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Brook and Itachi left the scattered remains of her puppet in the workshop and went to supper in the large house.

Brook and Itachi sat next to each other, Kisame sat next to Itachi and Konan sat next to Brook. Itachi's leg always touched Brook and they held hands above the table. Konan and Brook were a lot like Brook and Sakura had been before she left. Best friends... That occasionaly beat the shit out of each other.

Brook eyed the food in front of her. Kisame had previously been cooking (They all had a new found hatrid for fish), but now it was Sasori's turn, and the dish in front of her looked ready to jump off her plate.

"You first," Brook whispered to Itachi. She knew Sasori thought of her as a little sister, so he wouldn't hurt her.

Itachi carefully took a bite. "It's fine. It's pretty good actually." Konan took a bite next to her and continued to eat. Brook took a bite and recognized it immediately. It was a traditional dish for the Sand Village, Gaara had made it for her once before. It was good.

Brook and Itachi were the last ones sitting at the table, as always. They sat with their heads toghether, speaking in whispers, stealing kisses when no one was watching.

"Would you two get out of here? I have work to do." Roland said, hunched over a large pile of papers.

"Fine..." Brook sighed, standing up and grabbing Itachi's hand. He followed her up three flights of stairs and into the room they shared. There were two beds, but one was never used.

Itachi and Brook kissed in the room, which was illuminated by the moon, loving every minute.

As they layed side-be-side, catching their breath, Brook looked deeply into his eyes, trying to see something.

"What is it?" He whispered, watching her intently.

"Nothing." She said. He turned on his back and she snuggled into his side. "What are you thinking about right now?"

"How I lived with Sasori all these years and never knew he could cook." He laughed with her. "And what would you be thinking about?"

"You. What else?" She said, still looking into his eyes. He could see the smile on her lips in her eyes. "What are you really thinking?"

"Too many things for words."

"Name a few." He put his hand on her hair, playing with the red and white strands. While her energy faded, her hair turned to a beautiful brown, which Itachi actually perfered.

"You, you, Sasori's cooking, you." She looked up at him and kissed him under his chin, he hadn't looked down at her, but had stared at the ceiling. He looked down when she kissed him, and she moved up to his mouth with her's. They kissed ever so gently, Itachi rolling on top of her. Itachi removed his shirt and Brook followed his example. This wasn't odd for them.

Itachi rolled so she was laying on him. Her flat stomach rubbed against his. He could feel the ring in her belly button on his abs, which her hands ran up and down on.

His hands rubbed on her back, staying away from her bra. He knew her limits, and kept them in his sights. No matter how much he wanted her to change them.

He moved his hands slowly up her back, then put his hands on the back of her bra. She smiled against his lips. He undid the first clasp, and she kissed him faster, so he undid the second.

Brook and Itachi made love that night, Brook giving him everything.

Okay. To my three or four faithfull readers, please reveiw. I feel inadequet.
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