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“You know what? It’s ok. I just lost my happy ending is all.”

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“Oh sorry, I dialed the wrong number I was trying to call Patrick.” “Oh no you have the right number. I’m his girlfriend.”“Who is this,” he asked?Roxanne was furious, “Your other g...

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A/N: It's been a long time since I've updated and it's because I've been trying to decide what to do with the plot. Hopefully this will do it justice. Plase Read and review, xoxo Dani :]

Two months later it was the last Warped Tour show and Roxanne was deeply depressed. She had to leave early in order to attend an important “Rock Hard Play Loud” meeting and Patrick was nowhere to be found.

“Bubba, are you sure you have no idea where Patrick is?”

Gerard rolled his eyes, “No Roxy, for the fourth time. Don’t ask Bob or Ray either because for the third time they’ll tell you no.”

Roxanne rolled her eyes as she got up to leave the bus.

“Where are you going?”

“To look for Patrick again, I wanna tell him goodbye before the jet arrives.”

“Okay, whatever.”


“Pete have you seen Patrick?”

Pete moved the phone to his other ear, “Nope sugar I haven’t. He’s been gone all morning.”

“Ugh, ok. I’ve only been out looking for him two times already since I came by the bus at 7 and called him twice.”

“I’m sorry Rox, if I see him I’ll send him your way.”


Roxanne hung up and sighed as she sat down on top of a crate. Standing up suddenly tried Patrick’s phone again. This time he picked up. Or rather some one else did.

“Hello,” a female voice answered.

Roxanne made a face, “Um hi. Who is this?”

“Samantha Lewis.”

“Oh sorry, I dialed the wrong number I was trying to call Patrick.”

“Oh no you have the right number. I’m his girlfriend.”

Roxanne’s jaw dropped.
“Who is it Sam,” Patrick asked taking the phone away from her, “Who is this,” he asked?

Roxanne was furious, “Your other girlfriend.”

Before Roxanne hung up she could hear Patrick mutter a muffled ‘Shit.’


By the time Roxanne made it back to the MCR bus she was seeing red. Slamming the door open she stomped onto the bus and threw her phone at the nearest couch barely missing Ray.


“Patrick has another girlfriend,” she said as evenly as she could.

Every jaw dropped.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes because I just called him and his girlfriend answered the phone. When I said I had the wrong number and was trying to call Patrick she answered that she was his girlfriend.”

“I am so sorry Roxy,” Alicia said standing to give the younger girl a hug.

“You know what? It’s ok. I just lost my happy ending is all.”


“[YOU WHAT?!?!”]

“Pete don’t yell at me.”

“I thought you and Sam broke up.”

“Well we did but she found me and we talked it out and now we’re back together.”

“While you were with Roxy.”

Patrick took his glasses off and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

“I thought I was happy with Roxy but then I realized when Sam came back that maybe she’s the one. With Roxy we were getting all that exposure that wasn’t all the necessary. With Sam it’s more low key.”

“I can’t believe you Patrick. Roxy called me asking where you were. Do you know why? Because she’s leaving to day back to New York for a meeting. She wanted to tell you goodbye and that she loved you. Instead she got a crappy breakup.”

Patrick lowered his eyes avoiding Pete’s. Pete was right, he and Roxanne had had a good thing and she had deserved a better breakup than what she’d received. Patrick placed his head in his hands and closed his eyes as guilt and shame sank in.
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