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The Hunters meet up with the Headmaster for a important day.

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A/N; First of all, Trials 2 is now added to the last chapter.

Second I was not originally going to tell her everything, but while writing that part it wrote itself out, so I had no control of had happen at the end.

Third this chapter will be preview of what to come, of what I call The Halloween Special Chapter, which will have many of the Minor Hunts I have plan for the Hunters, and sorry I won't have those I had listed, since I will be using them for special events.

Also I don't own Harry Potter and please review.


The month pass slowly with classes, Quidditch practices, and most importantly Hunts and pranks for a couple Hunters, and as Halloween came about both was not looking foreword too as they finished their classes for the day. ”Do you think the Headmaster will allow us to leave the school tomorrow to Hunt the whole day.” Harry wondered since he knew that Halloween is the worst day to be a Hunter since that is time when Spirits is highly active.

“I’m sure the Headmaster will allow us to go, since our grades should be high enough to miss a day worth of classes.” Ginny started as she hopes they would be allowed to leave.” And plus I’m sure Lady Reaper will talk to the Headmaster for us.” Ginny grinned, as did her friend.

“You are right no one that is living will say no to the Grim Reaper.” Harry smiled knowing the full affect Lady Reaper has on the Living.

Great Hall

At dinner, the Hunters eat with their friends, including a bushy hair Witch whom befriended the Hunters when they suggested a study group. ”Ginny are you two excited about Halloween.” Hermione first question was as they started eating.

“Ecstatic Hermione, but I’m sure we won’t be enjoying it as much as you will.” Ginny smiled as did her friend.

“Yeah you are probably right, since it will be the day I let my sugar levels rise, since my parents are dentists Halloween is the only day they allow me to have candy.” Hermione explained as they continued talking about class work.

Once the Hunters had their fill with deserts, they both politely excused themselves and headed to the Head Table, where the Headmaster smiled at them. ”Mr. Potter, Ms. Weasley how can I help you both.” Dumbledore kindly asked the two worried Hunters.

“Sir this is about our awaking, can we have a private word with you.” Harry worriedly asked an understanding Headmaster.

“If this is about tomorrow, I will meet you in an hour after dinner, and may I make a suggestion to include Professor McGonagall into our meeting.” Dumbledore firmly suggested, and the Hunters agreed before leaving the Headmaster.

With the Hunters gone, the Headmaster looked grimed since he knew Halloween would be a busy day for the Hunters, but his thoughts was interrupted by a not so pleasant voice. ”Albus do know you why the attention seeking brat is asking for a meeting?” Snape quickly snapped.

“I do Severus, and please Mr. Potter isn’t what you believe, so please give him a chance to get to know him better.” Dumbledore kindly suggested as the professor looked disgusted at the idea.

“Potter and I get to know each other it would be like you placing a fox in the Hen house, so I surely doubt it will happen in your lifetime Headmaster!” Snape snapped at the idea, before getting up to leave.

With the not so pleasant professor gone, another voice her thoughts. ”Albus what is going on, why did you want me in this meeting?” McGonagall wondered as her Headmaster sighed.

“That is something we need to talk in private Minerva, so please have patience.” Dumbledore kindly suggested as he finished his snacks.

Headmaster’s Office

An hour pass as the Headmaster sat in his office along with his professor, both talking about classes and such, until the elderly Wizard looked to the door.” Come in Mr. Potter and Ms. Weasley!” Dumbledore called out, and the two Hunter nervously entered.

After a brief greeting, the nervous Hunters sat next to their Head of House as their Headmaster looked to them. “First of all Mr. Potter and Ms. Weasley, because of my personal experience I do know what Halloween means to you both.” Dumbledore started as the Hunters gulped. ”But before I make a decision about tomorrow, do I have your full assurance that you both will be safe and sound.” Dumbledore firmly asked and the two Hunter nodded a yes.

“Yes Headmaster, we both will be safe in our other forms, since nothing can physically harm us.” Harry assured his Headmaster.

“And plus you know who is constantly watching us, and they will be there the second we are in trouble.” Ginny added as the Headmaster gave out a heavy sighed.

“Fine you both have my blessing miss classes tomorrow.” Dumbledore started to the relief of the Hunters. “BUT I want you both to come by for the Halloween Feast so I know you are unharmed.” Dumbledore suggested and the Hunters agreed too.

With the Hunters in agreement, another quickly spoke up. “Sir what is going on here, why is Mr. Potter and Ms. Weasley leaving tomorrow, and from what I can tell it will place them in harm’s way?” McGonagall quickly asked not sounding she like this one bit.

“Minerva as much as I hate it, Mr. Potter and Ms. Weasley is more needed outside of our Hallow halls tomorrow because of what they are.” Dumbledore sadly informed his colleague.

“What they are, you make it sound like Mr. Potter and Ms. Weasley is not human?” A very confuse McGonagall quickly asked as she looked not so nicely at the Headmaster.

“Minerva I assure that is not what I meant, but please let me start at the beginning before you say anything more.” Dumbledore sighed before going into last summer with the Hunters showing his colleague some of their abilities to prove what the Headmaster said were true.

Once the Headmaster was done, his professor looked to him. ”Albus tell me this, when you were possessed who did I befriend you or Phineas?” McGonagall firmly asked as her Headmaster looked straight into her eyes.

“It was me, since Phineas could only control me by making suggestions which I was force to follow.” Dumbledore sadly informed his professor. ”With Phineas possessing me, I couldn’t tell anyone my true feelings or make the right decisions, and because of this, I was forced to watch friends I knew die, all because I was too weak to repel Phineas from my mind…” Dumbledore stopped as he started crying, and his professor quickly stood up to comfort her Headmaster.

“Albus I forgive you, since I know you would have done right thing, if not for HIM!” McGonagall assure her Headmaster whom nodded as she hugged him.

For a few moments the two blushing professors parted as they remembered that they were not alone, and quickly were back on their own seats.

Once the Head of House was back to her normal self, she looked to her students. “Mr. Potter and Ms. Weasley, if the Headmaster is certain you both will be safe, I will help to make sure you are not in trouble tomorrow for not attending classes.” McGonagall assure the relieved Hunters.

“Thank you Professor McGonagall, we owed you one for this.” Harry smiled, as did his professor.

“You don’t need to owe me anything, but please don’t prank me for the rest of the school year, I will be most grateful.” McGonagall smiled as the Hunters accepted.

“We will try…” Harry started, but his eyes grew big as he realized his mistake.

“Hah I knew it, you both are the Marauders!” McGonagall shouted as she looked ready to hand out detentions, but her two students were gone as she blinked.

With the students gone, the very irate professor looked to the ready to wet his pants Headmaster. “Headmaster you knew who the Marauders were didn’t you!” McGonagall accusingly asked her Headmaster, as he wished he could Apparate like the Hunters.

“Like I said before, I will only pass judgment once we have solid proof…” Dumbledore stopped as his colleague gave him a death glared.

“SOLID PROOF is something that will not happen if the Marauders keep using their abilities!” McGonagall shouted at the shrinking Headmaster. ”So you better have a way to punished the Marauders soon, or I will have your hide next to my fireplace if I am prank by them again!” McGonagall warned with a promise before leaving the office.

With his professor gone, the Headmaster sighed as he closed his eyes. ”What have I gotten myself into.” Was Dumbledore last thought, since he knew there was nothing he could do, unless the Marauders make a mistake.
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