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Chapter 5

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hehe confession 5!

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October 1, 2007.

Posted to: Sing4Absolution

I went to a party today, where Ray showed up at. In attempt to destroy our friendship, R.J. told him that I liked him-- and he likes me too! His evil schemes backfired. So now we're going out, and I'm having a laughfest at R.J.'s expense. I really enjoy stealing his friends. Since none of you know what he looks like, I'll tell you:

He's hot.

You should all meet him, because he is seriously really attractive. And things. Actually, I'm introducing him to Bob and Frankie tomorrow anyway.

OH. I got new pants! I must show you all, because I look really, really nice in them. Really.

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GuitarHero: Hey they really were foxy pants, sir. I'm glad to hear that R.J. lost, because I like it when he loses. It makes me laugh a lot.
LittleDrummerBoy: If he's anything like you, I'm kind of afraid to meet Ray. I liked your pants a lot. They're very shiny.
--Sing4Absolution: That's why I bought them. They hold my attention.
KissMyBass: I want to meet him, too! Too bad my mom won't let me out of my house. I got in trouble for ripping my brother's underwear. :(
--LittleDrummerBoy: What!? How the hell...
---KissMyBass: I gave him an atomic wedgie and they kind of... tore. It wasn't my fault. Hanes is obviously low quality.


October 2, 2007.

Posted to: LittleDrummerBoy

I met Ray today. Let's just say he ruined my entire love life. But before he did that, back when I didn't want to rip off his face, he rolled around on my grass. It was a very nice gesture. My grass now kind of looks like a pasture.

Anyway, getting back to the Ray-face-ripping. We went to the mall today. (We = Ray, Gerard, Frank and I.) We went into this store that a girl I really like works at. I wanted to ask her out, but I froze up which is very unusual for me. So instead, Ray did it for me. Here's how that went:

Ray: Hi! I'm Ray.
Girl: ...
Ray: And you are...?
Girl: Katie.
Ray: Right! So, my friend Bob over there thinks you're hot.
Girl: Okay?
Ray: He wants to know if you'll go out with him.
Girl: Sorry. I live in San Francisco.

After that, I ran and hid because my life is over. Gerard, I'm probably going to murder him, so be on your toes. I just want to give you a heads up as to why I'll be sitting in the electric chair a few months from now.

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Sing4Absolution: He just tried to help! Actually... no he didn't. He's laughing at you right now. Hahaha.
--LittleDrummerBoy: He won't be laughing when I cook him. :) Mwahaha.


October 5, 2007.

Posted to: KissMyBass

Yeah. So. I have this new obsession with "Band Of Brothers". It's that HBO special about a group of guys in WW2. I was watching the History Channel at like three the other morning and it came on and I was really interested. I told my brother and he let me borrow the box set. I love it a lot. But one of my favorites got his leg blown off so I haven't heard of him for a few hours. And then my other favorite... disappeared. I have no idea what happened to him. He was a Lt. or a Sgt. and then... poof. He's gone? But I don't think he died.... Anyway. I'm up to Part 10 out of 10. Each part is an hour long. Oh, and my other favorite. I liked him a lot. But now he's being a real asshole. Because the war in Europe is over and they can't go home yet. And he being a real ass to the Germans that live there saying that they're all Nazis. Oh well. Good movie thing though. I'm going to have to ask my brother what happened to Mularkey. But duuuude. Colin Hanks is in it. And I despise his character. Ugh. I have no idea why. But I haaaaaate him. I think that everyone should watch this. I learned too. Hitler was scared of heights, like Frank. And he had his own little house , the "Eagle's Nest", built WAY up in the mountains. It was only accessible by a gold elevator, or something [even though I don't think they took an elevator to get there]. At least that's what the movie said. But it's based on real life. Like all the characters are real and everything. And soldiers also needed 85 points to go home. I have no idea how they got points though... But the American soldiers were kind of mean. Well so were the Germans. But for some reason I always thought that the Americans were pretty nice. But they like killed the Germans and then stole their stuff from the dead bodies. Like the Edelweiss, which for some reason my Dad knew all about. It's a flower that only grows at the top of the Swiss Alps and the soldiers only got it if they went up and picked it themselves. It was like "The Mark Of A True Soldier" or something like that. I just realized how friggin' educational this thing is. I'm kind of creeped out now. But I like WW2 a lot anyway. Oh, and they showed the concentration camps. And they were... different from what I saw in other movies. Like it was smaller and more run down. Then again, the Nazis had already abandoned it. But I liked it's interpretation better. Now I have 1/2 hour left to watch before I'm done. OH and two more of my favorites. One is an alcholoic that got demoted. The other was picked at random to go home and on his way to like the boat or something, his car was run off the road and he had a concussion and broke his leg and pelvis and he had to stay in a hospital in Europe for four months. I felt bad for him. And a lot of people got shot in the butt. Like Forrest Gump.

I FOUND MULARKEY! For like a second. I have no idea what happened to him. I started watching it again because this time, I actually know who the people are. But Mularkey survived and so did the guy who's leg got blown off[Guarnere]. They were in the documentary being old. & Another favorite died. I forgot his name. He accidentaly shot himself in the leg with a "Loo-Ger" that he stole from a dead German. It went right through the main artery in his leg and he died really fast. :( BUT. It ends with everyone being all happy playing baseball. I like happy endings. :D

Sing4Absolution: I love "Band Of Brothers"! That's another one I'm going to order online. Want to watch it again one day?
--KissMyBass: Yes, please! It'll be so much fun!
GuitarHero: What the hell was this entry about?
--LittleDrummerBoy: Nothing important, Frank. Just a bunch of really boring crap.
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