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Chapter 3

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Book One. 15 year old Gil Grissom killed his step-father from beating his deaf mother. He exposed the body, cutting his origins and selling them though the black market to get money to pay off the ...

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In a Different Point of View


Summary: Book One. 15 year old Gil Grissom killed his step-father from beating his deaf mother. He exposed the body, cutting his origins and selling them though the black market to get money to pay off the hospital bills to save his mother from her failing health. Read his dark thoughts that helped lead the man that we knew of what he became...


Chapter Three

"Sign language”

- Gil dropped the bloody metal rod onto the floor. He ran to his mother, checking her pulse. He sighed in relief as he felt his mother’s heart beat, but she wasn’t breathing…. He laid her flat on her back, her arms at the sides. Gil slightly hesitated of what he was about to do. He only heard about CPR theory… Would it work? /‘I must do this! To save mother!’ /he thought, as he tilt his mothers head back, pinching her nose and placed his mouth over her own open mouth. Gil blew into her mouth. In his amazement he watched as her chest started to rise again.

‘What did that guy on TV say, how many breaths? Two?’ Gil thought. ‘/Yes, I think its two…’/ he blew two breaths into her month…. Mary Grissom coughed. Gil smiled. He had done it. Slowly, Mary raised her hands to her chest. /“What happened?” /she signed to him.

Gil side glanced at Andrew’s corpse. “It’s nothing Mother. Rest now. I will take care of everything. Please…” Mary nodded and went into unconsciousness.

Gil sighed in relief again, as his mother was still breathing and had a heart beat. He really didn’t know what she would do if she saw Andrew’s brains all over himself and the floor…. Slowly and gently, Gil picked up his mother, not surprised how light she was and carried to her to her bed. Quickly he wrote a letter, setting it beside the bed and he walked out of the bedroom.

He walked up to his stepfather corpse, sneering at the body, not bothering to step over the blood and brains. He would clean up the floor later and destroy his shoes. He had to think of what to do. He bit his lip as he faintly remembered reading something about how people sell organs in the black market for $1,000s of dollars…. If preserved right for use of other people….

Quickly he ran back into his room, grabbing large and small jars, quickly sitting them next to his stepfather’s corpse. He ran into the garage, grabbing a large box that could be used to store the jars and filled it with dry ice. Carefully filling up the box with dry ice and setting it next to the corpse. Thinking, Gil tried to think of an idea on how to get his stepfather’s organs.

“I need a knife.” Gil muttered to himself. He grabbed a sharp kitchen knife. He kneeled and carefully sliced the corpse chest and stomach. Rich blood poured out from the body onto his hands and floor.

“Okay, if I remember right. This is the liver.” He said to himself, as he pointed at what looked like the liver.

“Stomach and Intestines.” As he said this, he carefully sliced each part carefully.

In each of them, he carefully put each organ in a jar that fit just right for the size. He knew that because of Andrews was a drunk, his organs weren’t useable in some point, but he kept telling himself, that it wasn’t his problem.

“Now for the lungs….”

It took some time to cut through the ribs and such. He couldn’t break the ribs fearing to damage any organs that are valuable to sell in the market. He cut the lungs of where (if he remembered right from reading) the doctors cut to take out the lungs for future donations to help and save other people.

As he cut the heart out, Gil told himself time and time again; that he did what he had to do. Andrews was an evil man, killing him was only way to get rid of another evil person from the world, and now he and his mother are free from him. Cutting his organs and selling them is a good cause to help other people. Also, to get money of what he and his mother would need.

Finishing he carefully, closed the lid of the box that was now filled with human organs and dry ice. ‘Now the hard part; to get rid of that body.’ Gil thought. Should he bury the body or put it in the truck, driving to the desert and torching it?

“Both. I will do both to make sure no one is going to find you.” Gil said out loud in hatred. Walking back into the garage.

“Where is it?” he asked himself.

There, he found it. He grabbed the old blue tarp and rope. He walked back to the body and started covering the corpse with it and then tying it. Grinning, he dragged the corpse outside, happy that it’s late in the night, and threw it in the back of the trunk. He went back into the house, and mopped the blood and guts off the floor and put it into a bucket.

He read in a book that is if it was in the garbage can, the cops could find human blood. He must get rid of the guts with the body. Finished he carried the bucket outside and sat it next to the body. He went back into the house and into his room and changed into cleaner clothes that wasn’t stained with blood and guts.

When he was done, he went back into his mother’s room. ‘/She was still asleep, thank God.’/ He thought. ‘I will be back mother. I promise.’ Slightly touching her hair and kissing her on the forehead, Gil left the room.

He grabbed the car keys from the table, locking the house door, climbed in the trunk. Looking around, he sighed in relief when he saw no one was watching him. He smiled.

‘This is too easy.’ He thought.

(End of Chapter)

Words: 1,053

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