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'The story of schooling, it's always the same.' Machine #95. Lil' nonsense fic, more like my rambling thoughts, thought I'd post it coz I've neglected you for a while

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#95 Machine

In the end it’s always the same.
The couple who were going to last forever split 3 months after leaving school.
The friends who were never going to part get really drunk one night and throw it all away.
The boy who finally got the girl looses her to the posh guy in her French class.
The girl who always wanted that boy isn’t there anymore to pick up the pieces for him.
The people who promised they’d never leave your side fade away into the background until eventually they’re gone.
The girl who always wanted you more will move onto bigger and better things making you feel suddenly alone.
The friend who said they’d stick by you through thick and thin will become distracted by beckoning city lights.
You’ll find friendship in the most unlikely of places.
You’ll find you belong somewhere other than on internet gaming chat rooms.
You’ll discover the most amazing group of people you’ve ever met in your entire life and they’ll inspire you to do amazing things that you’ve never even dreamt of doing.
These friends may disappear like all the rest and leave you with room to meet even more remarkable people.
Or maybe you’ll take over the world together.
One show at a time.

AN- Maybe the most pointless thing I’ve ever written but maybe the most true to life, maybe not to their lives but definitely to mine. It was inspired by sitting around in the college common room thinking about how things have changed since school. Named ‘Machine’ because the schooling system reminds me of a big old machine producing all these lovely little people. Yeah the fic sucks but hey, at least no one dies!
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