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Halloween Hunt

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The Hunters go on another Hunt

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A/N; Sorry to it cut there, but I plan to do the Halloween feast, and what happen afterwards in the next chapter.

What Kami said at the end of this chapter, was suppose to happen between Harry and this Spirit, but I chicken out before I wrote it out, and change it to this ending.

Also I was going to do more Hunts, but I decided to stick this one for this chapter, but expect more in later chapters.

This Hunt is base on that long stretch of deserted roadway that has a long history of car accidents at a certain area, I know many countries has this problem, so this could be almost anywhere in the world.

Also I don’t own Harry Potter and Yu Yu Hashoko and please review.

Great Hall

The morning of Halloween in the great room was a noisy affair as older students talked about past Halloween Feasts, and as two Hunters listened, they too could not wait to attend it.

As Breakfast ended, one of the Hunters spoke up. ”Hermione I guess I should warn you that Harry and I will not be attending classes today.” Ginny informed a not too happy friend.

“GINNY WEASLEY, what are you both thinking of, you both will be in deep trouble cutting classes!” Hermione quickly scolded while looking not so nicely at her friends.

“Hermione it’s alright, we got both our Head of House and the Headmaster’s permission to miss classes today, so we won’t be in trouble.” Harry quickly informed a glaring friend.

“And what about your class work, you will be behind if you don’t attend classes.” Hermione argued as her friends rolled their eyes.

“Hermione you very well know that we are far ahead of our studies, and today is the reason why we are so far ahead.” Ginny reminded her not so sure friend.

“But still…” Hermione stopped, as she could not find anything to continue her argument, until she saw a professor glared not nicely in their direction. ”Um Ginny if you got permission, why is Professor McGonagall sending death glares our way?” Hermione worriedly asked her two cringing friends.

“We will just say that Professor McGonagall discovered something about us, and she isn’t too happy with it.” Harry shivered as he glanced towards the not so happy professor.

“And preys tell what did you do to upset the professor!” Hermione firmly asked two innocent looking friends.

“Um…” Ginny started as she looked about, before looking like she remembered something. “Oh look at the time, we should be going Harry.” Ginny quickly suggested before she stood up to dragged her fellow Hunter from his seat.

“Hey I’m not finished eating!” Harry quickly protested as his friend him dragged out of the room to everyone’s amusement.

As the two Hunters left the room in a hurry, a professor sighed as she looked to retreating friends. ”Albus are you sure about sending them off like this?” McGonagall worriedly asked her Headmaster.

“I’m sure Minerva, since the children do have three months of experiences and they are not alone, since there are others keeping an eye out on them.” Dumbledore regrettably sighed since he wished the children did not need to do this.

“I guess I’ll take your word on this Headmaster.” McGonagall sighed as she finished her breakfast and left to get her classes ready.

Somewhere in North America

On a long stretch of a steep mountainside roadway in the middle of a dense forest, two spirits looked about wondering why they are here. ”Why are we here in the middle of a deserted road?” Harry wondered as he looked around seeing tall trees while his friend took out their notebook.

“According to this book, there been lots of accidents at the tight curve down that way, maybe there is some spirits there.” Ginny suggested as she pointed down the road.

“I guess we should start there, so come on lets go.” Harry guessed as they made their way down the road.

Not far form where the Hunters appeared, the two found themselves facing a steep cliff just inches of the side of the roadway, and once they looked down they wished they hadn’t. ”My word how many Muggle accidents happen here?” Ginny gasped as she saw ghostly and real vehicles litter on the mountainside and far below the cliff, all in deferent stages of destruction.

“Do you really want to know Ginny…” Harry started, but quickly jumped onto his friend to push her away from a burning car as it speed pass them and over the cliff, where it disappeared in midair. “Ok not all Spirits are down there.” Harry guessed as his friend agreed.

“Harry I think we better send some Spirit Bombs down before we start heading down there.” Ginny cringingly suggested, and with a nod from her friend they threw as much Spirit Bombs down the cliff, and luckily for them only short burst of shivers was felt as the Ghostly remains quickly disappeared with every bright burst.

With the mountainside cleared of Ghostly activities, both Hunters gulped as they looked to each other. ”Is there any chance we got all the Lost Spirits?” Harry worriedly asked his friend, whom opened her Notebook

“I’m afraid we are not in luck, since according to this Notebook we still got Spirits here.” Ginny gulped as she looked down the cliff. ”Harry we got no choice we need to go down there.” Ginny worriedly suggested and her friend agreed as their bodies became transparent the two Hunters jumped off the cliff to begin the slow decent down the mountainside.

To the Hunters Horror they did not get all the Spirits in one go, as they floated down they spotted badly injured Spirits trap in the remains of their vehicles, luckily for the tormented Spirits a quick Spirit Gun sent them on their way to Spirit Realm.

Down a fifty-foot cliff, the two Hunters floated to the ground, after sending countless Spirits to Spirit Realms, only to see more vehicles and sounds of pain coming from in and around them. ”This is not good…” Ginny started as she fell to her knees, immediately her body became solid. “Ginny are you alright?” Harry worriedly asked as he bent down to check her.

“I’m fine Harry, I think my body is still not use to absorbing this much Spirit Energy in one day.” Ginny grumbled at the fact.

“Then once I clear this area, we are heading back to Hogwarts, since I don’t think I should press my luck in absorbing more energy then I can handle.” Harry suggested as his friend reluctantly agreed as she rested on a rock while her friend continued looking for Spirit.

Minutes after her friend left her, the lone Hunter sighed as she hated being so weak. “Great I should be helping Harry.” Ginny grumbled, but she spotted a Spirit of a young boy in modern clothes not far from her. “Hello there!” Ginny called out, and the boy ran off. ”Great a runner, I hate it when they run from us.” Ginny sighed as she got up and ran after the Spirit.

After running through a dense forest, the young Hunter lost the young Spirit and sighed. ”Great now where did the Spirit go?” Ginny thought as she lean on a tree again feeling weak. “Great that few minutes of rest were not enough.” Ginny grumbled as she tried to walk back, only to stop as a Spirit of a young woman wearing eighteenth-century clothing worriedly looked to her.

“So it is true, you can see us?” The Spirit uncertainly asked the Hunter.

“Yes I can see you, and not only I can see you, I can send you where you should have gone.” Ginny suggested, as the Spirit looked unsure.

“You mean you can set us free from this Valley forest that seems to have imprisoned us?” The Spirit quickly asked as hope shines in her eyes.

“I can…” Ginny stopped as she slump to the ground, feeling very weak.

“Hey what is wrong with you?” The Spirit worriedly asks the Hunter.
“Sorry but very time I send a Spirit to Spirit Realm I absorb the energy they release, and thank that that I get stronger.” Ginny tiredly explain, as the Spirit bent down to check her. “Unfortunately if I absorb too much energy at one time I get weak, actually this is the first time I’m able to fight the weakness, and not immediately pass out.” Ginny grimness at the thought of passing out here in the forest.

“That means you are getting stronger, maybe next time you can absorb more energy before feeling this weak again.” The Spirits gently guess as she looked about. “Hey if you can walk, I know a better place you can rest.” The Spirit suggested, and the Hunter agreed as she got up.

“Oh wait, I have a friend clearing the Spirits by the cliff, I need to make sure he don’t worry about me.” Ginny worriedly informed the Spirit.

“Not too worry, I can send someone to fetch him, so come on and let go before you get weak again.“ The Spirit kindly warned and slowly the Hunter followed her into the forest.

Back at the bottom of the cliff, the other Hunter sighed as he looked about. “Great where is that crying coming from.” Harry thought as he heard a baby crying, but after five minutes searching about and in the wreak cars he could not find the source of the noise. ”Great either I’m hearing things or the baby is somewhere hidden in this mess?” Harry thought as he decided another approach and started walking threw all the wreak vehicles, and only to stop now and then to stick his head in the most unrecognizable parts of the vehicles.

A few minutes of searching, the Hunter found a pocket of free wreckage in a jumble of twisted metal and cringed as he saw a faded baby blanket partial buried under the rubble. ”Oh I hope they were able to remove the body?” Harry worriedly thought as he looked about, and found the source of the noise nearby. “Finally I found you!” Harry smiled as he spied a spirit of a young baby in another of the wreckage and picked her up.

With child in his arms, the Hunter walked away from the wreaks, while at the same time he was able to calm the crying baby. ”Hey there how long you been in that wreak.” Harry smiled as he played with the little Spirit, whom seems to be a month old. ”You must miss your parents, not to worry I will send you to them once I find my friend.” Harry kindly informed the little Spirit while walking back to where he last saw his friend.

Before the Hunter got a couple steps, a young woman appeared before him startling the young Hunter. “Lady Reaper, what are you doing here?” Harry asked in surprise at seeing the woman.

“Please Harry let me take the little one, you should see Ginny now.” Lady Reaper calmly suggested as the Hunter looked unsure about leaving the baby.

“Alright here take her, just make sure she get to her parents safely.” Harry begged as he reluctantly handed over the child.

“Don’t worry Harry she will be well taken care of.” Lady Reaper smiled before disappearing with the child.

In a clear area far from the wreaks, the Hunter was startled as he notice his friend was gone. ”That is odd I thought Ginny was going to stay here?” Harry worriedly thought as he rushed about the clearing to find no signs of his friend. “GINNY WHERE ARE YOU!” Harry yelled as he desperately looked for his friend, but a Spirit of a young boy walking into the clearing answered his yell.

“Are you Harry Potter?” The young Spirit nervously asked the startled Hunter.

“Yes that is me do you see a girl here?” Harry quickly asked as the boy nodded.

“Yes my Guardian took her to a safe place to rest I can take you there if you are done here.” The young boy suggested and the Hunter accepted the help.

“Please take me to Ginny, I will be most grateful.” Harry sighed in relief as the young Spirit led the Hunter into the forest.

Not far from the cliff, the Hunter saw a newly built two-story eighteen-century mansion in a large clearing, but as he looked it over, he knew otherwise. ”Wow that is a powerful Illusion I have no doubt any one can living in there will be thinking they are living in the past.” Harry thought as he continued following the young Spirit.

At the front porch of the elegant looking Mansion, the Hunter found his friend resting on a cushion chair. ”GINNY there you are, I was worried when I didn’t see you back at the cliff.” Harry angrily informed his friend.

“Sorry Harry, I was chasing a young Spirit I saw running in the forest, when I cam across Eliza whom been looking after lost Spirits here.” Ginny quickly informed her slowly calming friend as a Spirit of a well dress woman appeared.

“Sorry Harry, it was I that suggested that Ginny should rest here.” Eliza calmly informed the Hunter as she sat near Ginny. ”And if you can see this porch is much better then resting on solid ground.” Eliza suggested as the older Hunter had to agree.

“Thank you Eliza for taking care of my friend, but do know what we are and how we can help you?” Harry quickly asked as the Spirit nodded.

“Ginny told me all I need to know, and I already gathered many of the Spirits I been looking after, that are more then happy to return to their parents.” Eliza sadly informed the Hunters as well over a dozen nervous Spirit children of various ages walked out of the Mansion main doors. ”Just make sure they are sent directly to their parents, I will be most grateful since I will always think of them as my own.” Eliza sadly informed the Hunters as she started walking into the forest.

“Wait Eliza what about you, are you going with the children?” Ginny quickly asked as the older Spirit shook her head as she turned to the Hunters.

“No my destiny lies here where I can help the lost Spirits until they can cross over to the other side.” Eliza smiled as she looked to the Hunters. “So please visit me at least once a week since I know I will have more Spirits waiting for you.” Eliza informed the Hunter before disappearing into the forest.

With the Elder Spirit gone, the older Hunter sighed as he looked to the Spirits. ”Ginny why do I have a terrible feeling we won’t be leaving here for a while.” Harry worriedly asked his friend since he knew sending all the Spirits at once would knock them out.

“Harry do you even have to ask the most obvious question, but come on lets get this over with or we will miss the Halloween Feast.” Ginny argued as they gathered the Spirits in a circle, and with two Spirit Bombs, all the children quietly vanished into the night leaving two unconscious Hunters.

Hogwarts/Hospital Wing

The Healer was just finishing putting her Potions in order, when a cloaked bony figure appeared with two unconscious children.” The Grim Reaper…” Pomfrey nervously yelled before realizing she had nothing to fear.

It took a moment before the healer could talk and quickly went to the unconscious children. ”Mr. Reaper care to tell me what happen to Harry and Ginny?” Pomfrey quickly ask the Grim.

“The Hunters are fine Madam Pomfrey, they just need a couple hours of rest, so their bodies could get use to the huge amount of Spirit Energy they just absorb.” Lady Reaper calmly assured the Healer.

“If you say so, but I would like to run a full Magical Diagnostic if you don’t mind a second opinion.” Pomfrey firmly suggested, and the Grim step aside to let the Healer do what she wants.

With the Healer busy with the children, the doors to the room open for an elderly Wizard whom looked to the Grim as he walked to the beds. ”Ms. Reaper will Ginny and Harry be alright?” Dumbledore worriedly ask the Grim.

“The two will be up and about by the Feast Headmaster, but I think they should take the night off from their Hunts after what had happen.” Lady Reaper suggested to the relief of the Headmaster.

“In that case thank you for watching over the children, but if you don’t mind us taking over their care now.” Dumbledore kindly suggested, and the Grim agreed.

“No I don’t mind, and I will be keeping in touch.” Lady Reaper suggested as she grinned as the Headmaster grimness at the thought of her return, before disappearing from the room.

Spirit Realm/Kami Castle

A large man sighed as he played with a baby girl on his desk. ”Little one, you had to try to bond to the first person you like hah.” Kami smiled down at the baby, since he knew if the baby bonded to the Hunters, they would be in a huge mess. ”But not to worry little one, maybe in eight years or so you will get the family you wish for.” Kami happily suggested as a couple appeared before him.

A moment after their appearance, the large man looked to the messy hair young man and his red hair wife. ”James, Lily, I want to introduce your soon to be granddaughter.” Lord Kami calmly informed the now shock couple.

“WHAT, that can’t be they are way too young to have children, oh wait till I get my hands on my son!” Lily yelled as the men grimness at her outburst.

“One second Mrs. Potter before you do anything to Harry please let me explain.” Lord Kami tried to say while the Witch glared.

“I don’t need to learn how that Potter got Ginny Pregnant!” Lily glared as her Lord gulped,

“That is what I need to explain, Ginny isn’t pregnant Lily, at least she won’t be until she married which won‘t happen anytime soon.” Lord Kami tried to reason to the now slowly calming mother.

“If that is so, care to explain what you meant when you said you want to introduce our Granddaughter.” Lily glared as her Lord magically levitated the small infant to float before the couple.

“That can be easily explain, you see this child died before she could properly bond to her parents.” Lord Kami calmly started, as the couple looked the child over. ” And when Harry found her Spirit trap in a car wreak, she tried to bond to him, which unfortunately for us she almost succeeded in doing.” Lord Kami explained as the husband looked to him.

“Excuse me, what would have happen if this little child bonded with Harry?” James wondered as his Lord looked to him.

“This little girl would most likely be resurrected before Harry’s eyes, and instantly become his daughter, which luckily Lady Reaper was able to partially stop from happening.” Lord Kami informed the startled couple.

“Sir what do you mean Lady Reaper was able to partially stop her?” Lily quickly asked as her Lord looked to the child.

“The child unfortunately created a partial bond to Harry, which now means that she is now destined to be his first child.” Lord Kami informed the two now Grandparents.

“But if Ginny not yet pregnant, what will happen to this child?” James quickly asked as he stared at his future granddaughter.

“One of two things can happen, I can send her off to a temporary family to be watched over until the right time for her to be resurrected, or you both can raise her until then.” Lord Kami smiled at the looks on the couple’s faces.

“Really we can look after our Granddaughter?” Lily quickly asked as hope shines in her eyes.

“Yes you will be allowed to look after the child.” Lord Kami smiled as the couple took the child into their arms.

“We want to be this child temporary Guardians, but she better not go to our son until after they both finished their schooling!” Lily warned and her Lord smiled.

“I assure you that it will be some years after they leaves Hogwarts, before this child will be resurrected to be your son’s daughter.” Lord Kami assures the relived couple, before they thank their Lord for this chance to look after their Grandchild, before leaving for their home.
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