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The Pulse

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cat fight and more

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Chapter 12

“Who are you?” Mikey asked as I entered Gerard’s car the next morning.
“Huh?” I replied, arching an eyebrow.
“You don’t look like yourself” He continued.
“Why? Oh, because of this?” I asked him, rambling my now dark blue hair.
“No, I’m ignoring that. You look like a living zombie”
“Why thanks, Mikes”
“I think zombies are hot” Frankie stated, swiftly driving me closer to him.
“Thanks love” I purred, kissing him on the lips. Mikey shuddered and continued to stare at me.
“Seriously, Mikes, stop it! You’re freaking me out”
“/You/ are freaking me out” his tone of voice lowered as it did when something was truly bothering him. I couldn’t stand him being so vexed about me ‘not being myself’, I had to many problems that I was trying to ignore, and I didn’t really need him on my list.
I let him now a piece of my mind, and let’s just say I’ve got an extremely extensive vocabulary. Gerard stopped the car brusquely, and everyone was silent.
“Out” He muttered simply, his voice was full of venom.
“Come on man, you can’t just leave her here” Ray tried to reason with him
“Yeah man, remember what happened last time someone left her alone? She’s so unlucky she might get caught by aliens this time and unless you’ve managed to get an alien map of where they ditch the humans they capture, you won’t be able to save her”
“I don’t give a shit. Get out of the motherfucking car, Gabrielle.” He ordered, this time his voice was close to a scream. I exited the car, threw my backpack on the gravel and closed the door violently. The car was suck a wreck I was hoping I could make the door fall off its hinges.
“How mature” Gerard spat as he drove away.
“AS IF LEAVING SOMEONE STRANDED IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE WAS TOO MATURE ASSHOLE!” I yelled back. How was it that I ended up been leaving behind by him? Shit, he controlled me like a doll.
I started the long walk to school, and by every step I took I swore a hundred times.

“Hello Gabrielle” The secretary of the principal’s office smiled sweetly.
“Hi” I replied sulkily.
“Why are you late, sweetie?”
“I got kicked out of Gerard’s car today…So I had to walk all the way here”
“Hmm…why were you kicked out?”
“’Cause I swore at his brother…” I answered, looking at my black pumps.
“Hmm…I don’t think I can excuse you, sorry” She said as she handed me a tardy slip.
“It’s okay…thanks” I went out of the office and walked to my next lesson. I can’t say I was very nice to anyone that day. I was a total bitch, to be quite honest. And Kamz wasn’t in such a good mood either, she had an extreme headache and she isn’t too good with headaches.
“Can you move, please?” I asked not to nicely.
“No” She said simply.
“Kamz, MOVE!” I rampaged
“OH, GOD!” She said exasperated and flung her empty tray at me, hitting me straight in the forehead.
“YOU BITCH!” I screamed as I put my hand to my forehead, it was covered in blood.
“CAT FIGHT!” Frankie yelled happily as he entered the caf.
“SHUT THE FUCK UP FRANK!” I hollered as I ran past him to the infirmary.

Something’s definitely wrong in my life…I entered the infirmary. The nurse gave me one sorry look and didn’t bother in asking me what had happened as she led me to the stretcher.
“Mr Way, can you scoot while I clean this?” She asked, as I walked forward I saw it was Gerard she was talking to.
“Great…” I murmured. I sat behind him and saw a violent gash on his arm, and blood on his lip.
“The kids on this school don’t cease to amaze me…” The nurse said as she pressed an alcohol-drenched cotton to my forehead.
“The idiotic, out of place comments of people that think they know me still amaze me” I replied. She threw me a death glare and continued her examination a bit more brusquely than she needed to. At the end I took the cotton away from her hands and did what she instructed by myself. She treated Gerard’s gash and we walked out together in silence.
“Do you have a smoke?” I asked
“You should stop it” He said as he handed me one.
“Oh, please” I retorted as I lighted it and put my big electric blue sunglasses on. I walked in direction to his car, since we’d been spared from classes.
“I know why you kicked me out of the car?” I whispered.
“Oh yeah? Enlighten me” He said sarcastically.
“You’re mad”
“NO way!”
“If your sarcasm wasn’t on the way 24/7 then I could know why you’re mad and we could go back to what we used to be” I replied
“Last time I checked we weren’t something” He spat, pushing his luck a bit too far.
“Good to know. I’ll keep that in mind, Gerard” I remarked, nodding as we entered the car.
He seemed to realize he had screwed up and tried to hold my hand as we walked to the parking lot. I didn’t let him and walked faster to his car, letting myself in on the backseat.
He slid in and started the car.
“Why’re you like this?” He asked as we got near my house.
“You’re toying with me, and that’s not fair” I replied and opened the door.
“Thanks for the drive” I said simply and walked away from him.
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