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Well let's go back to the middle of the day that starts it all

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Becca Gets signed To A Major Label, and A Unwanted friend Appears, And Lots Of Drama.

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I Do Not Own Any Of These Characters [I wish I did]. These events in this story are not real, None of this really happened.

"So, Do you want it or not?" I thought for a moment. Of course I wanted it, it's want I wanted ever since I was little, I want it to be my life. "Yeah, I do." He smiled.
"He's my card, call me." I nodded and grabbed the card. Virgin Records was written and on the bottom in Cursive, Liam Reese, 555-2506. By the time I looked up he was gone.
My eyes swept across the room But all I saw was Bobbing heads and people loading and unloading stuff.
"Hey." I turned around to see Alex, My Drummer. He was tall and Slender, His Black hair sweeping over to one side which slightly covered one of his Crystal Blue eyes, It Bother the hell out of me when he chewed one of his lip rings, I never knew why, Maybe just because I was afraid he might actully rip it out and he would be fine with it but other then me I would think he would die in a couple of hours.
We met in a Mindless Self-Indulgence Concert. We were only 17 then and after that we became friends ever since.
"What was that all about?" He Snapped me out of My thought, He crossed his arms. I handed him the card and he looked at me wide-eyed grabbing the card. He took one glance at the card and attacked me with a hug crushing me against his chest and kissing my head. "No way, I can't believe it." He said almost screaming in my ear.
"Can't breathe." I Managed to say.
He let go smiling.
"I thought we were supposed to hate eachother, not be all Lovey-Dovey."
Andrew was the opposite of Alex.
He had long blonde hair up to is shoulders which also swept to one side, he had hazel eyes, he was shorter and chubby but he had the "cute chubby' and next to him was his brother Chad. He also had blonde hair and hazel eyes but he was tall and slender other then his brother.
I flicked Andrew off and he just laughed. "So Guys, we might get signed."


I brought myself back to reality.
That was two years ago and look were signed with Virgin records, on tour and working on our second album. Alex's head was on my knee looking at me which I didn't try to noticed. "You Okay?" I nodded, looking at the window so I didn't have to look at Alex gaze. I felt him shift and the weight was gone from my knee and I knew he was going to ask me If I was sure so I decided not to waste his breathe. "I was Just thinking about stuff."


I grabbed a beer. "I had A dream about you." My heart began to race And I knew who it was. "And It was hot, If you want You can still take that offer." I turned around and shook my head.
"Actually, I won't take your offer, Gerard." He Smiled. "Alright, But you'll change your mind soon." I walk away far away.
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