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Chapter 2

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September 8, 2007.

Posted to: KissMyBass

Well, today was rather interesting. Bob called this morning to say he'd be running late, so I picked him up at 7:00 instead. He wore this ridiculous blazer with a grey Rancid shirt. I laughed at him the entire way to school. We walked through the front doors of our new educationary area and found Geoff with his ninja-esuqe friend and Gerard. Gerard was sitting next to Dave, talking about David Bowie or something. And that's when Bob imploded. I hadn't noticed that Geoff's friend was wearing the same shirt as Bob, but Bob did. Apparently, he'd spent the entire morning planning out his really, really awful outfit. Bob stormed off, leaving me to laugh and everyone else in confusion.

I think what made this day greater was when we were in Geoff's friend's art class, eighth period. His name was Frank, and yes, he did speak English. He just wasn't good at it. Or maybe he just wasn't loud enough. I don't think we'll ever know because he hardly speaks. God, this is going to be the most entertaining school year ever.

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Sing4Absolution: Bob is going to be so pissed when he reads this. Beware. Haha.
LittleDrummerBoy: I am going to kill this kid. Also, educationary isn't a word.
--KissMyBass: Screw you.


September 10, 2007.

Posted to: GuitarHero

Two days into school, and it's already a nightmare. I've decided to make myself invisible by just not talking and keeping to myself. I think it's already working because my homeroom teacher stopped calling my name for attendance. I wonder if this will get me in trouble.

In art class that eyepatch guy kept giving me evil looks. This time he had two eyes, which was a relief. Getting the "stink eye" from just one eye would have probably scared me and given me horrible dreams. Perhaps eyepatch man thinks he's a pirate. How unfortunate.

Thank God this was a short week. Saturday, here I come. I can't wait to have my non-friends not call me.

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September 11, 2007.

Posted to: Sing4Absolution

I had art class today, and it was a lot of fun because I'm painting a picture of Robert Smith. I just can't draw his nose. Every time I try, it just comes out bad. I don't want to be known as the guy who fucked up Robert Smith's nose! I think I'm just going to skip it altogether.

Bob called me today to hang out, and we did. We decided it would be a really good idea to walk to Duane Reade to look for bombs. We were just curious as to see what the reactions would be, because we're sick fucks. However, it closed two hours before we got there. Instead, we walked over to Baskin Robbins and spent our bomb-buying money on ice cream. As we were walking home, someone screamed out their window at us. It was either "EMO SUCKS!" or "EVIL SOCKS!" We couldn't tell. Either way, we're not emo and I wasn't wearing any socks at the time. They were all dirty. I didn't tell Bob that, though, because he'd probably just think I was disgusting.

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LittleDrummerBoy: That is disgusting.
--KissMyBass: I agree. That's gross, Gerard.
---Sing4Absolution: I don't think so. I bet you guys do it all the time.
----LittleDrummerBoy: No. I wear socks on a regular basis.
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