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The Marauders first Prank.

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A/N; OK I may have jump the gun using this Prank, but it was the only one I could think of, hope you enjoy it.

Also I don't own Harry Potter and please review.

Gryffindor Tower

Just as students started waking up for the day, a young messy hair Wizard walks down the stairs from his dorms to the Common Rooms, where his friend was waiting. “Oh good you are up Harry, we need to get started on this morning Prank.” Ginny smiled at her groaning friend.

“Ginny do we have to do this this early.” Harry tiredly asked, as his friend looked firmly at him.

“Well we can do this later, but that if you want to get caught.” Ginny warned as her friend gave up.

“Fine then, as long as we don’t loose that Prank War you got me into.” Harry sighed as they both became transparent and with a jump, they went threw the floor.

Third Year Dorms

A set of twins was checking a special map, when both were startled as two dots with certain names disappeared from the map. ”they disappeared, where Harry and Ginny went too?” Fred worriedly asked his twin.

“Do you think they went on a Hunt?” George wondered, but his twin shook his head.

“No they couldn’t have, remember they are not allowed to go when they have classes.” Fred reminded his twin, but a thought quickly pass threw them as their eyes went wide.

“Do you think they are using their abilities to do their Pranks?” Both twins groaned as they realize that was the reason for the two children to have disappeared from their map. ”Oh we are so in trouble!” Both twins yelled in despair, while being pelted by some pillows from their Dorm mates.

“Hey there are guys here still sleeping.” Someone yelled from another bed.

“Sorry!” Both twins quickly apologized before leaving the dorm to change their clothes, while praying that the Hunters will not do anything to them.

Great Hall

Students and Professors were slowly arriving into the great room none of them noticed two Spirits of young children floating high above them. ”Good look like all the professors will be here.” Ginny smiled as the Head Table filled with adults.

“I don’t like this one bit Ginny, are you sure you want to prank the Professors for our coming out Prank?” Harry worriedly asked as his friend grinned evilly.

“Yes since the Twins was never able to Prank the Headmaster during the years they been here, and with our abilities we have a better chance to Prank him.” Ginny smiled as her friend rolled his eyes.

“Ginny if you think we have a chance to prank the Headmaster, you better look at the Head Table.” Harry worriedly warned, as his friend look down to see the Headmaster looking directly at them.

“Great don’t tell me being possessed so long gave the Headmaster the ability to see invisible Spirits.” Ginny yelled as the Headmaster gave a slight nod.

“It appears that our plans for the Headmaster have to wait, maybe when he don‘t see us we can get to him.” Harry sighed as his friend grinned.

“No we still have a chance Harry, so come on we need to be more discrete on this Prank.” Was Ginny only warning as she grabbed onto her friend hand, and both flew threw the wall.

At the Head Table, the Headmaster gave a sly grin as he saw the Spirit children disappear. ”Do your worst Marauders, your predecessors could never prank me.” Dumbledore sadly sighed as he remembered the events while at the same time getting another professor attention.

“Headmaster is you all right?” McGonagall worriedly asked, and the Headmaster quickly nodded to assure his deputy Headmistress.

“I am fine Minerva, I just thinking about the Marauder problem we soon to be having.” Dumbledore smiled at his cringing colleague.

“The Marauders, I wish to forget that they ever existed after being Prank by them countless of times.” McGonagall started while looking in disgust at the memories. ”And I can’t wait to catch Mr. Potter in the act just like his father.” McGonagall smiled at the detentions she will pass to the young Wizard.

“Minerva, we still do not know if Mr. Potter is leading the new Marauders and plus I have a feeling it’s not him, since the names came out Flames and Night Wind, which I‘m sure Flames doesn‘t have to do with a Potter.” Dumbledore informed a not so sure colleague.

“You are right, but Night Wing can represent Mr. Potter because of his black hair.” McGonagall firmly suggested, as she sighed. ”Flames if I not mistaking could be Ms. Weasley, since I did notice she is close friends with Mr. Potter.” McGonagall argued as her Headmaster sighed while lightly slapping a transparent hand that suddenly sprouted out from the table.

“Pretty good detective work Minerva, but still I would like to see proof that they are the Marauders.” Dumbledore kindly suggested as he again waved his hands.

“Headmaster what are you doing?” McGonagall quickly asked seeing her Headmaster doing something out of the ordinary.

“I believe we got an infestation of Magical Flies Minerva, I better get Hagrid onto this soon.” Dumbledore suggested as he quickly waved his hand over his food.

“I think you are seeing thing Headmaster, we hadn’t had a bad case of Magical Flies Infestation in what fifty years or so.” McGonagall reminded her Headmaster who smiled as he finally stopped waving and started eating.

“I guess you are right Minerva, I think I’m starting to feel my age catching up with me.” Dumbledore joked while scooping up some eggs.

High above the Great Hall, two Spirits were again floating above everyone. ”Magical Flies, I don’t believe he called me that.” Ginny scowled at the thought, before looking to her friend. ”Harry how did you put the Powder in the others food?” Ginny sighed as her friend smiled.

“I got the powder in the other professors food, and added a few more in Snape‘s.” Harry smiled as he looked to the Greasy hair professor.

“What about Quirrell?” Ginny worriedly asked, wishing they could do something about him, but they already planed to get rid of him at the end of the school year, once they gathered enough Spiritual Energy.

“Not too worry, I got him good, but come on we better show ourselves I’m hungry.” Harry complained before flying threw the wall with his friend following.

A couple minutes later, the two Hunters arrived looking very solid, and sat across a set of twins. ”Hey guys where you been, we been looking all over for you.” Fred quickly asked as soon as the Hunters sat down.

“Oh nowhere special, we were just hanging about doing nothing.” Ginny smiled causing the twins to look worried.

“OK spill what did you both do?” George accusingly asked the innocent looking Hunters.

“Oh nothing much, unless you start counting from five, four, three, two, AND ONE!” Ginny smiled as the Head Table engulfed by dark fog, and turned to her friend. “Don’t tell me you got the Headmaster?” Ginny whispered and got an affirmation.

“Yup he didn’t see my hand going over his drink.” Harry whispered, just as two cartoon ghosts appeared.

With the appearance of the Ghosts, one spoke up in a loud clear voice.” Pheasants of his Majesty, may I introduce King Dumbledore, and his lovely wife Queen McGonagall!” The Ghost proudly announced as the fog shifted to show a white bearded king wearing expensive robes, and an elegant looking Queen.

“Next to the King Dumbledore, is Sir Flitwick!” The second Ghost introduced, and the fog shifted to show a miniature Knight in shinning armor.

”And lets not forget Grand Duchess’s Pomfrey and Sprout.” The first Ghost announced as the Fog shifted showing the two Witches in elegant looking Clothing.

“And now before we do the finale, I want to introduce their Court.” The second Ghost announced, causing the fog to show all but two professors wearing less elegant looking Mid Evil type clothing.

“And now we save the best for last.” The first Ghost proudly started.

“Introducing their Court Jesters Snape and Quirrell!” The second Ghost finished, and the fog reveal two comical Jesters, whom both jump onto the table and started juggling plates of foods, and doing many other things that sent the student body laughing.

For fifteen minutes the Jesters made a huge mess at the Head Table, and when it was over all the professors was covered in food, and looking murderously at the two smiling ghost. “Now that our little show is over, all we want to say that this little prank was done in honors of the our Forefathers, Prongs, Padfoot and MOONY!” The Ghosts proudly announced and blew up to reveal their Symbol.

With the Ghosts gone, the professors found themselves clean as if nothing had happen, and as the Headmaster looked firmly to the Hunters as he stood up. “Now that the show is over, I believe you all have classes to attend, so please be off.” Dumbledore sighed as he sat back down knowing this will be a very long seven years.

“Headmaster you can’t be serious, I want the so call Marauders Expelled!” Snape hissed as he stood up looking murderously at the Gryffindor table.

“Professor Snape, preys tell who we are going to Expel, since we don’t even know who the Marauders are.” Dumbledore kindly informed the very irate Potion Master.

“Don’t know you very well know the last Marauders were James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew, and I very well know that one of their sons is in the Great Hall as we speak.” Snape hissed as he pointed to where he last saw the accused Wizard, only to find him gone. ”See that prove it, Potter left knowing he was in trouble. “ Snape hissed, as he looked ready to go after the missing Wizard.

“Professor Snape please stand down now.” Dumbledore firmly ordered, as he felt a headache coming. “If you have not notice more then a quarter of the students had already left the room, so that does not prove a thing.” Dumbledore sighed, as he looked to his Potion professor. ”But I assure you once we have solid proof I will firmly reprimand the Marauders myself.” Dumbledore again sighed as he got up and walked away to get back to the peace and Prank Free office.

Abandon Classroom

In a dusty room, a set of twins was shaking their head at what they saw. “After countless tries we couldn’t prank the Headmaster.” Fred started as he looked to his twin. “And the Marauders did it in one go!” Fred worriedly finished.

“Fred what are we going to do, the Marauders already shown us that they are already Masters Pranksters?” George worriedly suggested to his equally worried twin.

“I'm afraid if we don't create a Prank that rivals the Marauders, we are doom!” Fred sadly suggested as his twin agreed.

“WHAT HAVE WE GOTTEN OURSELVES INTO?” Both Twins shouted knowing that they already lost the Prank War.
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