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Brook and Itachi kissed before she left to go into the Leaf Village. Kakashi noticed her first, but Brook didn't recognize him right away.

She was running through the village and was just about ready to jump to a rooftop when she ran into Kakashi. She fell on her butt with a yelp. She closed her eyes to control the sudden wave of nausea that came over her.

"Oh, jeez. I'm sorry," She started, not looking up.

"Brook? Brook!" Kakashi yelled, making Brook freeze. She looked up slowly at her ex-sensei.

He put down a hand to help her up, which she took, still at a loss for words. He pulled her into a bear-hug

"When did you get here?" Kakashi said, releasing her from a bear hug.

"Just now. I have to go talk to Tsunade," She said starting to walk around him.

"I'll come with you. I was just going to go look for you actually. She needs to know you're home!" Brook felt a stab of pain at the word. Where was her home now?

"Okay." She gave up. He wasn't going to and she didn't have the energy.

Tsunade answered her door after they waited for five minutes. Brook never thought a person's eyes could get as big as her's when she saw Brook.

"Oh my God. You're here." Tsunade stuttered.

"Yep. I need to talk to you-"

"We need to call the mission then."

"Would you listen?" Brook said. "I need to talk to you alone. Sorry Kakashi."

"It's okay. We'll talk later." He gave Brook what looked like a wink, but he could've just been blinking, then walked out.

Tsunade sat behind her desk and Brook sat in front of her. "What do you need to talk about?"

"I need permission to live here."

"You don't need permission."

"It's not for me."

"Then who needs it?"

Brook sighed. "Itachi Uchiha. Before you say-"

"No. I won't allow it."

"Tsunade, there is a circumstance."

"And what's that?"

"I want him to live here because I'm pregnant."

"Is it-"

"Yes. It's his."

Tsunade looked at Brook with an open mouth. The door opened behind them, Sakura standing in the doorway, shocked.

Brook jumped up from her chair and closed the door, after pulling Sakura into the small room.

"Don't tell anyone!" Brook snapped at her, pushing her into the wall. Sakura's face became sly.

"So... Brook got herself all knocked up, huh?" She grinned evily.

"Shut up. Get out. Don't tell."

Sakura laughed, dropped a report on Tsunade's desk, and left.

"So you see the situation I'm in. I can't bring up a kid where we were. I need to do it here, where-"

"Brook. People don't like you here. They want you out. They're mad."


"Because tou left all these people hanging! All your friends! Kakashi!"

Brook looked at the floor at his name. She knew she had hurt him, bad.

"I know. But I'm not here to get chewed out."

Tsunade sighed. "Okay. He can come. But only on a trial basis. If he does anything I don't approve of, he's out."

Brook smiled. "Thank you! Thank you!"

Brook ran out of the office, bumping into Kakashi going through the office.

"Can we talk? Just for a little while." Kakashi said, looking down at her with bright eyes- er, eye.

She couldn't say no. "Sure. Let's go back to the house."

"Okay." They walked back to the house together, gathering their thoughts.

The walked in the house. "Do you mind if I take my mask of? It's bugging me."

"Sure, sure." He took of his mask and she was taken aback by his beauty.

Kakashi walked towards her, folding her into his arms. "I missed you so much."

"I missed you too." Brook said, letting herself into the moment.

Brook looked up at him, letting him press his lips to hers. Her heart sped up and she kissed him back... until his hand touched her stomach. She pulled away from him abruptly, turning around.

"Brook what is it?" She could almost taste the worry in his voice.

"It's nothing." Her voice cracked and she cursed herself for it.

He put a gentle hand on her shoulder, turning her around. Her eyes were shut. She couldn't look at him.

He held her in his arms again. "Tell me. I want to know." He stroked her hair gently.

"I can't." She shook her head against his chest. "I'm sorry."

Two of Kakashi's fingers moved under her chin, making her look up at him. "Then just feel what you feel."

Brook's lower lips trembled, then she kissed him. Her hands moved behind his head pulling him closer to her. She pulled away from him and ran out the door, a tear slipping down her cheek. She ran back to the woods, Itachi catching her in his arms.

"Brook, what is it? What's wrong?" Itachi asked her.

"They all hate me. Everyone." She sobbed. "But she said you could come."

Itachi stepped away from her. "Brook. I'm not coming back." His voice was cold and uncaring. He pushed her to the ground. "I was never coming back. You gave us what we needed. So I'm gone."

"You can't." She said, terrified.

"But I am." He smiled an immensely evil smile.

Itachi left her laying on the ground, gasping for breath as she cried herself to sleep, the Village going to sleep behind her.
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