I’m here to warn you that if anyone does get SERIOUSLY hurt, Lord Kami will be most unpleased with you both.” Lady Reaper warned before disappearing.

With the warning implanted in their heads, the two new Marauders began planning for their coming out party. ”Ginny Weasley are you really sure about this, since Dumbledore WILL immediately guess that it was us.” Harry quickly warned his friend.

“Harry did you forget that Dumbledore owes us a Life Dept for freeing him from being possessed, and plus I heard from Prongs that he is a Prankster at heart.” Ginny started just as the door to their compartment open for a chubby young boy.

“Um sorry to interrupt but did anyone see a Toad!” Neville nervously asked, as the two friends looked to him.

“Sorry we didn’t see any toads about. “ Ginny started to the look of disappointment. “But maybe we can help you, what is his name?” Ginny thoughtfully asked the boy.

“Trevor is his name why?” Neville worriedly asked, as the young Hunter took out her wand.
“ACCIO TREVOR THE TOAD!” Ginny called out, immediately a large toad flew to her, and she quickly waved her wand at it to make it fly to the boy. ”Gross for a second I forgotten how much I hate toads.” Ginny informed her friend with a look of disgust, as the boy firmly held his pet.

“Um thanks I guess owe you one, but I better get back to my compartment.” Neville nervously suggested and left the two friends

For several hours the two friends was bored since they had gone over their plans for their prank for far too many times for it not to work, when one took out their special Cell phone in hope to Will it to ring, but her hopes died as she notice it was dead. ”Great no wonder we are not getting any calls, the phone is dead.” Ginny cried out in defeat in hope of getting off the train early.

“I guess Lord Kami wants us to stay on the train?” Harry guessed since he knew the phone runs on their Spiritual Energy, it should never have died out.

“I guess you are right, oh well I this will leave us more time to plan on future pranks.” Ginny smiled as his friend groaned, before succumbing to his Marauder side.

For what seem to be forever, the train finally arrived at the Tran station at Hogsmeade, and as the student disembarked at the platform a large Wizard got their attention.” FIRST YEARS GATHERING AROUND ME!” Hagrid called out, and the younger student flock over to him,

After a short boat ride, the giant Wizard took the First Years to a double door to meet up with an Elderly Witch, which told them about rules and the Houses points, and she explained everything she left to check if the other students were ready for the feast.

In no time the First Years was being sorted, while two children hid behind the First Year, both had their Glamour’s on. ”Great, how much you want to bet we will cause a scene.” Ginny whispered, as her friend gave a nod.

“Yeah I know two newly resurrected children coming to Hogwarts, and that not including me being famous.” Harry sighed since he hated his fame, but before the professor called his name.

“HARRY JAMES POTTER!” McGonagall called out, instantly a number of students were confuse since they never read about his awakening, and as they looked about a young Wizard stepped forward while looking nervously about as he walked towards the Sorting Hat ignoring the gasps from the students.

Once seated on a stool with the Sorting Hat on, the Hat spoke in his mind.” Hmm Mr. Potter, you got plenty of courage, good deal of intelligence, and hard worker, all the signs of a true Spirit Hunter.” The Hat thought startling the young Hunter.

“Hat you know about us?” Harry worriedly asked as the Hat nodded.

“I been around for a long time Mr. Potter, long enough to know many things Wizards had long forgotten.” The Hat informed the young Hunter. ”But we are not here to talk about me, but to sort you into a House.” The Hat thought before going silent for a few seconds, before speaking aloud. “GRYFFINDOR!” The Hat shouted and the Hunter sighed in relief, since he was worried about going to Slytherin.

At the Gryffindor table, the Hunter was warmly welcome until the Professor continued with the Sorting, and again everyone was shocked as another thought dead name again mentioned. ”GINNY WEASLEY!” McGonagall called out, and the younger Hunter stepped forward.

It took a moment for the second Hunter to be sorted into Gryffindor, and half an hour later the Sorting was over as the now much healthier Headmaster stood up. ”Before we begin our wonderful feast, I have a couple announcements!” Dumbledore started to the groans of several students. ”First of all before rumors starts, Harry James Potter and Ginny Weasley are alive and well, and they ARE NOT Zombies, Vampires or any other undead creatures.” Dumbledore stopped as he hoped this would help the two children get back into society without any trouble. ”Second as you may have noticed Ms. Weasley is a year younger then those accept at Hogwarts.” Dumbledore again started as he looked about. ”It is because Ms. Weasley Magic seems to have matured enough to attend Hogwarts now.” Dumbledore continued as he looked to the said children. ”This is the reason Ms. Weasley will get to start earlier then her age group, so I hope you all will help the young Weasley if she is need of help,” Dumbledore smiled as many of the older students nodded that they would help the young Witch.” Now that said, let’s eat!” Dumbledore happily called out, and foods appeared on the tables, which the students quickly dug in.

At the Gryffindor table, a bushy hair Witch got the Hunter’s attention while they ate. ”I’m Hermione Granger, I read all about you Mr. Potter but strange why is it there isn‘t anything written about you being alive?” Hermione accusingly asked, causing the Hunter to think she blames him for the missing knowledge.

“I‘m sorry Hermione, but I’m guessing since we just awoken from a deep Coma a month ago, the Authors of the History Books you were reading had not had a chance to up-dated their books.” Harry stated, as the young Witch look Murderous at the thought of not getting that information sooner.

“Oh well I guess I can check the bookstore next time I shop at Diagon Alley.” Hermione sighed at the wait, while the Hunter rolled his eyes, since the young Witch could have tried to ask him, but he was sure the Witch would prefer to read about him.

The rest of the Feast was a noisy affair as the Hunters answered the many questions about their Burial with lies the Hunters thought of, until the deserts disappeared as the Headmaster stood up. “Now that we are well fed, I have the yearly announcements to make.” Dumbledore smiled but it soon faded as many of the candles blew out, leaving the Great Hall in semi darkness and without warning two cartoon-like ghostly figures appeared to write a foggy message in the air.

The Spirit of the Marauders Lives

So beware of our wrath

Sign by

Flames and Night Wind

Once the Ghost finished writing both exploded leaving a round Symbol of a ghost behind a cross.

With the Symbol floating in the air, a yell got everyone’s attention. ”That is a hundred points…” Snape hissed, but an amused Headmaster interrupted him.

“Professor Snape we don’t know who they are, so we can’t deduct points.” Dumbledore warned as his sparkling eyes fell onto the Hunters. ”But a warning if Flames and Night Wind are caught, I’m sure one of their families will be very disappointed.” Dumbledore warned before finally going into his yearly speech.

After the feast, the Hunters followed their year mates to their new home, until a set of twins pulled them into an empty classroom. ”Flames and Night Wind hah, you shouldn’t have used that Symbol, since we both saw it around your necks.” Both Fred and George warned.

“So you know our secret, what are you going to do about it?” Ginny glared as the twins shivered.

“Oh nothing but a good old fashion Prank War can cure, how that sounds?” The twins smiled as did one of the Hunters.

“You are on, and Rules are the losers will be the first ones to be caught by the professors.” Ginny smiled as the twins shook on it.

“And the Winners will be declares Master Pranksters by the losers in the Great Hall in front of the Student Body and professors.” The twins suggested and the Hunter accepted.

“Deal, we will start this Prank War tomorrow so be prepared.” Ginny warned as the twins accepted it before leaving the room.

With the twins gone, the other Hunter looked to his friend. “What have you gotten me into Ginny?” Harry groaned as his friend smiled.

“What we were giving permission to use our abilities to Prank others.” Ginny smiled as she dragged her friend to their Tower.
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