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Chapter One: One Love, One Disaster

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FREARD! Love. Hate. Envy.

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Heheh. FRANKIE AND GERARD! GAHH, IF ONLLYYY! Mwhaha. Anyways. First chap. HOPPE YOU LIKE! Review please. x]

Chapter One: Envy

“And return from the ashes you call! Ma-Ma-MAAAA!” I ended the song, with a slow bow.

The crowed roared, I smiled as I looked towards the jumping stream of fans.
Some screamed “I love you Gerard!” Others yelled “MCR, MCR!” And some even threw there possessions on stage, I chucked.

“Thank you Los Angeles!” I muttered, I turned my back on crowed when suddenly--

“We love you! SO MUCH!”
I turned my head, to find Frankie blowing kisses to the crying girls. Jealousy crept over me.

I waved once more to our fan, and then followed Ray offstage, followed by Mikey, Frankie and Bob.

I grunted loudly once we entered, the ‘chill room’ as Ray liked to call it backstage, I threw myself onto the black cough, Ray followed patting me on the head.

“Well, well, well. Frankie’s got all these babe’s all over him!” Ray yelled, laughingly.

“Not re-” I paused, as Mikey entered with a concern look on his face, and shot me a glare.

Bob entered with Frankie by his side.

“Mikey..” I stopped.

“Woo! Frankie! You little player!” Bob yelled, punching Frankie’s arm playfully.

Mikey shot him a look, and Bob was silenced.

‘Why the fuck am I feeling like this!?..’ I questioned myself.

“I’m going to have a smoke” I muttered arrogantly, departing from the room.

“Aye, I’ll join you.”

I froze. ‘Oh god, please not Frankie, please be Ray or Bob or anyone!’

Frankie walked past me, tapping me on the back leading the way towards the tour buss.

I followed with the feeling of dread.


We stood outside the tour bus, lighting out cigarettes.

I took a huge drag, more than needed and coughed loudly.

“Wow, slow down tiger. Don’t want to fuck up your vocals now do you” Frankie joked.

I started at him with no expression, and looked away.

The scene of him blowing our fans kisses replayed.

I groaned loudly, taking another long drag that resulted me to cough.

“Hey babe, what’s up your ass. You seem all pissy?” Frankie questioned, throwing his cigarette bud on the floor.

‘Babe.. Ah. If only you could say that to me and really mean it.’ I thought to myself. I froze. ‘Holy fuck.
I- I think I’m in love with Frankie Iero!’

The cigarette dropped from my fingertips, I felt the vomit rising in my throat.


I ran towards the tour bus door, towards the bathroom, Frankie followed I heard him.

I opened the bathroom door, and allowed the vomit to be freed.

My head was spinning, and tear began to fall from my eyes, I coughed and vomited and cried.

“Gerard..” Frankie’s voice faded as I heard him run towards the from of the tour bus. Probable going to get the others.

‘What am i? How can I be in love with my fucking best friend. Frankie! We were friends since high school, my god.’ All these quotes fluttered around in my head, I had made myself sick at the thought once again.

1 minutes had past, and I was drying my mouth with a towel, and as I had guessed The rest of my friends were soon crowding the door, asking 100 questions at a time.

“Fuck off!” I yelled, tear fell from my eyes. ‘FUCK’ I thought, I turned my head in the other direction so they wouldn’t see my face. But I know they did, Frankie pushed his way towards me and bent down.

Oh how I wanted to reach out and kiss him.
To touch him.
To hug him.

Holy fuck. I really was in love with my best friends.

Frankie placed his hand on my shoulder.

“FRANKIE FUCK OFF!” I yelled shrugging my shoulder so his hand would slip.


Tear’s dripped from my eyes.

‘Why did I say that!?’ I scolded at myself.

“Frankie, guys. Leave me alone with my brother now.”
It was Mikey.

I had never heard him sound so demanding.

Frankie stood, giving me on last look and departed with the rest of my band.

Mikey closed the door behind them, and sat quietly across from me.

Awkward silence.

“So. Gerard, how long?’ Mikey questioned.

“What the fuck?” I snapped, ‘what was he talking about.’

“Gerard.” He glared at me. “I’m your brother. I can see right through you, how long have you likes Frankie for?”

“WHAT!” I yelled. ‘SHIT, big giveaway!

Mikey chuckled.

“Dead giveaway.” He paused.

I was in pure horror.

“Mikey.. I really don’t know what your talking about.”

Mikey glared at me.

God I hated that look, he could see right through me.

“Fuck fine.” I paused, breathing heavily. “I..”

“You love him? I know.”


“Gee, listen. Its okay—”

“ITS OKAY!?” I interrupted. “Its not oh-fucking-kay! Mikey.. Hes a guy. And. And” I stopped.

“Gee. Listen. I know he’s a guy.. But you cant help who you love.”

My mouth feel, how long had he picked up this.

“Mikey.. How long have you.. ”


I didn’t even have to finish my sentence. Was it really that obvious? When I had simple found out today!

“Does every one else..”


“Do they?”

“Gee.. Umm. Yeah.”


“Does Frankie?”

“No! Frankie’s skull is as hard as a bloody rock.”

“Oh.” I simple answered. I stood.

“Where you going?” Mikey muttered stand also.

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