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Chapter Two: Embarisment Is The Key To Sadness

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LMFAAOOO! I LOVE THIS CHAP! XDD. Funny. ALSO Sorry dont worrie. Its get all juicy after this chap ;] XD
Chapter two: "FUCK!"

I awoke in my bunk. My head ached, and my mouth tasted of vomit and.. alcohol.

I rolled over to the side, facing the dark purple curtain that surrounded my buck, I heard the rustling of food packed, I heard the soft melody of cancer being played on the radio. And then I heard slight whispering, I lifted my head slightly and listened.

“I dunno Bob, he was really fucked up yesterday”

Frankie, obviously talking to Bob. I listened harder.

“Yeah. I know, I haven’t seen him that drunk in ages!” Bob muttered

“I know. Do you think he’ll start up again?”

“I dunno Frankie.. I dunno.”

I allowed my head to collapse onto the pillow, ‘I got drunk?’

Faint flashback’s began to appear. Me stumbling to the ground. Yelling. Vomiting. Arguing.

I rolled over, slipping from my buck bed and falling.

“Gee!” I heard Frankie yell.

My black sheets cover my face, I remained still.

‘God fucking help me.’ I thought. My face burned red.

I groaned.

I felt Frankie’s hands, drag me toward him. I Shut my eyes. I felt the sheet being removed from my face.

“Gee?” Bob called.

I turned my head, eyes still shut. I couldn’t bear to see there faces.

And Mikey..

Poor Mikey.

And Frankie? Oh god, what did he think of me.

I took in Frankie’s sent. The familiar aroma of his deodorant filled my nostrils, I smiled.

“Well, he definitely hasn’t fainted. He’s smiling. ” Bob muttered, I could feel his smirk and teasing smile.

“Fuckers.” I mumbled, opening my eyes slightly.

Bob laughed loudly, and I felt Frankie chuckle.

‘Oh. My. God. I was on Frankie’s lap.’ I thought, I felt so childish.

I blushed.

“Awww, why are you blushing Gerard” Bob teased.

I turned my head, and there. Looking down upon me was Frankie.

He green emerald eyes shun, I was captivated by his gaze.

“Gee? Are you alright?” He asked, break eye contact, a faint blush crept upon his face.

I smirked.

I lifted myself up, and the familiar tour bus came into view.

I coughed.

“I.. What happened?” I leaned myself against my bunk bed.

Frankie grinned.

“You. You got drunk Gerard.”

I looked down in shame.

“And Mikey?”

Frankie paused, and looked at Bob.

“Ehh” Bob began. “Well, Mikey. He’s pretty pissed at you.

I sighted.

“Where Is he?” I asked.

“Sound check.”

“What? Why aren’t you guys there?”

Frankie paused once again.

“Mikey’s canceling our concert today.”

“WHAT! NO!” I shot up, a little to fast and began to fell but Bob caught me.

“Gee. You cant sing like this.

“The fuck I can! Frankie. Our concert goes on today!”

He exchanged looks with Bob, I straightened myself and walked towards the bathroom.

“What time is it? And what time does this concert start?”

“Its 5:00, and the concert starts at 6:30.” Bob replied

I nodded.

“Get Mikey, and Ray and say the concert goes on. I’m going to shower and get ready.”


Once I had showered and brushed my teeth, I raided my suit case for clothes.

I picked out normal black jeans and a black top with red tie. I applied some eyeliner, and left the bathroom.

I opened the door and there stood Mikey, glaring at me with an evil gaze.

Ray behind him, and Bob sitting on the lounge talking to, I guessed Frankie.

I grinned, walking towards Bob.

And there, Frankie sat. I froze, he- he- he looked so attractive!

He wore, a white ripped lose sleeves t-shirt with the design of blood stains he also wore a fluro pink tie, his tight black skinny jeans and chucks.

My mouth feel.

Bob began to piss himself laughing. I snapped out of it.

Mikey, began to giggle, and I shot him a look. And Ray practically was rolling on the floor laughing.

Bob, began point towards my private areas.

“What the fuck!” Frankie yelled.

I looked down towards my private areas.

I had an erection staring at Frankie.
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