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Learning to Fall

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Chapter 14
I had just eaten a gigantic chocolate cookie from the cafeteria and it tasted of pure eggs. I’m a vegetarian so it’s been ages since I’ve eaten eggs. The flavour made my stomach turn and I had to jog out of Math to the infirmary as fast as I could.
I took my medication and ran out of the nurse’s critic eye as always... By the time I got back to the classroom everyone had already left and a new class had started in that same classroom. I knocked the door to get in and grabbed my backpack and my scattered books from the desk. I almost fell face-ward as I did so and someone grabbed me from the arm, preventing me from falling.
My math teacher sighed audibly in desperation for my weakness and ordered my savoir to help me get to my next class in one piece.
“What happened to you now?” Gerard spat, clearly annoyed.
“Just shut up and keep walking” I ordered, unable to amuse him with a better comeback. He almost dragged me to English and threw the door into my nose. I dragged my feet to the back of the class as the rest of the kids’ laughter died away from Gerard’s rudeness. I didn’t really care about any of that, my stomach hurt so badly!

Cafeteria. AGAIN. Shit, this caf’s driving me mad! The one back at mom’s wasn’t that bad…I mean the food was quite good, actually. We all sat on the table: Ray and Gerard in a deep Star Wars conversation, Mikey re-reading a book we were going to be tested on the next period, Kamz playing with her beverage and me with my head in between my legs trying to overcome my sickness. At least it was a bit better…
By the end of classes I had fallen face-first quite a few times to the joy and laughter of my classmates and I was ready to go home. The dizziness was already gone and the only thing left was a mild headache, which was probably from all the falls.

“Hey, boy” I saluted as we stopped by Frankie’s school to pick him up.
“Hey, why don’t we walk around?” He told me, leaning his body on the window as a professional hooker.
“Hope you’re not gonna charge me, honey” I kidded as I slid out. I was going to be civil and thank Gerard for the ride but as always he enlightened the engine as I was halfway in and halfway out.
“I swear, one of these days…” I lied as we walked around Frankie’s school. He simply shrugged and we continued to walk towards this gigantic oak tree.
“So…” He started
“So…” I mimicked. He gave me ‘the look’ which meant he didn’t want to joke around much in what he was about to say, which meant he wanted to be brief on the matter. As I had a slight idea of what the business was, I followed his lead and became solemn.
“Look, I don’t think we’re…as a couple…umm…” He started, struggling for a specific word
“Working?” I offered
“Not exactly, but yes…that might work. And that maybe what we need is…”
“Stop pretending we want to be together and that we’re living a perfect dream, that we’re lovebirds and that we have the names of our kids planned?”
“That will do” He smiled
“So we’re finally breaking up?” I was trying to be completely clear and sure about this.
“Hell yeah!” Frank chirped
“OH THANK GOD!” I yelled with satisfaction
“Ok, we’re both grateful about it but you don’t have to be so damn cheerful about it, it’s not nice...”
“Oh Frank, seriously!” I said exasperated
“You’re so cruel”
“Look who’s talking!”
“Continue doing / that /,” He said, pointing at me, “And I’ll send the aliens over to rape you”
“I’ll ninja-kick them” I replied calmly
“That won’t do a thing to them!” Frank whined as we started walking to our homes, “You have to break their neck! That’s the way the die”
“No-uh! You’re talking about zombies, dumbass! You have to ninja-kick aliens to they die”
“Dude, you have to spread acid on them and then ninja kick them” Frank reasoned
“Now I know where your brain is! Aliens came after you and dumped it after finding it unhelpful”
“Now, don’t start treating me like that just ‘cause I DUMPED YOU” Frank screamed, and a few people turned to see us.
Our childish blabbering continued as he walked to our homes, passing the seven eleven and buying beers. It was good to walk with a friend with an ice-cold beer on your hand, in a sunny day.
It can almost make your problems go away…almost.

Dude the thing about the eggs is real, I mean it reall did happen to me today. although no one helped me. I took my medicine real quick from Yare's (name of our school nurse)office and ran for my backpack and then ran back down to English.
I'm okay now, thank you very much. But I did feel like shit the rest of the day.
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