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Chapter 2

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Mar and Madison arrive at the party.

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"Lisa needs to hook me up with whatever job she has because damn... this place is fucking amazing," I said to Marilee looking up at the sky not being able to see the top of the building.

"What if she's a hooker?" Mar replied, staring too, at the sky trying to estimate how high the building was.

"Well that would explain how she bagged Patrick Stump. Ouch!" she hit me with her right hand. "I kid. I kid. In all seriousness though, she HAS to tell me what street corner she works on. " Right then and there Marilee's door to her black Saturn Ion magically opened with a hand outstretched towards her.

"I can take it from here miss...."

"Shiwer, but Marilee suits me better." Then she turned to me, "she has valet too? Fuck accounting, the hooker life is for me."

"You better not steal my corner though, I'm going to buy me some of those six inch hooker heels. I could be deadly with those." My passenger side door opened also with an extending arm offering to help me out of the car. I glanced quickly on the ground making sure there were no rain puddles in sight, didn't want my feet soaking all night since I decided on my black ballet flats.

It took me a good two hours just pondering what to wear tonight. I never had a certain style, it was more a style for which mood I was feeling. I wanted to go for a casual this-is-how-I-usually-dress-in-my-cute-clothes-so-I-don't-care-what-you-think look tonight. I had on a simple knit v-neck sleeveless black dress that landed to the top of my knees with a pair of black leggings. I wasn't your typical size 0 model, I did have my share of curves on my size 6-8 body, but i loved it that way. And I'm damn sure that the boys appreciated my proportionate sized boobs and booty that came with my appearance.

I always looked albino compared to Marilee, but my skin was a normal lighter shade for someone living in Chicago during the fall months. My favorite feature about myself, the one thing I would accept compliments on, was my dark blue eyes. I like to feel that they were mysterious, a look I practiced so hard to achieve on Photobooth through my Macbook. To top off my look was my long thick blonde hair which I always viewed more as a curse than a blessing. It always took forever and a day to manage, and when I finally felt satisfied with my style; it fell apart two hours later. For now I curled the ends which still had some of the extra hold hair spray intact, but who knows how long that was going to last?

After being checked in by the doorman, we were being lead to the elevator to reach the 36th floor. Lisa's apartment was stunning, but I knew from the moment we pulled up, that it would be. The main front room was filled with such vibrant furniture and colors, it was the perfect fit for the spunky little girl we knew in high school. Mar and I scanned the room for Lisa. Mar spotted her before I did, "Lisa! Hey! What's shakin girl?" She looked beautiful, I always liked hanging around Lisa, but I was never one to keep in touch, and seeing her again made me regret that.

"Madison! Oh my God!" Lisa said as she grabbed me into a huge hug.

"Hey! You look good. And this place, wow, just wow. Need a roomie who you can let stay for free? Cause I'm totally your girl."

She laughed, "As of right now no, but you're first on my list. Drinks are in the kitchen so help yourself. I just know that you're dying to meet Patrick, he'll be here shortly. Or so he says," she rolled her eyes, "You know how men are."

I laughed and excused myself to grab a drink.

I walked into the kitchen taking in all the stainless steel that surrounded it. I looked to the right seeing a table filled with every type of booze and mixer imaginable.

"Ahhh heaven." I said out loud to myself, and quickly walked over to the table. I immediately grabbed the nearest vodka bottle and a cup. With the cup in one hand and the bottle in the other I went to go pour my drink, until my hair fell in my face.

"Damn hair, always gets in the way". I gathered up my hair in one hand and tried to steadily pour the liquid into my cup with the other, and completely failed spilling onto the table. "Grrr..." I tried again with just holding the cup and the bottle in opposite hands, but the hair fell over my eyes.

"Here, let me help you," a male voice I didn't recognize whispered into my ear. Before I had the chance to turn around he gathered my hair off my face gently and held it at the base of my neck, as I poured my drink. A small shiver came at his touch, because his presence was so strong and so close.

"Thanks," I said as I started to turn around. I came face to face with a smirk america has loved to hate, Pete Wentz was standing before me.

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This chapter is a little wordy and not a lot of dialouge, but I'm such a sucker for set up and details.

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