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Harry and Ginny try out for the Quidditch Team.

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A/N; I was going to do a Hunt for this chapter, but I decided to do this.

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A Week pass as the students settled into classes and other school activities, and on morning of the first Weekend a set of twins called upon two younger students as they got together in the Common Rooms. ”Harry, Ginny if can take a moment of your time.” Fred smiled sweetly causing the friends to worriedly to each other.

“And pray tells what do two of our rivals want with us?” Ginny glaringly asked, since she was not too happy about a certain Prank the twins did to them, when they found a way to change their Symbol to show the Hunters behind the cross instead of the ghost.

“Sis we are hurt that you are still sore about that small incident yesterday.” Fred sadly suggested, as he place his arm around his sister.

“Small incident, thanks to you both our identities was almost revealed.” Ginny yelled as she shrugged her brother away.” It was lucky Harry was able to erase the Symbol before anyone could get a good look at it.” Ginny glared at two shivering twins.

“And we are so sorry, sorrier then after you turned us into slugs for the next hour.” George cringed at the memory. ”But we want to call a truce since we talked our Team Captain Oliver Wood in giving you both a trial run for our team.” George quickly informed the two interested Hunters.

“Fine then, the Prank War is on hold until this weekend is up.” Ginny glared as they shook on it.

“Fine with us, we can use this time to prepare more pranks for the War.” Fred suggested as his twin agreed. ”But for now meet us and the rest of the team out on the Quidditch Pitch at ten, and bring your Snitch so Oliver can see your true abilities.” Fred suggested as they started to leave.

“Wait what about our brooms?” Ginny quickly asked, but the brothers shook their heads.

“Sorry you can’t use your brooms, since it is against school rules for first years having their own in school.” George regrettably informed the Hunters.

“But not to worry, we can lend you ours, they are not a fast as your Nimbus 2000, but they are way better then the School Brooms.” George assures the Hunters before both left the room.

With the twins gone, the older Hunter looked to his friend. ”Ginny Weasley why do you keep dragging me into these situations!” Harry sighed as his friend rolled her eyes.

“Harry why are you upset isn’t this we both wanted, to get onto the Quidditch Team right.” Ginny reminded her friend.

“Yeah I know, but next time I want to voice my opinions before you decide on it.” Harry argued, as they got ready to head for breakfast.

A little before ten, the Hunters arrived at the Quidditch Pitch, to not only to find the not only the Gryffindor’s team, but their Head of House, and another professor they had not met. “Ah the two First Years that wants to join our team.” An older boy asked, as he looked uncertain about using the younger students.

“Oliver please, before you decide on putting them on the team, please test them.” Fred begged as the older student sighed.

“Fine then, but before we do the trials can I see this Snitch you have.” Oliver asked thinking it would not make any difference in helping the first years,

“Um here it is Oliver.” Harry nervously informed the Team Captain as he pass the small golden Object.

It took a moment for the Team Captain to speak, since he was shock at what he saw he was holding.” Fred, George you weren’t kidding me, I thought you made a mistake when you saw their Snitch.” Oliver shockingly suggested, before he walked over to the two adults. ”Madam Hooch, please can you verify that there is no extra charms place on this.” Oliver gently asked the Flying instructor/Referee for the Quidditch matches.

“Alright Mr. Wood, this won’t take no more then a few minutes.” Hooch firmly informed the Team Captain, before going to their Head of House to help examine the Snitch.

After a few minutes of hush tones, and flashes of light, the two adults turned to the Captain. ”Everything seems to be in order Mr. Wood you may proceed as you wish with the trials.” Hooch suggested, as she handed over the Snitch.

With the Snitch back in hand, the Team Captain turn to the two hopefuls. “I’m sorry Mr. Potter and Ms. Weasley, but I can’t make this easy for you both.” Wood firmly informed the now two worried Hunters. “And because of this, I will be running your trial run with other hopefuls that is much older then you both.” Wood informed the now very worried Hunters as ten students entered the field, and the Captain turned to them. ”This first of the Trials I will be releasing the Hogwarts Snitch, and since there are twelve of you, I will be sending you out four at a time, and the winner of each one will be the one to catch Snitch.” Wood started, as the students looked determined to win. ”The second part will pit the three winners using a Professional Snitch which is much harder to find then the one Hogwarts been using.” Wood instructed and soon separated the twelve students into three groups, which luckily for the Hunters they were placed in different groups.

The second and third trials surprisingly went pretty fast, since both Hunters had caught the Snitch well under ten minutes, and the first Trial, took well over half an hour before a slime looking student finally caught the Snitch to end it.

During the trials, students and professors begin to pour into the stands, to both watch the trials and laugh at the two First Years make a fool of themselves, but off course that did not happen, as they were shocked at how fast the two new students had caught the Snitch and move on to the final Trial.

Once the three Trials ended, the Captain glared at the twins, whom had a look of “I Told you so” before turning to the three remaining hopefuls. “May the best Seeker win?” Was Wood only warning before releasing the Professional Snitch, causing the two Hunters to jump on their Brooms to fly after it, while the third one took a bit longer since he thought the Captain was going to do a lengthy speech.

At the Professor’s Stand, the Headmaster whom was enjoying the Trials turned to his colleague. “Minerva let make a wager on one of the three Hopefuls.” Dumbledore grinned at the stern looking professor.

“Betting on our students, how could you.” McGonagall loudly scolded, before getting some Galleons from her purse.” Five Galleons one Ms. Weasley.” McGonagall whispered, as her Headmaster place his bet.

“Then I will bet on Mr. Potter.” Dumbledore grinned as he place the same amount, and soon others were placing bets on the hopefuls.

Far above the Quidditch stadium, the two Hunters were having trouble finding the Snitch. ”Great and I thought all our training would pay off.” Harry thought as he remember his training when he had to keep track fast moving object, since many of the Spirits he would hunt, would be nothing but a blur to the untrained eye. ”Great look like Ginny is not having any luck also.” Harry thought as a golden streak passed him, and instantly he dived after it.

Far across the field, the other Hunter saw the shiny light streak pass her friend, and without thinking went straight down and angled her flight so she was flying diagonally down across the pitch, hoping she would be able to catch the Snitch before it reach ground level.

While the two Hunters was in hot pursuit the third hopeful was confuse, since he saw the two younger students fly at two different angles at high speeds, but since he didn’t see anything about the two students, he continue flying.

At the professor’s stands, the Headmaster looked grim as he saw the two Hunters make their move towards the elusive Snitch. ”What are those two doing, are they trying to feint the other Hopeful.” McGonagall confusedly ask her Headmaster.

“No they are actually going after the Snitch, but I’m afraid we better get Madam Pomfrey out here now.” Dumbledore worriedly warned as his Phoenix appeared and he placed a conjured note in its beak.

In the air, the two Hunters was so focus on the Snitch they didn’t see what the other was doing, as one flew straight down, and the other suddenly flew upwards right under the Snitch, only to see a body falling directly onto her.

Hospital Wing

The morning sun awoke two patients as they groaned feeling sore all over. “Oh what hit me?” Ginny groaned as the Healer stepped up to her bed and starting some magical scans.
“An Eleven-year-old boy I would say.” Pomfrey firmly informed a startled Hunter. “Ginny you both were so focus on the Snitch that you blinded yourselves from what was around you, and crashed into each other.” Pomfrey explained as the other patient groan.

“Great that what our last Master warned us that we have the habit of staying too focus on a job, we loose track on our surroundings.” Harry groaned as he looked to the Healer. “So does this mean we lost the Trial?” A defeated Harry asked the Healer.

“Great you both are in pain, and all you can think of if you lost the Trials.” Pomfrey cried out in dismay. “Well in that case I will not tell you and keep Mr. Wood from telling you both until you can leave my care!” Pomfrey warned before leaving the children to get the needed Potions for them.

“Madam Pomfrey that is not fair!” Both Hunters yelled at the retreating Healer.

The two Hunters stayed in the Hospital Wing until the next morning, to their dismay no one said anything to them about the results of the Trials, but as they headed towards the Great Hall late for breakfast there was allot of snickers as they pass the few late comers. “Don’t tell me the whole school knows something we don’t?” Ginny worriedly asked her friend.

“I won’t then since I have the feeling you are right.” Harry worriedly informed his friend as they entered the Great Hall only to see everyone staring at them.

As the Hunters entered the Great Hall, the Headmaster stood up. ”Ah the famous couple had arrived.” Dumbledore grinned as the two Hunters glared.

“Sorry Headmaster, but I don’t know what you mean.” Ginny glared as the Headmaster waved his wand, immediately a large photo unrolled from the air showing the two Hunters in mid air, both seem to be catching the Snitch, and holding each other hands.

“Sorry it was a Photo finish.” Dumbledore smiled, as the two blushing Hunters stared at the large Photo.

“But sir what does this mean, and who won the Trial.” Both Hunters quickly ask the Headmaster.

“This means you both won the Trials, and have every right to be Seeker for the Gryffindor’s Team.” Dumbledore grinned as the two Hunters looked to him.

“But sir there can’t be two Seekers on one team.” Ginny reminded her Headmaster.

“You are right Ms. Weasley, since one of you has to be the Reserve Seeker, and the other the main Seeker.” Dumbledore answered before pulling out a Galleon. “And to choose which one of you will be, please choose Head or Tails.” Dumbledore smiled as the Hunters looked to each other before turning to their Headmaster.

“I choose Heads.” Harry quickly answered.

“I choose Tails.” Ginny answered at the same time, immediately their Headmaster flipped the coin high in the air, and as everyone held their breath, it landed, bounced and spin before falling on its side.

With the coin firmly on the table, the Headmaster smiled. “Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m proudly announced that Ms. Ginny Weasley…” Dumbledore stopped for a few minutes as to clear his throat.” Sorry about that, as I was about to say Ginny Weasley is the Reserve Seeker for the Gryffindor team.” Dumbledore smiled at the glares for fooling everyone of the outcome, before money passed between the students and professors.

Once the things settled down, the Headmaster looked to the Hunters. ”Mr. Potter and Ms. Weasley since you both are now on the Gryffindor team, you will be allowed to use your own Brooms so I do hope you both have top of the line Brooms.” Dumbledore smiled as the Hunters celebrated, before looking back.

“Oh we do Professor Dumbledore we both have the Nimbus 2000.” Ginny smiled as her Head of House grinned, knowing that her new Seekers own the fastest brooms in Hogwarts.

“In that case Ms. Weasley, and Mr. Potter, I do hope your performance is just as good on those brooms, but of course without the crashing part.” Dumbledore joked as the Hunters went to their table to where their peers congratulated and welcome them back.
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