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Chapter 7 1/2

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After the show

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So, I was just going to leave the fashion show out, just 'cause I thought it would be hard to write and boring to read. But then I got some requests to include it, and it was going to be part of the next chapter but it was getting too long and didn't fit. So here's chapter 7 and a half...enjoy!

“Dude, this is going to be so awesome!” Joe said, bouncing in his seat. “I wonder if Gisele’s single.”
“Like you’d ever have a chance if she was.” Andy laughed from beside him.
“You never know if you don’t try. Who knows what her type is.” Joe shrugged. “How’d we manage to get such good seats?” They were seated in the front row, on the right side just at the end of the runway.
“Pete’s girlfriend is in the show, they gave her the tickets.” Patrick peered over Andy to roll his eyes at Joe.
“Oh, right.” Joe looked to his other side where Pete was slouched in his seat biting his nails. “Dude, what’s up with you? You look nervous.”
“I don’t know. I just want her to do ok. I don’t want her to mess up or anything.” He shrugged.
“Or are you worried about getting a boner in front of all these people?” Joe laughed, and Pete just glared at him.
“Didn’t she say her assistant was going to be here? What’s his name?” Patrick called down the row.
“Tim. She couldn’t get all the seats together, so him and his boyfriend are sitting over there.” Pete pointed behind them. Just then the lights dimmed and the music began to play. He remembered Haley had told him that she was fourth in line for the first segment, so after the third model pranced past he sat up a little straighter in his seat to get
a better view. As soon as she stepped around the corner onto the runway, the whispers and murmurs in the audience grew in volume and camera flashes started going off, lighting up the entire auditorium. She was wearing a gold and bright blue sari inspired top, with gold panties, gold shoes with ribbons that wrapped up her ankles and a long train made of peacock feathers that perfectly matched the Indian music that was playing.

Haley couldn’t help but smile at the audience’s reaction when she stepped out onto the runway. As much as she didn’t want to admit it, she really had missed this. When she reached the end of the runway, she stopped to briefly pose, glancing down at the seats she had gotten for the guys. Surely, there were Pete and his friends sitting at ankle height, not six feet away from her, with their eyes wide and their mouths open. She giggled and winked at them before turning and heading back up the runway. Her next outfit was an English garden theme, with a bra with big fabric roses all over it in pastel colors and vines and leaves going up the straps, and plaid panties. She had black stiletto mary-janes and white knee socks with ruffles on the tops. The next segment was Alice in Wonderland, she was the Queen of Hearts. She had a red glittery bra and panties, with a little white satin layer draped across the back, with black fringe on the bottom. She had playing cards on her hip and one side of her bra, and red patent leather boots up to her thighs. Her outfit was topped off with a big glittering tiara with hearts all over it. The guys’ expressions had not changed the entire show, and she thought her final outfit might just kill them. She was the last model to go for the final look, so she had an extra minute to get ready, and she needed it. She was wearing a diamond encrusted bra and black panties with a tiny black sheer skirt that was gathered up on the sides and held with diamond clips so it bunched and draped across the front and back. She also had a black satin corset and black gloves that went up over her elbows with big diamond bracelets on each wrist and diamond shoes. She wore huge black feathery angel wings with diamonds draping across and hanging off. She slowly made her way down the runway and posed for the cameras, before gathering with the other girls for one last shot. “Holy shit, no wonder you’re so possessive.” Joe smirked at Pete as Haley walked by the last time. Out of the corner of her eye, Haley saw Pete punch Joe in the chest and smile at her making her giggle.

“Are you coming to the after party?” Heidi asked, as they got changed after the show.
“No, I think I’m just going to go home with my friends. They’re waiting for me outside.” Haley shrugged, pulling on her jeans.
“Don’t leave without introducing me, I still want to meet them.” Heidi smiled.
“Hey, are you two coming to the party tonight?” Gisele skipped over to them, already changed into her own clothes.
“No…” Haley started again.
“We’re going to meet Cupcake’s new boyfriend and his band.” Heidi clapped.
“Ooh, were they the ones on the one side that were drooling all over you?” Gisele laughed.
“I told them not to embarrass me.” Haley pouted.
“What are you talking about? It was adorable!” Gisele said.
“It was like little kids in a candy store.” Heidi added.
“I guess.” Haley picked up her purse.
“Are we leaving now?” Gisele asked as they both followed Haley out the door to where the guys were waiting off to one side.
“Hey, Baby.” Haley leaned in and lightly pecked Pete’s lips.
“Hey. You were great.” He smiled, wrapping an arm around her waist.
“Thanks. This is Gisele and Heidi. They wanted to meet you guys.” The girls shook each of their hands while they just stared, blinking.
“Hi, it’s great to meet you all. We wanted to meet Cupcake’s new friends. Make sure we approved, you know?” Heidi said, perkily.
“Uh…” was all Patrick could manage to get out. They stood sizing up the boys for another couple moments while Haley, grinning, looked from Heidi to Pete to Gisele and back. Finally, Gisele whispered something to Heidi and Heidi nodded firmly.
“We approve.” Heidi smiled at Haley, and Gisele gave a thumbs-up. They turned to leave, and Gisele turned back, pointing sternly at Pete.
“I’ll be watching you.” She glared, making Pete look nervous.
“What was that about?” he asked, thoroughly confused.
“They liked you.” Haley smiled, kissing Pete on the cheek.
“Heidi Klum touched me.” Patrick beamed, staring at the hand she shook.
“They wanted to make sure my new boyfriend was good enough for me.” She grabbed Pete’s hand and led everyone to his car.
“You looked really hot in there. Like REALLY hot.” Joe grinned looking Haley up and down.
“Dude, what did I tell you about looking at her like that?” Pete glared at him.
“So, what are we going to do now?” Andy asked to avoid whatever Joe was planning on saying next.
“I’ve been on a diet for like a week and a half. I want a cheeseburger!” Haley smiled.
“In and Out Burger it is then.” Pete stated as they all piled into the car.

After getting his girlfriend her cheeseburger and dropping everyone off where they needed to go, Pete finally pulled into his driveway. Hopping out of the car, Haley started towards the house when Pete came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist, and began kissing and nibbling at her neck.
“What are you doing?” she giggled, trying to walk with him hanging onto her.
“Joe was right, you DID look hot up there.” He groaned, pressing his growing arousal into her back.
“At least wait until we’re inside.” She giggled as he popped the button of her jeans open. She glanced around them in the dark, half expecting a photographer to jump out of the bushes or something. Taking his keys out of his hand, she opened the door and led him inside. He spun her around and picked her up by the hips, letting her wrap her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.
“I’ve wanted to do this all night.” He smiled, slipping his tongue into her mouth and carrying her into the bedroom.

Chapter 8 should be up tonight or tomorrow-ish.
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