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Chapter Four

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Book One. 15 year old Gil Grissom killed his step-father from beating his deaf mother. He exposed the body, cutting his organs and selling them though the black market to get money to pay off the h...

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In a Different Point of View


Summary: Book One. 15 year old Gil Grissom killed his step-father from beating his deaf mother. He exposed the body, cutting his organs and selling them though the black market to get money to pay off the hospital bills to save his mother from her failing health. Read his dark thoughts that helped lead the man that we knew of what he became...


Chapter Four


"Sign language”


Gil Grissom drove Andrew's truck for an hour and a half. He was slightly nervous of what he was about to do. He turned on the radio, bobbing his head at the music.

"Al rightly folks! It is about midnight in Nevada Country! Now the next song is called Murder Song by Scum of the Earth! Here it is folks!" said the P.J on the radio.


The God, The gun
The Vaseline
You dirty pig I'm coming inside you
The pain, the fear
the flash, the scream
You dirty whores I'll murder all of you

I monster living sin
I hate myself the way it slips in
Taste the black it's on my lips
So I can cum again again...


Gil grinned at these words. "I think this is the best place to stop." Gil said half to himself, and half to his dead stepfather in the back of the truck.

He pulled over and got out, not bothering to turn off the truck. This wouldn't take long, he hoped. He walked to the back of the truck, getting near it, he cringed his nose.

"Argh, you smell sick, old bastard." muttered Gil, jumping up on the truck and kicking the corpse as it fell onto the desert ground with a large sickly thud.

Gil jumped off after the corpse, the bucket filled with human remains on one hand and the other a large shovel (Andrew's always had a shovel in the back of the truck just in case). Gil landed beside the corpse, as he walked a few feet forward, he couldn't stop himself of kicking the corpse.

"I hope you burn in hell, Andrews," Gil hissed at the corpse. "Now that you are dead by my own hands, mother and I won't be hurt ever again! With you gone, mother will be happy again..."

Gil stabbed the hard ground with the shovel. "I will make sure on one would find your corpse for along, long time..."

The grave was now a foot deep. Gil started muttering to himself nonstop. He knew he was loosing his mind. But, he felt so free! His stepfather is forever gone! No more beatings... no more yelling.

Maybe he would make a friend this year. He didn't allow himself to make any friends, fearing that they would visit his house and find out about the abuse from his stepfather. Gil snorted at himself. Him making friends? Never. He is ghost and forever will be.

After quarter of an hour later, the grave was finished, large enough to put 2 large men lying side by side each other and deep enough that no normal person would ever dig up. Gil turned to the corpse, not bothering to pick up his useless stepfather. Instead he kicked the corpse into the grave ditch. Gil walked back, back of the truck, pulling out an extra can of gasoline and matches from the glove box. Gil started poring the gasoline onto the corpse. Finished, he light up a match. He smiled evilly.

"Say bye, bye... daddy dearest!" Gil snarled, dropping the match onto the corpse.

As the match touched the gasoline, alarge roaring fire turned to life. The fire itself was deadly, uncontrollable, and bright. Gil turned his head at one side. Looking at the fire, made him feel... something. A feeling that he had the control and a feeling of power. The smell of the burning human flesh made his body jumps in thrill. /'Where is that damn rod?' /Gil thought suddenly.

"God damn it! I forgot that rod." Gil muttered at himself again. "But no matter... I will get rid of it later..."


Snarled an unknown voice that made Gil jump. 'A mental note to self; learn a way that no one would sneak up on you.' Gil turned towards the voice. An old balding man, with dirty coveralls came to view, pointing a shot gun towards his head. Gil heard a small whine of a dog. Looking down he saw a young sheep dog sitting by the man's legs.

"I said who are you, boy! Why are you in my property? What the hell are you burning? Smells like burning flesh. Are you the one that slaughtering my cows and burning them up, huh? If you are, then I will shoot you silly!"

Gil looked at the old man, in a weird look. His stepfather does not smell like bunted cow flesh. He would know...

"What are you deaf?"

At these words, angry shot up within him. This old man reminded him so much like his stepfather for comforting. It was as if his stepfather had come back from the dead.

"Take one more step, and I will kill you." Gil said suddenly, startling the old man slightly at the tone of voice, raising the shovel in front of him. If he didn't know better this boy was telling the truth...

"Are you now..." the old man mocked him.” So you do talk, huh? I don't like that tone of voice, boy. Didn’t your father ever teach you to respect your elders?"

Gil spat at the old man. "My father and stepfather are dead. Good riddance of them. I hope they and you burn in hell..." Gil hissed, his eyes narrowing at the man.

The man shot him on the leg, the young dog started barking. Gil yelped at the suddenly turn of events. 'Oh fucking shit! I just got shot! Oww!' Gil thought, as he landed on his knees in pain. The old man laughed.

"That’s what you get for disrespecting your elders and trespassing, boy!" snarled the old man.

Gil looked up, red fire in his eyes. He jumped up raising the shovel above his head, changing at the old man. The old man's eyes widen at the sudden movement of the boy. The old man raised his gun, shooting multiple times at the youth. All but one missed. One bullet hit Gil on his side, but the bullet didn't stop him. Ignoring the sudden pain, Gil hit the old man across the head out cold. The dog kept barking. Gil took a deep breath.

"How dare you shoot me? You will die!" He didn't stop and think. He kicked the old man into the burning fire. The man woke up in pain.

"NO! No! Please have mercy! Help me!" the man cried in agony. Gil didn't flinch of the cries.

"DIE BASTARD!" he yelled.

He watch as the man cried in pain, as he pulled himself up from the burning hole rolling around on the dirt putting the fire out. After the fire went out, his faithful dog came to him, licking his face, whining, titling its head as if knowing that its master was dying.

"Dogs are interesting creatures aren't they, old man?" Gil said limping closer at the burned man before him.

The old man wasn't recognizable. The man's whole body was covered in third degree burns, only his eyes weren’t burned, staring at him fear and pain.

"Help... me..." the man whispered his breath rangy. Gil knelled beside him and shook his head slowly.

The man died.

(End of Chapter)

Words: 1,350Author's Notes: I am back!Yeah!. Another chapter finished. Wow, this story is getting pretty dark and morbid huh:)

(1) Murder Song: singed by Scum of the Earth. idk where I got that song. I just google-d it by typing "murder" "song" "lyrics" and found it.

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