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Chapter Seven.

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No! Brendon don't!

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Hey sorry it's taken me so daggome long to update. I mean I know that it's been a while. Haha, I love that song.
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It was a few days later. Brendon was rather antsy around the rest of the band. They were concerned about it too.

"Brendon seriously what's wrong? You've been so out of it lately. Either that or you're just downright scared", Spencer tried to approach Brendon again. "Nothing's wrong with me. I'm just...", Brendon tried to think of a word to describe his mood, "Tired." That was a lie. He wasn't tired, he was worried and sick. He didn't know what was going on and he thought he might have to go to a mental institution in the near future. "Bren are you sure?", Ryan looked over at him. "Yes, I'm sure", Brendon refused to look at anyone. He had a solemn tone in his voice as he got up. "I'll see ya later." He walked out without another word.

Nobody knew what was wrong with Brendon. Nobody ever thought that anything bad would happen and nobody believed him. Days passed and still, nobody had died. Brendon was getting worse and worse, as were his dreams. They were already bad enough as it was, but the dreams had gotten more vulgar. More scary, more deluded.

After about a week, it was then that Brendon stopped coming out of his house. Jon and Spencer had been brave enough to stop over his house. They went up and knocked on the door. Nobody answered, as usual. All the lights were off and no sound was coming from inside, which was quite odd for Brendon. He normally had loud music blaring, or something going on. But, lately he hadn't been acting too normal.

Spencer and Jon exchanged worried looks. Jon tried the doorknob. It was open, so they decided to venture in. They found Brendon, he was passed out. Still alive, but barely breathing. They were at his side, trying to figure out what was wrong. They figured he had been drunk or something. His breathing was getting slower, they decided to call the police.

"Brendon what the hell were you trying to pull?!" Ryan's angry voice cut through the air. Brendon winced, looking down. He looked like he was being scolded, which he was. "Nothing", he mumbled. "I don't care what you say! If you try anything like that again you're going to hear from me! And it won't be pretty", Ryan huffed before walking out clearly frustrated with his friend. Brendon sat quietly in the chair. They were at their practice room; it was a few days after that incident.

What was he trying to pull? Was he trying to kill himself? No, he wasn't...


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