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“Did she just call me ‘brain fart’?”

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Filler chapter because this story was in need of an update. New chapter should be up by Friday.

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Several shows later found the Warped Tour in Atlanta, Georgia. Marty pulled into the Amphitheater Lot around 5:00 a.m. while My Chem soundly in the back; Roxanne using Gerard as a pillow while the latter lay on his back, mouth wide open and snoring. From Roxanne position Gerard’s snoring was an irritating rumble. Subconsciously she poked her brother in the side. Gerard’s response? An, if possible, even louder snore. Fully awake, Roxanne growled and climbed off the bunk, purposely hitting Gerard.

‘Ow,’ Gerard mumbled as Roxanne felt her way into the living area, where their bus driver lay asleep on the couch. Once in the kitchen she made her way over to the counter where her laptop lay. Turning it on she noticed an AIM friend request from recordnerd84.
Roxanne clicked ‘accept.’

MusikX3Misery: Hello?
Recordnerd84: It’s about time.
MusikX3Misery: Patrick?
Recordnerd84: Yes?
MusikX3Misery: How did you get my AIM?
Recordnerd84: Gerard
MusikX3Misery: Oh. Yeah he’s the reason I’m on here
Recordnerd84: ?
MusikX3Misery: Gerard snores and I have to share a bunk with him
Recordnerd84: Wow that blows
MusikX3Misery: Tell me about it. So what are you doing up at this time?
Recordnerd84: Waiting to talk to you
MusikX3Misery: Wow you took a chance then
Recordnerd84: kinda, Gerard told me you sometimes are up at this time on your laptop.
MusikX3Misery: Ah. So where are we at anyway?
Recordnerd84: Atlanta. Hey Fall Out Boy doesn’t play till around 7 p.m. today. You wanna go somewhere? I think there’s a little café around here where we could sneak away to.
MusikX3Misery: Hell yeah. Get me away from all of these musicians….
Recordnerd84: O.o
MusikX3Misery: But your fine ^_^
Recordnerd84: Sure. I’ll talk to you later then.
MusikX3Misery: Bye.
Recordnerd84: Bye. I Love you.

Roxanne froze momentarily. ‘Did he just say he loved me,’ she thought smiling to her self. Rereading his last message she answered back.

MusikX3Misery: I love you too.

Recordnerd84 has signed off.


Patrick turned his laptop off and sat in the darkness of his bunk. Should he have told Roxanne he loved her? He sat there and thought back on how they’d been together almost a month, how his eyes lit up when ever he saw her, they way they could sit and talk for hours, along with many other things . Nodding Patrick decided that he did right by telling her he loved her. Smiling he placed his laptop aside and lay back on his pillow, falling asleep instantly.


Roxanne, still very sleepy, sat the laptop at the foot of the couch she was sitting on and lay down, the laptop still open and the last message still showing.



“Go away,” Roxanne mumbled into her pillow.

“What are you doing asleep on the couch at 10 in the morning,” Frankie said holding a cup of coffee as several people behind him snickered.

“Sleeping,” Roxanne said opening one eye.

“Well get up. Here’s your coffee,” Frank said.

Growling Roxanne sat up and took the cup from her friend.

“So why were you asleep on the couch exactly,” Bob asked.

“Because of him,” Roxanne replied pointing accusingly at her bed headed brother wiping the sleep out of his eyes.

“What did I do, I just woke up?”

“It’s what you did in your sleep asshole.”

Gerard looked at Roxanne quizzically.

“You snore like your sawing a damn bunch of logs, brain fart,” Roxanne said causing Frank to laugh. You know the one I’m talking about.

Gerard looked around trying not to laugh, “Did she just call me ‘brain fart’.”

Roxanne took a final sip of her coffee and stood up.
“Yes I did,” she said before disappearing into the bathroom, reappearing 15 minutes later hair down and wearing a dress.

“Whoa, Roxanne’s a girl,” Frankie said from his spot on the couch.

Roxanne stopped in the middle of the floor and looked at him.

“Well what the hell did you think I was? A tranny?”

Everyone laughed as Frank shook his head, “No I meant that, well I’ve never seen you wear a dress. You’ve only always wore jeans and a t-shirt. I’m just, your kinda. Oh damn,” Frank said as he stumbled over what he was sying.

“I think what Frank is trying to say is that you look very pretty,” Ray said as Frank nodded.

Roxanne laughed as she walked over to Frank and kissed him on the cheek.

“I love you,” she giggled as she headed for the door.

“Where are you going,” Mikey asked from his spot on the counter.

“Patrick and I are gonna go somewhere before they have to play,” she said beginning to walk down the stairs.

“Don’t forget to use protection,” Gerard yelled.

“Oh screw you,” came Roxanne’s muffled reply.
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