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“But I’m not nice.”

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Rewritten chapter, Roxy and Patrick alone at last.

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Roxanne rolled her eyes as she stepped off the bus and towards the Fall Out Boy bus. “Big brothers are such a pain in the ass,” she mumbled as walked over to the set of picnic tables where she would be meeting Patrick at. Stepping up on the bench part she sat down on the table top and sat, waiting for Patrick.


“So what are you and Roxanne doing exactly,” Joe asked as Patrick placed several items in a basket.

“We’re gonna go hang somewhere for a while before the show. You know since we’ve been together we’ve only been able to get away by our selves twice. It’s gotten harder since it leaked out that we’re together, “Patrick said as he placed his guitar strap gently on his shoulders and turning the guitar so that it hung off his side.

“Later,” Pete said from the couch as Patrick picked up the basket and walked out the door.

“Later,” he replied.


Roxanne crossed her legs and sat back on her hands. Just as she had her phone rang, indicating she had a new text message. Roxanne rolled her eyes as she read it; it was from Mikey.

‘Roxanne Spencer Michelle Way, where exactly are you going.’

As she texted back, she didn’t notice Patrick walking towards her.

‘Away from you and the rest of the pains in my ass,’ she texted hitting send.

Putting her phone in her purse she looked up.

“Oh hey Patrick,” she said smiling at him.

“Hey, ready?”

“Mmhmm, here, I’ll take the basket,” she said hopping off the table.

Patrick was about to protest until Roxanne kissed him lightly on the lips, “Please?”

Nodding Patrick handed her the basket, leaving his hand free to hold hers.

“So, where are we going. Are we walking there?”
“Mmhmm, but it’s not a far walk,” Patrick said stopping. Momentarily letting go of her hand he pointed past the bus lot.

“Past the lot there’s a grassy spot with some trees to block the sun. I figured it’d be nice to be alone with out actually going somewhere and be harassed by fans.”

Roxanne nodded, “Sounds good.”


Fifteen minutes later the two of them came to the spot Patrick described earlier. Taking his guitar off he sat it gently on the ground next to the basket. Opening said basket he took a blanket out of it and spread it on the ground. Once he sat down, Roxanne sat down next to him and helped him unpack .

“What kind of sandwiches are these,” Roxanne asked?

“Yours is a turkey and tomato sandwich. Mine has tomato, lettuce, avocado, cucumber and cheese.”

Roxanne nodded as she took out the sandwiches, “That’s right your vegetarian. Frankie likes all that on his sandwiches.

Patrick nodded as he took a bite of his sandwich.

“Best friend?”

“Pretty much. Wow this is good,” she said taking a bite of hers.

“Oh that’s probably the sun dried tomato pesto. I’m glad you like it, so I guessed right with the turkey?”

“Yes, very. I see you brought your guitar. That is a nice guitar. Silver is probably one of my favorite colors. My Honda back home is silver with electric blue accents. ”

Patrick laughed as took the cap off his water bottle.

“Has anyone told you that your completely random?”

Roxanne nodded, “All the time. Usually Gerard. Billie Joe’s told me that before.”

Patrick nodded, “That’s right, you did an article on their tour with Green Day.”

Roxanne nodded, “Yeah, it was un-freaking-believably rad.”

Patrick nodded as he took the last bite of his sandwich, “Hey I’m sorry we don’t have some sort of dessert. I really had no clue what to bring.”

Roxanne took a sip of water before answering, “It’s ok. I’m actually really content; you know being by ourselves.”

Patrick nodded, “Same here.” Screwing the lid back onto his bottle he scooted next to Roxanne.

Roxanne met his gaze and did as he did until the were beside the other one making direct eye contact.

Together they moved forward and their lips touched. The kiss started slowly and shortly Patrick’s tongue was begging entrance. Obligingly Roxanne let him in.

“Mmm,” Roxanne moaned into his mouth as he did something particularly pleasing. Suddenly Patrick broke the kiss causing Roxanne to open her eyes.

“Damn Patrick what are you doing?”

“Pay back can be a bitch,” he said giving her a smile.

“Pay back?”

“You don’t remember several weeks ago , your teasing?”

“Oh I’ll give you teasing,” she replied pushing him onto his back.

“It’s not nice to tease,” Patrick said looking up at her with his gorgeous green eyes.

“But I’m not nice.”
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