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Gerard Way is an alcoholic, who faints in a bar. The bartender (guess who!) saves his life.

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As Gerard Way swallowed the last of his Jack Daniel's, he groaned a little. The way the strong liquid cleansed his throat, it almost felt like a brief moment of nirvana.

He looked around himself. The bar was almost empty, and it looked like they were about to close for the night

His eyes fell on the short bartender. The way he kept shooting glances at Gerard whilst biting on a felt-tip pen, made it seem like Gerard was the only person left in the bar.

"There's always time for another drink", he said to himself and stood up, but immediately regretted doing so. He quickly placed his hands on the table, to stop himself from falling straight to the ground.

"Ow, fuck!"

The bartender stared at him again. What was his deal, anyway? Couldn't he keep his fucking eyes to himself? What a dumb fuck...

Gerard slowly walked towards the bar. The bartender obviously noticed that Gerard had started moving, and tried to moved his gaze elsewhere.

As Gerard approached the bar counter, he saw the last couple of people walk out the door. He actually was the only one in the bar now. Well, he and the bartender. Damn, now that guy was staring again. Fucking annoying, that's what it was.

"Hey dude!"

The bartender looked at Gerard quizzically.

"Yeah, you. Quit fucking looking at me and gimme another ... Uh, what ever I just had."

"Sorry, sir, I think you've had enough for tonight."

The bartenders voice sent chills down Gerard's spine.

"Fuck no I haven't", Gerard slurred. He could control his alcohol intake pretty fucking well on his own, thank you very much.

"I'm sorry, but I won't serve you, sir."

...What the fuck? What happened to 'the costumer is always right'?

"Quit fucking around. I want my fucking drink", he stated, getting angrier by the second.

"I already told you, I won't - Hey, are you alright?"

Then everything went black.


"Where... where am I?"

Gerard woke up in a room he had never seen before. The walls were white and blank, windows were shut, and /oh my God, he had a needle in his arm/.

"Get that thing away from me!", he shrieked. Then he noticed all the equipment next to where he lay. He heard beeps, they had gotten more frequent after he noticed the needle jammed in his veins. It occurred to him that it was his heart monitor that caused the noise. But wait... if he had a heat monitor, what had happened to him?

"Hey! Anybody! Where the fuck am I, and why do I have a freaking needle in me?"

Mere seconds later, two people entered the room.

"Frank! He's awake!"

The tallest of the two, a blonde woman, who appeared to be a nurse, walked over to Gerard's bed.

"Gerard, I'm Christine, your nurse. You are at Sacred Heart Hospital, you came here just about three weeks ago, due to alcohol poisoning. In the ambulance, you fell into a coma. Frank here's the reason you're still alive. If he hadn't called for an ambulance when he did, you most likely wouldn't have been alive now."

The guy, who apparently was called Frank, stepped closer to Christine. Gerard remembered him from that night in the bar.

"You're that mother fucker who wouldn't give me my drink, right?"

Frank laughed, and Christine shrugged and mumbled something about Gerard's 'foul language'.

"Obviously no amnesia...", Christine said. "I'm going to go run some tests in the lab, I'll be back in a while."

Frank sat down on a chair, and the awkward silence hit immediately. It took a few minutes before Gerard finally spoke.

"So... why did you save me?"

"It's called being polite", Frank giggled. Hearing him laugh made Gerard smile.

"Ha ha, right. But, why are you here? Did you know I was gonna wake up?"

Frank blushed a little. Just now Gerard noticed that the other man had a lip ring, and he found the way he would play with it to be quite cute.

"Actually, I've been here every day since you got here", Frank said, and for some reason, his eyes seemed to be glued to the floor. He was probably nervous, Gerard thought.

Gerard cocked his head to the left and stared at the other man. Why had he stayed with him, and why had he come in every single day? Three weeks, that's a lot of time. A lot of time he could've spent doing something meaningful...

"When you came here, they were just going to pump your stomach, but obviously something went wrong. They even told me what it was, I'm just not very good with medical phrases... Anyway, you fell into a coma, and I couldn't just leave you here, alone."

Gerard nodded, his family didn't even live in the same state as him. Frank took a short breath, before he continued to talk.

"So, I told the nurses I was a close friend of yours, that was the only way they'd let me stay with you after visiting hours. I thought that maybe there was a bigger chance of you waking up sooner if you felt you had someone near you, I've heard that physical contact can decrease how long the healing might take. Every day I've come here, and I've been sitting on that chair over there, occasionally reading you the newspaper, and I've played you some CD's I brought..."

Frank took a short break as he pointed in direction of a table full of CD stacks, most of it seemed to be rock and punk. Gerard was sure he saw his favorite Morrissey CD in one of the stacks. He turned back to Frank, and waited for him to say something more. His voice was pretty calming and nice, actually. When he didn't talk, Gerard decided it was time he asked some questions.

"Who are you?"

Frank laughed to himself. Gerard had to think he was a complete nut job, taking care of someone who didn't even know his name.

"Name's Frank Iero. I used to work at the bar you fainted in, but I got permitted, in order to take care of you."

"Are you dumb? Why would you do that, you don't even know me!"

Frank stuttered a little, he wasn't sure how to explain this one.

"Uh, well... After the first couple of days, I began enjoying these visits more and more. I would tell you everything that was on my mind, and you would of course listen, because of your coma and all. It just felt so good to have someone new and 'fresh' to talk to, someone who didn't know me well enough too judge me when I came to them with my problems. I guess I kind of became addicted to seeing you. I became addicted to seeing you lie peacefully on the bed. To hear you breathe quietly. To see your features beneath the sheets. I became addicted to you, Gerard."

Frank shifted a little in his chair. It was clear that he was very uncomfortable, after all, he had nearly poured his heart out just now. The fact that Gerard didn't say anything, really didn't help. He just sat there in his hospital bed, still with the needle that had previously freaked him completely out placed in his lower arm.

Before he said what he was sure he would regret, he took Gerard's hand in his own, and held it tightly.

"I may not know you, but I think I love you."
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