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Goodbye Reckless

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Chapter 11

“What do you mean? ‘Drunk love’? What’s /that/?” He enquired, his eyes shining brightly, almost violently. I tore my eyes away from his; they were so empowering and I…
“You wouldn’t understand” I scoffed, my head on the direction opposite to his. From where were this emotions coming from? Was the cunning Gerard messing with my head?
“Right” He mumbled moodily. Damn, he sure changed moods easily. I’d slap him and deny him sex for a…Wait, I’m not with him. I’ve never had. Sure, we did have a ‘thing’ but that ended, like, completely. Ever since he got grounded, and the accident or however you want to call it. He didn’t talk to me, I didn’t talk to him.
“By the way…thank you”
“For what?” He snapped.
“For saving me…” I trailed off, trying to find some amusement in a brunette vomiting some feet away from us. I glanced at him and saw him tilt his head just a millimetre, furrowing his brow,
“Oh…” He murmured as he got my point, “Anyone would’ve done that”
“Not true” I retorted brusquely, “Frank bailed on me”
“He didn’t”
“Oh, but he did. When I was feeling like shit, when all of this started he left me and ‘went for help’. He didn’t realize the kind of help I needed, he…”
“You’re asking too much from him, Gabrielle” I looked up at him, at the way he pronounced my name, Ga-BREE-ell.
“It is Frank we’re talking about…” He continued as I stared at him.
“It’s not what I like…” I mumbled
“It’s not what you /need/…You need to…” And then he lowered his head and stared at his feet. I waited for him to continue but he didn’t. I stood up and got a couple of drinks for us. From the kitchen I watched as he looked up and to his sides and didn’t find me. Then his gaze and mine connected: his brow was furrowed once more, obviously mad about something, and his cheeks were crimson her. I laughed at his cuteness and returned to his side.
“Here” I handed him a red plastic cup as if I hadn’t noticed anything.
“Just when you were getting sober…” He smirked as he drained the cup in long sips.
I sat there staring at my cup, its golden contents swirling because of my trembling hand. I finally knew what I had to do, I placed the cup on the table in front of us rather violently and sprang up, fists clenched to my sides. I ran upstairs and bolted open the first room I found.
Kamz was asleep on the bed, in between tangled sheets, her clothes, hair and makeup a mess, and Frank was sitting in front of the tv screen, watching some horror flick.
“Took you some time” He commented as he patted the spot beside him.
“You sure left her exhausted” I commented as I sat where he had suggested.
“Me? Yeah, probably. You know how my killer smile makes you all”
“Right, as if I’m gonna buy that” I grimaced, looking at the now bloody screen.
“I’m not going to prove anything to you. You think what you want, Gabe. I know I only want you. Sometimes I’m not sure if you get that…” He said almost too sweetly.
I hugged him and before I knew it he was asleep in between my legs, as a baby.

I sat on the porch, watching the people and eventual cars pass by, all by myself. I don’t really think I’d be less alone if I had been surrounded by thousands; I was stuck on my little self, thousands of answered questions on my head.
My biggest issue was my mom. Doctors had stopped saying ‘she’ll get better’, and that was preoccupying. That meant that my pessimism was turning into being realistic and I didn’t like that at all.
Plus I still had that ramble of non-stated and unstable relationships in between Kamz, Frank, Gerard and me. I rocked myself as I thought about what had been happening, what would happen next. I was turning into a reckless human being…I think I wasn’t even feeling human anymore.
I needed to say ‘Good bye restless, don’t ever return’
I didn’t know what to do.
I didn’t know how to feel
I didn’t know how to forget

I just wanted to use this space to thank all of you readers, specially the reviewers: You guys make my days special.
I’m sorry the chapter’s not that awesome but I haven’t really slept much for the past three days, so….please excuse me
I did write today ‘cause then I’ll get bored of the story and loose its trail.
Oh I also wanted to inform you that the chapter name and the tittle of the fic is from this AMAZING band called Scenes From a Movie. You should totally check those guys out. They’re amazing in so many days. They stole my heart since I watched them on Warped and have kept it ever since. The tittle is a line from one of the songs.
Let me know if you do listen to them.

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