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“And what do you think?”

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Roxy and Patrick first major kiss. Rated for language.

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“So what time is it,” Alicia asked as the two of them reached the back of the bus.

Roxanne looked at her watch, “12:55.”

Alicia nodded, “Mikey doesn’t play till around three. I’m going to go find something to do, wanna come with?”

“No thanks. I’ll probably just hang around the busses. I dunno.”

Alicia nodded and the girls parted in separate directions.

Looking down at her watch again, Roxanne sighed.

“Well if it’s one and Gerard doesn’t play till three what is there to do until the--arrg,” Roxanne shrieked as someone came up behind her and placed their arms around her.

“Hey,” Patrick whispered in her ear before kissing her on the cheek.

“Oh my gosh. Patrick you scared me,” Roxanne said turning around in Patrick’s arms so that she could face him, “Did you see this morning’s episode of SURS?”

Patrick grimaced as he took his hat off. Once he ran his hand through his hair he placed it back on his head.

“Yeah. I saw it. It blows.”

Roxanne nodded, “You know I received an email for Roxy Riot today from some immature girl ,who saw the show asking, how an ugly girl like me got with a gorgeous boy like you.”

Patrick looked shocked, “Really? She’s the kind of fan I could live without. Don’t listen to people like that because it only matters what I think.”

Roxanne smiled, “And what do you think?”

“That your one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen.”

“Thank you,” Roxanne replied as she kissed Patrick.

Several minutes went by and the couple remained in their spot. Roxanne quickly broke the kiss and nibbled slightly on Patrick’s bottom lip, eliciting what sounded like a moan, from him. Before Patrick could even think about a French kiss, Roxanne broke the kiss again.

“Grrr, Roxy?”

Roxanne laughed at the expression on Patrick’s face.

“Come on. Let’s go find something to do. We can pick back up on this later,” Roxanne said attempting to walk away, only to be pulled back into Patrick’s arms.

“Or now,” he said recapturing her lips.


“Has anyone seen Patrick,” Pete asked?

“Not since that SURS episode we watched after our interview,” Andy said from his position on the couch.

“Hmmm. What time is it? Because our show is at 2:25.”

“1:55,” Joe replied from behind the refrigerator door.

Pete nodded, “Well I’m going to go see if he’s in the lot somewhere. If not I’ll call him.”

Andy and Joe nodded as Pete exited the bus.

It didn’t take him long to find his friend. All he had to do was follow the sounds.

Peeking from around the back of My Chem’s bus Pete saw it all : Roxanne and Patrick in a public make out session.

‘What the hell’, Pete thought turning around and heading back for the bus.

Once back on the Fall Out Boy bus Andy gave him a quizzical look.

“Where’s Trick?”

“I’ll tell you on the way. I need to tell Gerard something. Come on Joe,” Pete said once again exiting the bus.

The two other members of FOB had to run to keep up with the bassist who was jogging towards the stage area. Shortly after Pete made his way over to Gerard who was in a conversation with Alicia and Ray.

“Hey man, Gee. You will not guess what I just saw.”

Gerard looked up, “What?”

“Your sister and Trick by your bus making out.”

“Are you sure they were making out?”

“Dude there was definetly some tounge action going on there.”

Gerard laughed as Pete grinned.

“I thought Patrick was pretty shy about things like that in public,” Alicia said.

“Hey if Patrick’s finally found a girl he comfortable with kissing like that, it’s all good.”

“Yeah and maybe some of Patrick’s calmness will rub off on Roxy,” Gerard replied.

“So your all right with their relationship,” Andy asked from behind Pete.

Gerard rolled his eyes, “Yeah. Does every body know how much of an ass I was to her?”

“Pretty much,” Bob said walking up to the group handing Gerard a bottle of water.

“Fantastic,” Gerard replied taking a drink of his water.

Pete looked at his watch and swore, “Shit. I need to call Patrick. Our show is in like ten minutes,” he said dialing Patrick’s phone.


From out of nowhere, or so it seems, the Star Wars theme plays.

Scowling Patrick answers his phone, “Hello?”

“Hey Trick, you really need to be here. Show is in 10 minutes. Get your ass up here now,” Pete said on the other line.

“Shit be right there,” Patrick said as he smiled at Roxanne who was fixing her hair.

Bending down she picked up Patrick’s hat that came off during their kiss.

“Come on, we need to haul ass now Rox,” Patrick said reaching out to take his hat from Roxanne.

Pulling back Roxanne placed the hat on her head and took off running with Patrick on her heels.
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