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Chapter 8

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You'll laugh, you'll cry, it's got a little bit of everything.

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It had been almost two weeks since the show and people were still talking about it. She got calls from designers almost every day to appear in their shows, but she strictly said it was a one-time thing and she wasn’t going to start modeling again. It also meant the paparazzi had started following her around again, snapping pictures of everything she did. The show wouldn’t air on TV until tonight, but pictures of Haley in her black and diamond outfit from the finale were in all the magazines and all over the fashion and gossip websites. It was supposed to be a big surprise that she was there, but before she finished her first lap down the runway camera phone pictures were already posted on the gossip blogs. Pete had even changed his computer background to a rotating collage of the pictures. He hadn’t been able to keep his hands off of her for the past two weeks, either. Not that she was complaining, although the lack of sleep was starting to get to both of them. Haley woke up to the sun streaming in the window, and squinted at the clock. 10:45. “Shit.” She grumbled to herself. She looked down at Pete sprawled out, naked and softly snoring next to her. She leaned over and gently kissed him, before climbing out of bed and creeping to the closet to grab some clothes without waking him. She headed into the kitchen and opened the fridge, deciding to make breakfast. She pulled out some eggs and bacon and set to work. Pete shuffled in a few minutes later, wearing the same clothes as yesterday that he picked up off the floor.
“It smells like food.” He yawned, wrapping his arms around Haley’s waist from behind and resting his chin on her shoulder. “You want to go for round two?” he grinned slyly, sliding his hand underneath her shirt.
“No.” she smiled, shaking her head.
“Why not? Wasn’t it good?” he pouted, pulling away.
“No, it was great.” She pulled him back to her, kissing him. “But I’m making you breakfast.” She pointed at the stove.
“Aww, that’s so adorable.” He smiled as she dumped the eggs on a plate and placed the bacon next to them. She placed the plate at the table and pushed him down into a chair, taking a step back. “Aren’t you going to have any?” he looked around on the counter for another plate.
“I don’t want any. I don’t eat breakfast.” She shrugged.
“But you made it. You have to eat it.” He pulled her down onto his lap and placed the fork in front of her mouth. She grudgingly took a bite.
“Hey, that’s actually good!” she said, surprising herself. They sat and shared the rest of the plate in that same position. “I have to go.” Haley said, looking at the clock and jumping up.
“Go where?”
“To the salon to get these extensions taken out and then to work.”
“I thought you had the day off today.” Pete pouted.
“I had the morning off, but I have to go in this afternoon. We’re getting the new batch of samples in for Kimmy’s designs from Vegas.”
“Ok. But why do you have to get your extensions out? I like your long hair.” He ran a hand through her hair.
“I thought you liked my short hair?” she raised an eyebrow.
“I just like your hair.”
“But this isn’t my hair, this is plastic.” She grabbed a fistful of hair.
“Ok, then I guess it’s alright. But then you’ll come home for round two, right?” he grinned.
“I still have to go to work. And you’re supposed to be at the recording studio in an hour and a half.”
“I forgot about that.” His face fell.
“How are you supposed to be a rock star if you can’t remember to show up at the studio?” she laughed, grabbing her purse and heading towards the door.
“But later, round two?” he followed her through the house.
“I thought of a title for the song I wrote about you.” He leaned against the doorframe.
“It’s called Round Two.” He smirked.
“Oh, really?” she giggled.

Haley was playing with her hair as she rode the elevator up to the office. With the extensions taken out of her hair, her entire head felt so much lighter. When the door opened, she stepped out and froze mid-step. “Do you like it? The company sent it over. They’re going to put them in the windows of all the stores.” Tim said, poking his head out from behind a life-size cutout of her in the black outfit from the show.
“That thing is terrifying.” Haley said in shock.
“It looks so real.” Ali said looking closely at the diamonds draping off of the wings.
“Where should we put it?” Tim asked, picking it up and looking around.
“Over here, where everyone can see.” Kimmy pointed to a corner across from the elevator.
“Must we? Your hand is on my crotch.” Haley complained, following them. Tim put it down and stood back, pondering it’s placement. “Turn it like this or the window will fade one side.” Haley adjusted it.
“Unless you want to take it home. Maybe Pete wants it.” Tim looked at her trying to place it perfectly.
“No, they replaced the diamonds with rhinestones and gave me the outfit. Not the wings though” She shrugged.
“Oh, really?” Tim laughed.
“I mentioned how much he liked it, and three days later it was on my doorstep.” She smirked. “And let me tell you,” she leaned it, practically whispering “he likes it even better up close. If you know what I mean.” She wiggled her eyebrows, making Tim laugh.
“Hey, the new samples came in this morning.” Kimmy said, perking up. “Do you want to go see them?”
“Absolutely.” She followed Kimmy and Ali over to the corner where the clothing racks were set up. The two girls watched nervously as Haley lifted the plastic cover off the first item.
“I can’t watch.” Ali buried her head in Kimmy’s shoulder.
“Oh my god.” Haley said in a flat tone.
“What? What is it?!” Ali’s head flung up.
“They’re gorgeous!” she pulled the plastic off the other pieces and held up a short silk dress with little leather details.
“Holy shit! We did it!” Kimmy squealed, jumping around.
“I hate to break up the party, but there’s some stuff I need to go over with you for the ad campaign.” Kyle approached them, turning to Haley. Haley spent most of the afternoon with Kyle picking out styles and colors and models and locations and photographers for the ad campaign they would have to start shooting soon to run in magazines, now that they had something to advertise. It was after 4:30 when she finally made it back to Tim’s desk.
“Hey, I’m going to head out little early, call me if anything urgent comes up.” She gathered her stuff out of her office.
“We’re all going out tonight to celebrate the samples not sucking. Do you want to come?”
“Yeah, sure. What time?” she nodded.
“Around 8. Club Park.”
“Ok, I know where that is.” She waved goodbye to everyone as she made her way to the elevator. As she rode down she pulled out her cell phone and noticed she had a new message. Pressing the button, she held the phone up to her ear and instantly recognized Pete’s voice.
“Hey, Baby. I just wanted to say hi and see how your day’s going. Um…you should stop by when you get done work. I’ll show you around the studio. It’ll be fun.” His voice changed to a whisper. “I can’t stop thinking about round two.” He returned to normal. “Well, I’ve got to go. I’ll call back before we leave, in case you’re not here yet. We should still be here by the time you’re done though. I’ll talk to you later. Guys, if you put that on the ground Hem’s just going to eat it!” she heard him yelling at someone in the background as he hung up.

She turned into the studio parking lot a few minutes later and pulled up next to Pete’s car. No one was around when she entered the building, so she just followed the sound of voices and music. Peeking in a window down the hallway, she spotted Andy and Patrick sitting behind a mixing board. She tapped on the glass, causing Patrick to jump slightly. Andy waved and motioned for her to come in, talking to someone that she couldn’t see on the other side of the room. She quietly slipped in the door, and Pete immediately jumped up from the couch where he was talking to Andy and rushed over. “Hey, you made it. I wasn’t sure you’d get my message.” He placed a kiss on her lips.
“Yeah. Thanks for giving me directions, by the way. Luckily I remembered what street you said it was on. I just drove around until I found your car. She smirked, and Patrick and Andy snorted in laughter.
“I’m so sorry, I totally forgot to give you the address. Were you driving long? You should have just called.” He ran a hand through his hair.
“I’m kidding, I was like a block off.” She laughed.
“Oh, good. Here, let me show you around.” He grabbed her hand, taking her purse and tossing it on the couch. “So, this is the studio. That’s the recording booth.” He pointed to the small booth where Joe was playing his guitar with headphones on. He led her out the door. “In here’s the kitchen, where all the snacks are…Come in here.” He opened a door across the hall from the studio and pulled her in the darkened room.
“Pete…why are we in a closet?” she asked as he shut the door and flipped on a light switch.
“So I can do this…” he wrapped his hand around the back of her head and pulled her to him, capturing her lips. She sighed into the kiss and snaked her arms around his neck. She parted her lips and deepened the kiss. When he reached for the waistband of her pants, she pulled back, breaking the kiss.
“What are you doing?” she smirked.
“Nothing...” He shrugged innocently, reaching for her lips again.
“I’m not having sex with you, if that’s why you thought I came here.”
“Why not?” he whined.
“Because we’re in a closet, and your band is across the hall waiting for you.”
“They can wait a little longer.” He said, kissing her neck.
“Come on, Baby. I told you I’d make it up to you tonight.” She reached for the doorknob, straightening out her shirt.

“Where’d Pete go?” Joe asked, coming out of the booth and sitting down to listen to what he just played.
“He went to go show Haley around.” Patrick said.
“How much is there to show her?” Joe scratched his head.
“I don’t know,” Andy smirked, “but he just dragged her into the closet across the hall.”
“So, he was talking to me about her this morning. We were working on that song he wrote for her.” Patrick adjusted his hat. “And he mentioned the ‘L’ word.”
“She’s a lesbian?!” Joe gasped.
“No, dumbass! The other ‘L’ word.” Patrick smacked him in the back of the head.
“No, he said he was in love with her.”
“That’s good. She’s good for him.” Andy nodded.
“Yeah, of all the girls he’s gone out with, I like her the best. And not just ‘cause she’s the hottest, either.” Joe smiled. Andy fake coughed as a warning as Pete and Haley came back into the room.
“What?” Pete gave them a look as they all stared at him.
“That’s a lovely color on you, it really brings out your eyes.” Joe laughed.
“What the fuck are you talking about?” Pete scowled.
“It’s only 5:30, don’t you think it’s a little early in the evening for lip gloss?” Patrick said, pointing at his mouth.
“Shit…” Pete mumbled, wiping his mouth on his sleeve. Haley’s face turned slightly pink as she tried to discretely check her own lips for smears. She took a seat on the couch next to Pete to watch them record, which was really watching Joe play one verse of a song a million times until he got it perfect, before moving on to the chorus. Around 6:45, she got up to leave.
“I should go, I’m meeting the people from the office to celebrate our fabulous new samples.”
“Did they turn out good?” Patrick asked politely.
“Yeah, they’re really cool. You guys should see them.” Haley smiled, heading to the door.
“I’ll walk you out.” Pete wrapped his arm around her waist. “Where are you guys going?”
“Club Park. Do you want to come?”
“No, we’ve still got some stuff we wanted to get done here. But call a cab. The parking around there’s horrible, and the valets scratched my car the last time I was there.”
“Good to know.” She stopped short just inside the door to the building. There were two photographers on the sidewalk across from her car. “Maybe I should say goodbye here.” She turned to Pete.
“Yeah, I’ll see you later. Don’t forget about your promise.” He grinned.
“Oh, you won’t let me.” She smiled and gently kissed his lips. Sliding on her sunglasses, she sighed and pushed the door open. Immediately the photographers put their cameras up to their faces.

Haley managed to push her way to her car fairly easily, however when she got back to the house, there were six more photographers waiting at the end of the driveway. This was the kind of thing she didn’t think she’d ever get used to. She quickly changed into a simple black short-sleeved tee-shirt dress, with a white belt and red patent leather motorcycle boots. She called the cab company and sat down at the kitchen counter to wait for them. Glancing out the window, she noticed that one of the photographers had left, but the others didn’t seem like they were planning on going anywhere, anytime soon. Standing up, she went to the freezer and grabbed the bottle of Grey Goose vodka out of the back that Pete kept for impromptu parties. She took two long gulps, coughing as it burned its way down. She screwed the cap back on and carefully placed it back in its place as the cab pulled into the driveway.

Sighing, Haley took another sip of her drink in the group’s booth at the club. Hey had been there for a while now, and she was on her third rum and coke, which followed a glass of champagne to toast their success, two beers, a cosmo and a few shots in between. She’d lost count around three or four. She was beyond buzzed, and was just drunk. Everyone else was having a good time, but she just felt bored.
“You want me to get you another one?” Tim slurred, pointing at her half empty glass.
“No, I’m still good.” She smiled.
“I can’t believe how amazing this all is.” Ali gushed, falling into the seat next to her. “I never thought I’d be working on a fashion line, with a supermodel, who hangs out with rock stars.”
“I know. I thought I’d be like, 40 before I was designing an entire line.” Kimmy giggled.
“And it’s going to be in stores and everything.” Ali squealed. “Oh my god, Paris Hilton is over there! I’m partying with Paris Hilton! Do you want to go get closer?” Ali bounced up.
“No, I think I’m going to head home. I’m not feeling too well.” Haley stood up, instantly feeling dizzy. She stumbled out into the night and shivered as she waited for the doorman to hail a cab for her. It was surprisingly cool for L.A.

As the cab pulled into the driveway, Haley noticed that the photographers were finally gone. It must be too cold even for them. The house was dark as she walked in. She figured Pete must already be asleep. Using the wall as a guide, she made her way into the bedroom and noticed a note sitting on her pillow.
Figured you’d be out late. Went to grab dinner with the guys, maybe hit up some Guitar Hero at Patrick’s. Back by 3ish.
Haley glanced at the clock, 2:17. She stumbled back into the kitchen and went straight for the freezer. She took another gulp from the bottle and instantly regretted it. She leaned over the sink and released the contents of her stomach. She still felt drunk though; it was probably because she hadn’t eaten anything. She rinsed her mouth out and wiped her eyes, grabbing the phone off the counter. She looked around and went to her closet down the hall. Opening the door, she crawled into the space below her clothes and next to her rack of shoes. She dialed the familiar number and waited as it ringed. “It’s four in the morning, this had better be good.” A tired voice grumbled down the line.
“Bill, I think I have a problem.” the tears burst out.

I recently discovered that I'm a horrible song writer, so if anyone wants to take a crack at "Round Two" you will be greatly appreciated, and perhaps included as a character in a future chapter.
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