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The Troll

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Harry and Ginny recover from their Hunt.

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A couple hours before dinner two young teens slowly awoke in the Hospital Wing, as the stern looking Healer walked into the room. ”Oh good you both are up.” Madam Pomfrey started as she started her scans on her patients. “Look like you both are doing fine, but I just want you to take some potions before you go.” Pomfrey informed her patients as she finished her scans.

“Um Madam Pomfrey, do you know how did we got here?” Ginny wondered as the Healer got together some potions for her patients.

“Your friend the Grim Reaper brought you here when you passed out doing who knows what.” Pomfrey shuddered as she handed a number of potions over to the teens. “Now drink up and you both may leave once the vials are empty.” Pomfrey informed two cringing teens as they looked over the nasty looking potions before taking a quick gulp emptying the vials in one go. ”Good you both can go, and don’t let me see you both back here for at least a month alright!” Pomfrey warned as the two teens teleported out of the room.

Gryffindor Common Room

An hour later the spacious room slowly filled with students whom just stayed long enough to drop off their things to relax outside the school before the Halloween Feast, none noticed two first years relaxing on the couch until they called upon a friend. “Hey Neville how was classes?” Ginny smiled as the startled friend looked to his friends.

“Oh hi Harry, Ginny, classes were the same as always, but I wish you both were there since I could have used your help.” Neville complained as he sat near the Hunters.

“Neville what about Hermione why didn’t you ask her for help?” Harry wondered as his friend shrugged.

“To tell you the truth Hermione disappeared after our first class which was Charms, I think Ron may have said something that upset her.” Neville worriedly informed his now two worried friends.

“Do you know where Hermione is Neville?” Ginny wondered as another classmate answered.

“Actually I know where Hermione is, I last saw her crying in the bathrooms near the Dungeons.” Lavender answered as she headed out of the portrait.

“Great maybe we should see if Hermione would need our help?” Harry suggested but his friend interrupted him.

“Actually Harry I’ll go and talk to her, since Hermione IS in the Girl’s bathroom.” Ginny suggested as her friend looked embarrass.

“I guess you are right Ginny, I will meet you guys in the Great Hall later.” Harry embarrassedly suggested as the friends got up to leave the room.

Great Hall

Within half an hour after the start of the feast, everyone but one was enjoying the table filled with food. “Harry what is wrong?” Neville quickly asked as he stopped eating to look at his worried friend.

“I don’t know, but somehow something doesn’t feel right.” Harry only could say just as the doors burst opened to reveal a frighten professor.

“There is a troll in the Dungeon, just thought you should know!” Quirrel stuttered out before fainting to the floor.

A moment after the professor passed out there was chaos until the Headmaster sent out a loud bang, and immediately there was silence. “I want all Prefects to lead their houses to their dorms, the professors and I will take care of the Troll.” Dumbledore called out and soon the students were leaving the hall in an orderly fashion.

As the students left the room, no one noticed a spirit running threw the wall, and then flying at high speeds towards the girl’s bathroom where he knew two of his friends were.

In the girl’s bathroom, a first year was comforting a friend when a worried looking ghostly figure appeared and slowly became solid before their eyes. “Hermione, Ginny we need to get out of here there…” Harry started to say but a troll broke through the door causing a number of screams.

“Harry what is a Troll doing here?” Ginny stuttered out in fear as the teens quickly back away from the fowl creature.

“I don’t know Ginny but we need to head to back to our common room, since that were all the students were sent to when professors heard about the Troll.” Harry quickly explained as the troll began breaking apart the stalls.

“That is easier said then done.” A very frighten Hermione only could say since she knew they were trap in the room, with the troll blocking their only exit.

“Not to worry Hermione just follow our leads since we can leave here without getting hurt.” Harry calmly suggested before turning to look at his younger friend. “Ginny I need you to take Hermione straight to the Gryffindor’s Portrait I will take care of the Troll.” Harry quickly suggested as his friend nodded in agreement.

”Better you them me Harry.” Ginny smiled as she took Hermione hand and both were gone.

With the friends gone, the lone Hunter turn to the fowl troll. “Luckily this Spiritual Weapon doesn’t send the Living to Lord Kami.” Harry thought as he pointed to the large Troll. “SPIRIT GUN!” Harry shouted as a beam of light shout out of his hand and as it slammed into the large troll, it flew into the wall, knocking it out for the time being. “Now the threat taking care off, I now need to deal with a problem.” Harry groaned as he realize he just reveal a secret to one of his friends as he disappeared just seconds before the professors came into the bathroom looking shock at the unconscious troll.

Gryffindor Portrait

Just outside the common room, a Hunter was trying to calm down a friend. “Ginny what did you do, how did we got here!” Hermione stuttered out, since she was shocked at what her friend just did.

“Hermione please calm down, this is a just special ability both Harry and I share, and no one but a few knows about this, so you must not tell anyone.

“But, but what about Harry, he first appeared like a ghost but became solid like us, is that another ability?” Hermione quickly asked her sighing friend.

“Yes it is Hermione, and please don’t tell anyone about this.” Harry worriedly suggested as soon as he appeared before his friends.

“Harry is you alright!” Ginny yelled as she gave her friend a hug.

“I’m fine Ginny, but I think the Troll will not be going anywhere anytime soon.” Harry grinned as they separated.

“Harry James Potter, what did you do with the Troll, I hope you didn’t kill it.” Ginny yelled as her friend cringed.

“I didn’t don’t worry Ginny, but remember what a Spirit Gun can do to the Living?” Harry smiled as his friend nodded.

“Yeah I know the Spirit Gun is a more potent form of the Stupefy Spell, so you are right, the Troll won't awaken anytime soon.” Ginny sighed in relief as she turned to her other friend. “Hermione I guess we should tell you everything, so come on lets find an unused classroom and you will learn our most guarded secret.” Ginny suggested as the Hunters led their friend to the nearest empty classroom.

Headmaster’s office

Just hours after a meeting about the unconscious troll, the lone Headmaster smiled. “Why do I have a strong feeling the Hunters were somehow involve in our Troll incident?” Dumbledore thought as he sighed in relief since he was glad that the troll had not hurt anyone. “Oh well at least their secrets is still safe, and twenty points to each of the Hunters since I know they somehow deserves it.” Dumbledore smiled as he rested after a long day, which almost ended in disaster.
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