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Are you kidding me?

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Chapter 17

Gerard dropped me off at my house around five in the morning. I bent and kissed his lips fervently. He smiled at me as I walked towards the door. I noticed the lights were on but didn’t pay much attention to them. I was in a much deeper trance, I guess in a way I was still dancing with Gerard.
I took my keys out and opened the door. Before entering I turned around and waved at him. He beamed and I watched his car fade into the trees and shadows. I entered the house, humming a tune. Grandpa and Dad were on the kitchen talking. I didn’t give it relevance until they both turned around and I saw their sombre faces.
“Is…Is something wrong?” I asked as I approached them.
“Your…your aunt called” Dad told me. He hadn’t ever mentioned my mom’s half sister before. I stared at him; it had been years since I’d seen her or even heard of her: He really had my attention. I sat in between them, “And?” I asked, urging him to continue.
“Well, it’s about your mom…”
“You’re scaring me. Tell me what’s wrong already!” I said in desperation, fearing for the worst.
“Well, she had another of her outbursts and,” Dad swallowed slowly as he did when he was nervous, “And she jumped from the apartment window”
Shit. We lived on the fourth floor of a small building…
“Is she…?” I was afraid to end my sentence, and I was pretty certain what the answer was.
“Oh heavens, no!” Grandpa replied for him, “She’s got major injuries”
“Doctors say she probably won’t make it to the end of the month…” Dad started but was cut off by Grandpa,
“She will, don’t be a pessimist! She has a lot of chances, Gabe, but she needs a lot of care. That’s why they’ve put her in a medical institution”
“Is that so?” I said, unable to add anything more. I had wished for this so bad on past occasions that I felt as guilty as if I’d pushed her from the window myself.
“Your aunt offered her apartment for you. That is, if you want to be near your mom. Your aunt’s apartment is on the same block. You can go to your same school, it’s not very far off and your aunt can drive you. This is only an option, you don’t have to accept it if you don’t want to…”
“I don’t” I said firmly. I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to cope to see my mom slowly dying. I just couldn’t. It was out of the question.
“Don’t decide on impulse, Gabe. Think about it. Your aunt sent a ticket for you just in case you decided to go. She’s expecting a response by the day after tomorrow, so you just think about it, okay?”
I nodded and sat there for a few more seconds.
“Do you need some water?” Dad offered. I nodded. I mumbled a ‘thanks’ as I received my glass and drained it in one gulp. I went up to my room and sat there until I was sure they’d both gone to bed. I took my ciggies from my night stand and slowly descended the stairs. I took the blanket we left on the sofa and went outside.
I sat on the porch smoking and only stood to shower and dress quickly.

He took my hand in his and we intertwined our fingers. I smiled at the romantic gesture.
“What are we doing this weekend?” I asked him sweetly.
“What about…Star Wars with popcorn and ice cream? My place?”
The thought made my heart melt, “Sounds perfect. And after?”
“You can stay over…” He grinned as a naughty boy, “That is, if you want to...”
I snorted, “Are you doubting me?”
He grinned and placed his hand on my face softly, slowly dragging it from my cheekbones to my lips. His finger lingered there a second too long and I captured it, sucking it. I could feel Gerard getting exited. With one hand I zipped his jean down, without gathering the attention of any student looking from the football field.
I did him right there, his sole pleasure was mine as well. The bell rang and he groaned in disappointment. I caressed his member one last time and zipped his jeans up. I started to stand up but he dragged me towards him, caressing my face and finding his way under my buttoned-up dress. We went behind the trees and waited a few minutes before getting any further.
I didn’t care about the dirt on my skin, or the roots that hurt me as he crashed against my hips strongly: I wanted him so bad. And so did he. We couldn’t just pause our desire and walk to his car.
“So much for waiting after the movie on the weekend, huh?” I said as I buttoned my dress up and shook the dirt off my body.
“Oh, well” Gerard smiled guiltily, “What can I say?”
He walked closer and put his hands on either side of me, not allowing me to get away from him. He stared into my eyes and I into his, they were so beautiful. I arched my back and placed my hands on his face, claiming his lips once more. I couldn’t get enough of him. I needed to have something to remember him forever in my memory.

“Where were you?” Mikey asked as he entered his brother’s car.
I giggled as Gerard tried to maintain a straight face.
“You know what? I don’t want to know.”
“What’s that?” Kamz asked as she entered the car.
“Ugh, nothing. You don’t want to know” He told her dismissively.
“Sure Mikes….” Kamz said rolling her eyes. “Ray’s staying for Math. We can go now.”
We went for Frankie who didn’t wait for anyone to open the door but threw himself through Kamz’s window.
He ended up in my lap and I pushed him away with a bit too much strength. Frankie banged his head on the ceiling,
“Damn girl! You almost smashed my head into pixie dust!” He whined, “I’m going to send someone out to kill you!”
“No you’re not” Gerard replied instantly.
“Oh, protective aren’t we?” Frankie yelled, pointing his finger at Gerard. Then he started laughing uncontrollably. Just like that, totally out of the blue.
“Now what Frank?” Mikes asked from the passenger seat.
“Gerard and Gabe suck at hiding they’re having sex!” He yelled in between laughs.
“They’ve got roots and dirt all over themselves, duh” Frank said, taking a twig out of my hair.
“Shaddap Frankie” I muttered as Kamz and Mikey laughed frenziedly
“Is that you’re better comeback? You’re turning soft, Ga-“
Of course he didn’t finish his sentence ‘cause my foot was up his ass.

Grandpa knocked and opened my bedroom door. He stared around and mumbled, “so you did make up your mind, then…I thought your aunt was just boasting…”
I smiled as I left my Blondie t-shirt, purple hoodie, skinny jeans and white Mary Jane’s out of my closet and continued folding everything else on my small suitcase.
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