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There's more to life than dying (Chapter 9)

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Chapter 9...

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Chapter 9

Frank and Gerard walked back to their hotel together, hand in hand. Once they got there, Gerard jumped on his bed and checked his cell phone, he had 3 missed calls...most of them were from Brendon from Panic! at the disco.

He sighs and shakes his head,

"What's wrong hun?" Frank asks,
"Oh's just that Brendon called me again," Gerard says
"Again? Why?" Frank asks
"I don't know...but i'm gonna call him back," Gerard says, scrolling down his contacts list.

He finally finds Brendon's number and pushes the talk button. It starts ringing...ringing...ringing...ring-
"Hello?" Gerard hears Brendon say,
"Bren, is that you?" Gerard asks,
"Gerard! I'm so glad you called! I need to talk to you!" Brendon says
"Why?" Gerard asks,
"I can't tell you over phone...but we're in San Francisco too, meet me tomorrow at the club on the corner of 54th street okay. Please," Brendon says,
"Uh...okay," Gerard says
"Okay...thanks. See you tomorrow," Brendon says, "Bye!" he says in a happy high-pitched voice,
"Bye..." Gerard says, hanging up.

Gerard gets a serious look on his face, as if he were thinking, and then shakes his head.
"I will never understand that boy," Gerard says,
"What's up?" Frank asks, crawling in the bed next to Gerard and snuggling up to him.
"Oh's just that Brendon wants me to meet him at some Cafe tomorrow. He says he really needs to talk to me...says it's important but I don't know. So I guess I'll meet him tomorrow," Gerard says, sighing.

Frank's POV

You listen to Gerard say that he'll meet Brendon tomorrow, it bothered you. Not that you didn't trust totally did...but you had JUST started this relationship, you didn't want anyone or anything ruining it.
"Are you sure you should go tomorrow Gee?" you ask,
"Of course I am," he says, wrapping one arm around your waist, you smile and snuggle closer.
"Why? Is that a problem?" he asks
"No...i just...want to go with you," you say.

Gerard's POV

You were honestly surprised that Frank wanted to come with you, but it did make you feel better.

"Okay...that's fine," you say, kissing his forehead. You grab the remote to the TV and see what was on...nothing much. You finally decided on one of your favorite shows from when you were a teen, degrassi.

You flip it over to Degrassi, you and Frank watching, Marco had just broken up with Dylan.

"Good Riddance. Dylan was a jerk," you say,
"Yeah really," Frank says, hugging you around the waist, you smile and lean your head on his.

AWWW...that was sweet...but what happens when they meet Brendon tomorrow? What does Brendon need to talk to them about?....
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