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Chapter Three: Horrid Moments

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Also, guys. Does my Gerard Way actually sound like the real gerard? Same with Frankie?!

ALLSSSOO. I LOVE YOU GUYS. PS. ZOMMMGG You guys are gonna love the next chap. Gerard goes wild on stage. =OO And freakes the living shit out of Frankie. =]
Also. FRANKIE WILL LOVE GERARD SOON! XDD Prob Hmm.. 4th chap. But it'll be still funny. =D

Chapter Three: How Can This Get Any Worse

I was in pure horror.

And there I stood, I couldn’t move.

Ray was practically laughing so hard he began chocking on his own spit.

Bob was pissing himself.

And Frankie..

He looked at me in disgust.

“Gee.” I heard Mikey mutter, he had stopped giggling.

I looked away from Bob and Frankie, who looked like he was about to vomit.

‘Did he know it was because I looked at him?’ I questioned myself.

I was never to know. Well, not just yet.

Anger, embarrassment formed inside of me.

“AHAHA, GERARD! AHAHA YOU’VE GOT A B-BONER! AHAHAHA” Bob yelled, rolling around on his seat about to fall off.

I glanced at Mikey, and mumbled “Another drink, for the horrors that I’m in.”

I rushed towards the door, and shut it loudly. I walked towards the area we were about to perform in, I looked towards my privates. It had gone.

“Fucking dick.” I cursed.

I heard the chants of the crowd once I enter a small light room, were I was to wait until we were to perform.

I walked towards the small blue painted bathroom. I washed my face.

“Gee? Are you in here? Dude..?”


“Fuck of.” I yelled, splashing water onto my face.

I could face them not now, not Frankie.

Knock Knock


I froze. FRANKIE!

“Gerard, listen Its okay. I mean it happened all the time—Were guys aren’t we. No need to be ashamed.”

A sight of relief overcame me, he didn’t know it was because of him.

“Frankie..” I muttered.


“Frankie.. I- I’m sorry.”

“Gee, why are you saying sorry? You didn’t do anything. Aye.. Can I come in?”

I heard the rustling of papers, and Ray playing a soft tune on his guitar and the chanting of the crowed. “MCR, MCR, MCR!”

“3 minutes guys” A female voice called.

“Babe. I’m coming in.”

The door squeaked as it opened, and there stood Frankie.

He looked so beautiful.

He looked so attractive.


He interrupted my thought.

I looked into the mirror. I looked dreadful. My hear was messy and un- brushed. I had heavy bad under my eyes. I simply looked dreadful.

“Yeah?” I continued to stare in the mirror.


I was confused, he never called me Baby. I shot his a ‘what the hell?’ looked.

He smirked.

He’s hand reached towards me, I stood. Glued to the floor, he then suddenly turned towards the tape and turned it off. For it was still running.

Was he teasing me?

The smirk remained on his face, I was even more confused.

“Frank..” I paused as his two hand wrapped around my waste suddenly and I was pulled towards him, he hugged me.

I was in shock. Yet my arms lifted themselves and raped around his neck.

“Gee. Mikey..”

My hand fell.

“What about Mikey?” I pushed him away.

He seemed confused.

There was an awkward silence, I looked at him eyes emotionless. He stood there staring back at me.
It felt so weird.

“Gerard. Listen Mikey explained to me what happened yesterday.”

“What the fuck are you talking about Frank”

He shot me a glare. He disliked being called Frank he preferred Frankie.

“About how you.. feel.”

“Frank. I don’t know what Mikey told you but, it must have been bullshit!” I snapped, pushing my way towards the door.

His hand raped around my wrist.

“Mikey never told me Gerard. You did. When you were drunk, you were yelling and screaming. And you said you loved me, and started crying.” He stated firmly.

“Come on guys lets go. SHOW TIME!” I heard the females voice yell, Frankie let go of my hand opened the door and left without another word.

Frankie new I had feeling for him
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