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Blood 'reletives'

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WARNING: weirdness involving alcohol,razors, and the new kid, gerard. a WTF story thats gunna have u asking ?'s

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ok so according to the summary this is a weird story. and let me tell ya i was listning to some weird music when i wrote this XD. so hope u enjoy!!

Gym class was always the cherry on top of the cake of my day. I would trip, fall, slip up, or otherwise embarrass myself at least twice each day in the horrid class. I didn’t know anyone in the class because I only hung out with two other people. Those were Dereck and Andy, my best friends. Dereck was the one that looked like he stepped out of the Matrix, the only kid besides us to wear black year-round. Andy, my best friend since 2nd grade, was the hyperactive one. If you gave her two bottles of soda, she would be up until 3 am because she was already naturally hyperactive. And me, well I was the one getting all the weird looks. Every kid in school, besides my friends, looked at me funny at least once a day. Whether it be because I would bound my chest and become a boy for the day or if I decided to die my hair neon green for the week, I didn’t go a day without being looked at weird. It doesn’t bother me anymore, I’m used to it. The most common thing that brought us all together was our love of music and anime/manga, the Japanese animation cartoons/and the books that inspired them. It was the reason I dress the part that I did. We call it cosplaying, dressing as a character. But anyways, back to gym class.

Today was volleyball and I just KNEW I was going to be hit in the head. I trudged up the stairs of the schools basement p.e department into the newer gym. We all lined up on the red tape, as routine, and waited for Mrs. Madwoman I mean Madson to take role.

“Austin, Matt, Shelby, Andrea, Alex…’’ Madson droned on as I tuned in and out of thought. She finally reached the back of the line were I stood with my unusual last name.

“And finally, Miss Zamfer” she turned away and walked back to the front of the gym to relinquish the details of the game, or so I thought. “Class, we will be having a new addition to the class from now on” she motioned to the door were a new boy stood, leaning against the door frame. His long black hair reached his shoulders just barley touching the Misfits shirt he was wearing. The skin showing was pale and looked like the sun had never touched it. He looked like untouched marble, carved only by nature.
‘WAIT! Did I just THINK that!?!?!? Oh hell no. not this crap again. Guys were off limits, ever since him. Ok just calm down, look forward, and prepare for the humiliation of today’

“class, this is Mr. Way” she pointed out, then turned her attention to him “you can set your bag down and stand next to Miss Zamfer over there, to her left. This is where you will line up every day from now on to take roll. I expect you to have gym clothes next time”

“I have them now if you want I could go change”

“That would be perfect!” this seeming to bring a smile to her face, never seen before to the students of Boone high school. He returned a few minutes later dressed in the black shorts, gray shirt attire and stood next to me with a small curious smile thrown my way as he stepped into place.

“Pssst hey dude,” I whispered out of the side of my mouth.

“Yes?” he seemed to not go for stealthy like I had. 'I guess it was his lack of ninja knowledge' I thought to myself as I laughed mentally.

“Hello” I said rather cheerfully. ‘Man I gotta lay off the coffee or I’m gunna turn into the preppy cheerleaders that inhabited these halls.

“Hi?” he said rather confused by my weirdness.

“I’m Desdemona but u can call me Des”

“I’m Gerard. Nice to meet someone that isn’t plastic” he replied smiling at my hair that was a vass array of colors from electric blue to blood red.

“Thanks! I pride myself with the knowledge that I will never become one of them”

He gave an amused laugh and turned to ask something but quickly decided against it and turned towards the front. We had missed the explanation of the rules but who cared? It wasn’t like I was going to be playing that much, I would mostly end up on the floor from tripping.

“Pick your partner and start practicing” Madson called as she promptly began passing out volleyballs. I turned to Gerard and gave a hopeful smile.


“Sweet” his smile felt like it came from his heart. White teeth gleamed in the dull gymnasium lights and perfect eyes capturing you in them. We stepped over to a spot far away from any of the clones, as we called them, and began hitting the ball back and forth. Well, actually, Gerard was hitting it to me and I was catching it and throwing it back. Anything more and I would embarrass myself, which I should have been used to seeing how I came to school on a regular basis as a boy. I just didn’t want him to know I was a klutz yet. Every time I caught it, he seemed to laugh a little.

“What’s funny?” I asked defensively and a little rougher than I had expected out of myself.

“Oh sorry, it’s just when she said practice I thought that meant I wasn’t the only one hitting the ball”

“Oh sorry, here” I tossed him the ball“, your turn to throw it then and bear witness to my klutziness”

“Can’t be that bad from someone as confident as you”

“What makes you think I’m confident?”

“I'd takes guts to come to school and ignore stares with a rainbow on your head” I had to laugh at this and ended up rolling on the floor from laughing don’t remember though, is the ball coming at me at the same instant because it smacked me square in the face.

“OH God! Des are you ok?! IM SO SORRY!”

“Yea, I’m used to the usual battering” I laughed it off and stood back up to face him. His eyes had true hurt in them. I knew he still felt bad from hitting me.

“You got anywhere to sit at lunch?”

“No but me and my friends were just going to wing it since there was a group of us”

“Friends? Did u pack them up in boxes? OH GOD! Don’t tell me! You’re a creepy puppet dude that is going to kill us all aren’t you!”

“HA! That’s a good one. But, sadly, no. the only thing I make is drawings. My friends moved here with me cause their parents go the same offer mine did for work”

“Oh, well if you’re not going to kill us I guess you guys can sit with me and my friends”

“That would be awesome. Its only second hour and I’m sick of the plastic faces everywhere”

“Well you better get used to it. They almost never miss school cause they are just SO PERFECT”

“Aww man! And I was looking forward to coming every day. Oh well I guess I’ll just have to go back to skipping” he teased and lightly threw the ball at me. I actually caught it this time and managed to throw it back without injury. When we finished, we walked back downstairs, changed out of our gym clothes, and stood around waiting for the bell. That was, except Gerard and I, we were talking up a hurricane and didn’t look like it was going to die down. He took his schedule out to see what class he had but my ninja skills were too fast for him. I stretched my arm out and snatched the paper before he knew what happened.


“We have the same next hour,” I say turning to a confused angel. ‘NO shut up! Stop thinking that or ill take a kunai (small ninja knife) to you, brain!’

“Sweet! Wanna help a poor lost dude to class?” puppy dog faced, he turned to me.

“Aww not the eyes! Alright if I HAVE to” my sentence thick with sarcasm.

“YAY! Now I won’t get lost. OH! And u can meet Frankie!” he started bouncing around and it kinda scared me.

“Ummm you ok? U don’t look like the type to get hyper.” I asked cautiously

“Oh sorry. Frankie slipped me something to help my nerves this morning and a side effect is hyperness. I wouldn’t have taken it if I knew it was in my coffee”

next chapter already writin. ill post it when 10 ppl have read this one


reveiws are loved!
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