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Five Minutes to Midnight

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Chapter 16

I took out my fantastic little blue dress with white polka dots, which lingered a few fingers below my butt. I messed up my blue hair with hair wax and applied the imperative black eye shadow, fake eyelashes and black eyeliner. I used a simple blush and lip gloss and stepped into my white Mary Jane’s happily.
Perfection. Haha I thought to myself as I went down the stairs in a rhythmic pace.
“Where are you going missy?” Grandpa asked from the kitchen.
“I’m going to a rave grandpa.” I explained, opening the fridge eagerly.
“Be sure there’s no liquor and all of that stuff…you wouldn’t like your dad to find you guys there…” He said, winking at me. Grandpa was pretty much aware of the things I did because he knew the kind of friends Gerard and Mikey had, so he knew what to expect from me and them.
“So…are you going with Frank?” He asked. For some reason he thought secure wherever I went as long as I was with him….Oh God, if he only knew…
“Nope. We’re over. Done. Finito.”
He had a hurt expression on his face, “Why’s that?”
“Oh we’re just not good as a couple.” I stated, after draining the glass of water I had on my hand, “I’m going, grandpa. Kiss. Bye”
“Bye girlie. Be safe” I heard him sigh as I closed the door. I took a cab to Mikey’s and entered without knocking which Donna had ordered me to do instead of knocking the door every time I came. I ran up the stairs to Mikey’s bedroom and flung it open.
“GEEZ!” Gerard jumped as he noticed it was me instead of his brother, “Have someone ever taught you knocking before entering a room?!”
“Ugh, yeah but what’s the fun in that/” I stated, seating on Mikey’s bed. Gerard rolled his eyes and finished putting the Metallica shirt on. I looked at his pale belly and flashbacks of /that night came swirling back.
“So you and Frank are really…”
“And you’re okay with that?”
“Quite dandy”
“And he’s-“
“Good. Good.” He mumbled.
“Gerard how long does it took you to put a stupid shirt on?” Mikey hollered as he entered the bedroom.
“Oh” He muttered as he noticed little me, “Hi Gabe” He said, grinning.
“Look Mikes, stop those perverted little thoughts like right now” I said, snapping my fingers.
“Hey, I’m not Frank” He said, showing me his hands in defence.
“Then what’s up with the idiotic grin plastered on your face?”
“Just glad you’re in the same room together and both of you are safe and sound”
“Hey, I wouldn’t hurt a girl” Gerard said exasperated, trying to change the subject.
“You wouldn’t dare hurt me is what you mean. You’re scared of me”
“Everyone in their sane mind is” Gerard replied as he scrambled his hair and started walking towards the door. Mikey started laughing.
“Ha ha, very funny” I said sarcastically, knowing pretty well I was defeated. At least on that one.
We entered the party and Mikey instantly disappeared from our side. I walked side by side with Gerard as we looked for some beer.
“Found it” He said, pressing the ice cold bottle on my skin. I shuddered and took it from his hand, giving him a peck in the cheek in gratitude.
He decided to avoid response and instead took a swing of his bottle. I drained the beer instantly and looked at Gerard,
“Wanna dance?”
“Not much of a dancer…” He mumbled in between sips.
“Too bad” I replied, walking away from him in search of my first dancing victim. If he thought I was going to start throwing myself into his arms just because we were being relatively civil to one another he was wrong. Way wrong.
I escaped my thoughts in between dances. I danced with strangers, dudes and chicks, with whomever stood on my way. Sometimes I felt some eyes boring on me and my body, other times I didn’t feel them at all. In the midst of songs and beers I lost sight of Gerard, and took more beers to forget that fact.

“Hullo Mikes” I saluted him as I walked outside to catch some fresh air. I almost tripped with nothing at all and Mikey caught me.
“WHOA” He was pretty freaked out by drunken people, although he was no saint. I noticed a pretty girl by his side: tall, skinny, white with good complexion, nice features, stunning blue eyes and straight black hair. She looked at us oddly and I could tell, even in my drunken state that there was something going on. I extended my hands toward her and disentangled from Mikey’s arms,
“Hi, I’m Gabrielle. Everyone calls me Gabe. I’m Mike’s classmate/stalker” I said with a smile. The girl returned it, “Hi. I’m Alicia”
“She’s cute Mikes!” I said, pinching his cheek as I walked away from their lovey-dubby-ness. “NICE TO MEET YOU ALICIA!” I chirped after a meter or so away, waving my arm at her. She waved back and started giggling.
My head crashed into someone’s chest. I turned around and-
“HELLO Gerard” I purred with and innocent smile on my face.
“You’re so wasted” He said, taking the empty beer bottle from my hand
“oh look who’s talking” I replied dryly. We stared at each other with cloudy eyes due to excessive drinking. Then, all of a sudden a slow, yet hectic melody entered my ears. I started humming it and Gerard followed my lead. After some seconds he gingerly placed his hand on my hips and we started dancing. Right there: among junkies and whatnot, in someone’s backyard, to a music that only existed in our heads.
“Did I tell you look beautiful tonight?” He whispered in my ear as we danced.
“No, you didn’t…” I murmured as I let my head rest on his chest. He cradled me closer and I felt his lovely hair on my face, his ragged breath as we kissed softly, entranced in that unique music only our heads reproduced.
Oh the sweetness of it all…
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