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Me, You and My Medication

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Chapter 13

I ran upstairs and threw my body on my bed. I was feeling a bit dizzy and wasn’t in the mood for lunch. Kicking my shoes off and putting on an oversized Queen shirt I snuggled in between my sheets and fell asleep quite quickly.

“Gabe…?” A soft voice murmured as he entered the room.
“Hey, Gabe, wake up!” He said, shifting my shoulders. I opened them slightly to see a blurry Mikey looking at me.
“Get out” I slurred as I moved to my side and pushed my knees upward, covering my head with the sheets. I was still mad at him and I wanted to sleep more than anything.
“I wanted to apologize…” Mikey began in that low tone of his.
“And I want to sleep, let’s do this some other time, okay?”
Mikey took the sheets away from me his hand passed by my forehead.
“Geez, you’re burning up!” He exclaimed, pressing his hand against my forehead once more.
“That would explain the migraine…” I muttered, sitting up.
“Haven’t you taken anything yet?”
“Nopers…” I said, looking for my backpack. Mikey took it from the floor and handed it to me. I searched for any pills , but it was empty.
“I’ll ask dad…or grandpa”
“They are at my place…” Mikey replied.
“Argh…” I grumbled as I stood up and walked dutifully out of the comfort of my sheets. I had been thinking the hotness was because I had the AC off, and the curtains and the windows were closed, so there was no ventilation whatsoever. But apparently the heat I had been suffering had been my own body.
We toddled down the stairs although I was rather scrambling, in a low, almost painful pace. We got to the kitchen and I started rambling through the cabinets looking for anything that could ease my pain.
“Find anything?” I asked Mikey as he came back from looking on the bathrooms.
“Shit, it’s empty in here, too..”
“Hey, Gerard? Want to drive us to find some fever pills or something?” Mikey asked to a figure on the sofa I had barely noticed before. I looked at my bare legs with the oversized shirt lingering a foot below my hip. I tugged it down and wished Gerard hadn’t looked at me in such a horrible state.
“I’ll go get them” He said, standing up, “Any preference?” He asked me.
“No” I replied dryly.
He sighed and went out the door.
“What’s up with you guys?” Mikey asked as we walked towards the living room.
“Wadda ya mean?” I asked tiredly
“Weird looks, constant fights, making up then falling apart?” Mikey numbered them with his fingers as he continued
“Well, if I knew that then we be in a different position….maybe”
“You’re not making any sense”
“Haven’t you heard that fever can make a person stop thinking straight?” I babbled.

By the time Gerard came back I was asleep in the couch and Mikes had prepared some tea, and left to take care of some business. Gerard woke me up carefully with the mild cup of tea and a white pill on his other hand.
“Here” He said as he handed me both. I took the pill and put it on my mouth, then drained half of the cup in one gulp.
“Thanks” I mumbled, looking at the remaining contents of the cup. Gerard was always there, every time something bad happened, snap, he appeared by my side. He was a total ass sometimes but then again I was a bitch most of the time, too.
My head started to feel heavy again, and I rubbed my temples trying to ease the pain. Of course, that never works when you do it to yourself and I swore. Gerard put his index and middle finger on my temples and rubbed them dedicatedly. The fumes of the tea must’ve been getting to be because after a couple of seconds I relaxed and let him place my head on his laps, and play with my hair as I fell in a soft stupor. I continued to look into his face, so calmed… I reached for his face and pulled it closer to be, gently pressing his lips against mine. Our kisses deepened and then suddenly, I let him go.
“Why do you always do this?” I asked him, anger flaring.
“What did I do now?!” He said in a mix of anger and desperation.
“You make me weak, you get all charming and seductive and then I…and then you…and, ARGH!” I hollered, standing up violently and then falling back to his lap with the same force. I rubbed my head and tears accumulated on my lashes.
“Sshh” He murmured and continued to caress my hair like that of a child until I fell asleep again.

“Hey baby doll” Someone purred. My senses were still a bit rambled and I thought it was Gerard saying that so I smiled at him sweetly at his choice of words. I looked at him closer and no Gerard, just Frank looking at my childishly.
“Were’s Gerard?” I asked him, concern on my voice.
“He went home as soon as I came here to care for my baby girlie” Frank said in a bubbly tone.
“Right…Thanks, I’m feeling much better” I replied, still a bit disappointed not to find Gerard there. Frank shrugged and stood up.
“Then I’ll be going. There’s this cool gig tonight. Guess you’ll be missing it. Bye!” and with that Frank exited my house and left me to my thoughts. I stayed in the same couch Gerard and I had been, in my memory, just moments before. I lay down and imagine him stroking my hair…
I blushed.
I shouldn’t be thinking of Gerard that way.
It’s Frankie I should be thinking of.
Yes, Frank.
Who am I kidding?
Oh God….

I walked into the caf and sat at a random table that was only occupied by a guy that had his nose pressed to his notebook, a pen in hand. I ignored him and started to play with my P & J sandwich. I didn’t want the fuss of the other table, I didn’t feel like having a row with Kamz right now. I was bored so I stared at the guy and watching him drop his pen with anger against the table and back away from the notebook, obviously annoyed with the result. I looked over at it and saw a vampire killing a pretty exact version of our obese Art teacher. I looked at the painter of the masterpiece and got lost on Gerard’s eyes.
“We meet again” He mumbled and took the notebook away from my sight.
“How is it that I didn’t know of this?” I asked, amazed.
Gerard smiled to himself, “Piece of shit, that’s why”
“Is not!”
“Sure is!”
Kamz walked by at out childish exchange, “Then you call me a slut” she hissed and continued walking. I ignored her but Gerard seemed pissed and left me alone once more.

“We need to talk” Frank said on the other side of the line, too serious for his own good.
“Sure Frankie” I said, dreading what he was going to tell me.
“Tomorrow?” He proposed
“Sure” I agreed nodding, although he couldn’t see me
“Don’t let aliens rape you” he said sweetly and hung up.
I wonder…

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