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On Top of The World

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Chapter 15

“Please tell me Bob’s having a party tonight” I pleaded, looking at Ray with my puppy eyes.
“Ugh, no…” He said, taking a few steps back for his own safety ( there was some serious eyeing from Gerard which I didn’t fail to notice) I came closer to Ray and touched the tip of his nose with my finger sweetly, “I wanted to party!” I pouted, my lower lip quivering
“Hmm, but there’s a rave tonight at…”
“PERFECT! “ I hollered in complete happiness. “I’m going” I stated, not caring whose it was or why. I was going there, getting drunk, dancing and try to hook up with someone. Of course if Gerard was available for me that night, then…
Well, something just might happen. I smiled to myself and stepped on top of the table.
“What’s wrong with you TODAY?!” Mikey hollered, grabbing my arm and pushing me down into a chair.
“Geez, Mikes a little harder and you would’ve ripped my arm off!” I replied crossly.
“..You’re so….so…”
“Hyperactive?” Gerard offered.
“YEAH, it’s unbelievable!”
“OOHHH KAMZ CAME!” I yelled and trotted after her.
“KAMMMZZZ” I called. She turned around and rolled her eyes, and continue to walk past me.
“Dude, I want to talk to you about Frank!” I stated, stamping my feet on the floor.
“I don’t care whatever you want to say”
“Just shut up, Gabrielle! I don’t want to know about your perfect little lives!”
The cafeteria was dead silent.
“Great, just what I need, the whole school listening to our fight…” kamz mumbled under her breath.
“Well if you excavated your head from your ass once in a while you’d know him and I are no longer together, okay?!” I yelled at her. I eyed Gerard and he was glaring at us, hard. I was sure he hadn’t missed my words.
“I wanted to apologize to you but I guess that’s out of the question…” I continued, genuinely vexed, “WHAT ARE YOU FUCKERS STARING AT! DON’T YOU HAVE LIVES?!” I snapped, looking around the room.
“That’s it Mrs O’Connor. TO THE OFFICE!” Mrs. Amelia hollered at me.
“My ears are working perfectly, thank you” I spat at her and laughed internally at her outraged expression. I walked to the office and sat waiting for the principal to attend me. She looked at me quizzically as I stepped in and made me sit down.
“This is a surprise…” Mrs Natasha started.
“Yeah well, everyone’s got their days, don’t they?”
“I suppose so…”
She listened to what happened and, considering this was my first time at committing any kind of disturbance she let me go with a warning. I was happy and jogged to my Spanish class. I knocked the door and placed the excused tardy on the window so Mrs Amelia would let me in. She sighed and ordered Stephanie to unlock the door.
“You’re coming for your things, I hope?” She asked
“Pardon me?” I asked as I seated on my designated chair on the back.
“You have suspension and you came back for your things, right?” She asked.
“NO. I’m coming here for my Spanish class.”
“And what was your punishment?”
“I don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t think that’s any of your business”
Mrs. Amelia sighed deeply and turned around to continue with her lesson. Man I wish I could kick that obese woman to death. She really did look like Humpty Dumpy as one of my classmates once said.

Bit short.
My butt hurts.
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