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Chapter Six.

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What the fuck is going on here?!

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Hey! I'm back. Sorry it's taken me so long to update, school's taking a lot out of me. What with journalism, my stupid math class, after school crap and all this other shit I haven't been on the computer in forever. Yes that was an exaggeration, but it's been a while.
Anywhoo, I'm sure you don't wanna hear me babble.
Oh! One last thing, this story isn't going the way I had planned. It kinda turned into something different. No, I'm not trying to make it like Premonition, it's SUPPOSED to be different but it ended up like this. I hope it's still good and I'll try to twist it back so that it's not like Premonition. Okay well yeah, here's the next chapter! :]

"Brendon are you high or something?", Ryan raised his eyebrow. "No! I'm not! You're going to die!", Brendon said frantically. "Yeah, everyone dies sometime Brendon," Spencer rolled his eyes returning to his book. "Come on you have to believe me! I'm not lying!", Brendon whined. "Brendon listen to yourself. You walk in here and say Ryan's going to die, no hello, no how are you, just 'Ryan's going to die on Thursday'. Do you know how stupid that sounds?", Jon asked.

Brendon groaned annoyed, "I know it sounds stupid! Look! I can prove it, I have text messages from Ryan!" He dug out his phone from his pocket, looking through his texts.

"Where are they? Seriously! They're here! They've got to be!"

"Okay, maybe I don't", Brendon's voice trailed off. "Brendon get help", Spencer glanced up from his book. "Ugh! You're going to be sorry!", Brendon stormed out.

"Dammit! What the fuck is going on?!"


"I am not going crazy, I am not going crazy, I am not going crazy, I am not going crazy, I am not going crazy, I am not going crazy, I am not going crazy, I am not going crazy..."

It was now Wednesday, Brendon was getting a little anxious. He had stayed up all night on Tuesday and now was planning on staying up another night.

He yawned as 1 a.m. approached. He was nodding off every now and then. He had it all planned out, as soon as Ryan sent him a text he would call him. Then after that he would tell Ryan that there was no need to walk over because he would simply drive over to his house. Then Ryan couldn't get hit with a car because Brendon would be the one driving.

Then everything would be okay, hopefully...

3 A.M. now approached and Brendon was having a harder time staying awake. He tried everything he could think of to stay awake; walking around his house, caffeine, slapping himself when he caught himself yawning, everything. He was sitting in his chair in the living room when he fell asleep.

His phone vibrating made him stir. He yawned waking up more. Then he stretched and got up. Suddenly he remembered what was supposed to happen, he quickly looked around for his phone. He grabbed it and then read the message. It was from Ryan and said the same thing as before.


He dialed Ryan's number, hoping to catch him before he left. "Pick up dammit! Pick up pick up pick up!!" He ran out the door. "Dammit don't leave your house!!" He closed the phone and ran all the way to the corner.

He saw Ryan come into view, he glanced at the clock, 4:08.

"I gotta hurry!"

He ran to the stop and tried to pull Ryan away. "Come on! Don't stand there! Hurry up!" Ryan was a little freaked, "What? What did I do?" "Just move!! Move! Please please please! You'll thank me later, I promise!" "Brendon what are you--" He got cut off by a blazing horn.

"NO!" Brendon pushed Ryan to the side as he felt himself being crushed against a metal frame.

Ryan fell to the ground, hitting the pavement hard. "Ow! Dammit Brendon!" He looked up angry until he heard the crash. His expression automatically changed, "B-Brendon?"

He was already gone. Ryan was dumbfounded at the sight. Then it all started to fade...

Brendon shot up in bed once again. He looked at the clock quickly 3:04 a.m.


Yeah, sorry if it sucks ass, I'm trying to twist it so that it's not like the movie. Please don't hate me. ><
Alrighty, reviews always help me write faster.
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