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Brotherly Love

by BlacknWhiteRainbow

Sweet, romantic, and a little raunchy.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: NC-17 - Genres: Erotica,Fantasy,Romance - Characters: Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2007-12-01 - Updated: 2007-12-01 - 563 words

A/N: Stoopid chapter title. :]

Chapter 17 Brotherly Love

Narrator POV

Plenty. He flips Gerard over and pins him down to the kitchen table. He breathes down Gerard's neck. He peppers Gerard's back with kisses. He watches in pleasure as Gerard's toned back twists with pleasure at his tickling touch. He let his fingertips ghost down that back to the curve of Gerard's ivory ass. He leans down to kiss the star shaped birth mark. The firm little butt pushes into the lips. Two strong hands push it back down. A single long digit traces its way to Gerard's furrowed orifice. The finger gentle pushes past the puckered entrance. Another goes in to join it's comrade. The two begin to scissor, primitive moans fly from the mouth of Mikey's brother. It's sounds sweeter than a chorus of angels. Mikey finds the butter on the table, he uses it to coat his agonizing hardness. He alines himself with Gerard. His warm hands grasps slim hips. A shout echoes through the room. A shout of ectasy, and animalism. With pleasure this great the mind must revert to handle it all. More noise fills the room, a duet of moans fogs up the air. If a pair eyes were to through the window. They would see a scene. Not a necessarily crude scene either. It more like two sculptures given the right to move, and love. The beings were brothers, and brothers should be allowed to love too. You would see the younger one be dominant. You would see the older brother not care. No, he did care, he loved that his brother was slamming into him.

Gerard's POV kinda different sounding

This is loving, not fucking. Fucking you don't care who does it, it's just a physical need. These actions were in needs of emotion. In this you had the one you love. You were being loved hard. His enlarged cock was penetrating, joining to people together. He has his strong hands on your soft hips, his eyes were looking at you, drinking you, seeing you in your barest moments, in your beauty. This alone could have set you off the edge. This didn't though. You were being touched, this touch left you with a firey sensation in the pit of your stomach. This factor didn't do it either. It was the face of maestro doing this to you. It was his face, his pinks lips hung open in an O, his eyes veiled in lust, pleasure, and love. His skin was glistening with beads of sweat. This creature wrapped a hand around you cock. He pumped you fast, you breath was taken away. You lost with last strong thrust. You were being drowned with waves of felicity.

Mikey's POV

The lovely creature you hand you hands on face was one of bliss. His breathing was erractic, his eyes adorned with love. The love that he had for you. You pushed into him, and felt the named of your brother, you lover escape your lips. You collasped on top of him, sucking up air. He kissed your forehead. You fell asleep, with your seed adhering yourself to him.

A/N: Sorry if it's not smutty or graphic enough for you. I kinda a like it. Plus it's long I've started writing the next chapter. Oh and sorry about the long wait for the chapter. Review please.
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